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Beautiful Faces of Pakistan

Beautiful Faces of Pakistan
Atiqa Odho

Atiqa Odho

I would like to add one more beautiful and amazingly accoumplished lady of Pakistan to the list of  “Beautiful, Ageless Women.”

Atiqa Odho:Actress/host

I remember her playing a stunning middle class wife in PTV play “Nijjaat”. She played the role impressivley. Now after so many years we  see her taking interviews of the top personalities of Pakistan. Her ability to ask the right question at he right time and that too in a lively manner made the show popular at Geo tv. The sparkle in her beautiful eyes and the glow on the pretty face hasn’t changed a bit. She is a successful enterprenuer and owns “Odho Cosmetics”.

Beautiful, Ageless Women

Ageing gracefully is one thing but the new age ‘ageing gracefully’ as far as women are concerned, is not ageing at all. Instep takes a look at five beautiful and stylish women around us who have managed to defy time. The candles on their birthday cake may sing another story, but there are no tell tale signs as far as their looks are concerned. They are an inspiration…

Zeba Bakhtiar

Zeba Bakhtiar

Zeba Bakhtiar: Actress

Who could have forgotten the rosy cheeked and youthful Zeba Bakhtiar from Randhir Kapoor’s Rishi Kapoor starrer Henna or the Syed Noor film and Adnan Sami starrer Sargam? She was vibrant and beautiful in all senses of the word. But if you have forgotten what she looked like back then, it’s not a problem because she looks exactly the same today. Zeba is just as ethereally pretty and her calm disposition reflects very well on her creaseless, ageless skin. Zeba has gone through personal ups and downs in her personal life – her marriage to Adnan Sami Khan, the long drawn out divorce and custody battle for their son Azaan that followed – but none of it shows as far as her looks are concerned. The Quetta born Baluchi beauty is certainly someone to look up to.



Reema: Actress

Reema’s come a long, long way since she stepped out in her debut film Bulandi as a fresh faced Lollywood actress to today, when she’s a director of two films, a Lux girl and a Pakistani icon in her own right. And while she’s committed some terrible, terrible fashion and style crimes along the way – most of which can be attributed to the inherently low budgets Bollywood films have – Reema now looks drop-dead gorgeous. At the Lux Style Awards last year, her flawless makeup and jewellery free look won her a definite ‘thumbs up’ from the style police (c’mon, there’s a mental style police officer in everyone’s head!). She looks the same in her current advertisement for Lux (styled by Nabila) and even in her appearances on television shows. She has finally fit into the part of a movie star and honestly, can you even guess now how old she is? It really is a remarkable 180-degree turn!



Babra Sharif: Actress

Everytime we look at images of Babra Sharif, we’re left astounded: how does this ‘80s icon look so very, very young?She is the ageless queen, whose versatility on the small and silver screen has never gone unnoticed. She knows how to carry herself, whether it is a sizzler performance at the Lux Style Awards (2005), countless style shoots that create fantastical memories or her rare but striking appearances.

Babra Sharif is no stranger to the spotlight but as her years have increased, she has gotten more stunning and that too without a hint of narcissism – a quality that never fails to impress. Unlike Lollywood divas, Babra tends to stay away and when she does return, it is always on a spectacular note. This woman can defy age like no other.

Maaheen Khan

Maaheen Khan

Maheen Khan: Designer

Maheen Khan is a one-woman guide for how to dress in an age-appropriate yet alluring manner: except as the years have gone by, it’s been harder to tell just how old Maheen is! She still looks absolutely fantastic, and is always the epitome of understated elegance. In her signature black and white wardrobe and pixie haircut, Maheen Khan proves why growing older doesn’t have to equal to letting go of yourself and looking frumpy. She’s truly defying age and no one can deny it: which is why she walked away with the Best Dressed Woman nod at the recent TRC/Ensemble show. May we all age so very gracefully!

Samina Peerzada

Samina Peerzada

Samina Peerzada: Actress/Director

Director, actress and a film star like no other, Samina Peerzada never fails to turn heads, whether via Rafi Peer festivals, her public voice on issues of women, her appearance and vocal support for Karafilm Festival or just her love for all things films and theatre. But that isn’t the only attractive quality about Samina. She is forthcoming and she carries a signature that suits her and is enchanting all the same. She has made films in an industry where survival is always a struggle but Samina has challenged and done the unpredictable. And for that unfaltering spirit, irrespective of the years, Samina Peerzada continues to be an age-defying icon.

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  • aqeela

    they all are no doubt very “haseen”

  • anil

    Not more beautiful than Barathiya Naaris (indian women)

  • aqeela

    why do we have to exchange negative comments….we know that relations between india and pakistan have always been estranged…so why to promote this most of the time… doubt indian women are beautiful…most of the pakistanis like them….indian movies are more popular than pakistani ones…the post shared here was not a comparison….we have the right to be proud of whatever we want to…i appreciate your patriotism but in doing so try not to degrade others …

  • ashfaq

    when i saw Henna really i fall in love with zeba really i like very much can any body send me zeba album

    i like youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much

  • yasir

    there are very beautiful girls hidden behind the camera

    • yasir

      w must gave chances to new young stars

  • zunera

    in islam there is no such concept of showing your beauty to every one and getting appreciation. when women started doing that they lost their dignity. may allah lead us to right path

    • Mohsin Irshad

      ur comments on pakistanihouse wife r very impressive

    • bilal

      nice yr shukr ha koi to aisa sohta ha wrna aj l to!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • zain

      u r rite Zunera

  • EmmNaay

    They are just oldies and nothing more.

  • ejaz

    i agree with someone comments that beauty does,t mean expose. you are gifted with something special keep it for the right people

  • sara

    bohot khosat hain

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      kia bola ap nai kuch samajh nahin aya

    • ijaz ahmad

      Ha yar bohat khubsurat hai

  • http://hotmail farhan khan

    i like it.

  • irfan buneri

    all tese are legends of our filmi industry. i like all of them but the most gorgeous one is zeba bakhtyar.all of them are very beautiful and v proud of them.

  • Zafar

    Among all these i miss samina pirzada very much highted ,beauty a glorious face

  • Mohsin Irshad

    when i see such ladies i feel ashame that what is this nonsense we r doing. Beauty doesnt lie on faces, beauty lies in deeds and doings. These faces are infact the faces of devil.
    For Allah sake stop this absurdity and protect Islam and our country. For such acts we r fallen all over the world. This world is only for some days but the life after death is forever.

    • waheed

      Mr. Molvi keep your mullaism up to you.
      why you people open such sites,if you donot like this at all?

  • yumna

    achi pics nahi hai

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  • Talib

    These pictures are Good..but there should be some more pics

  • Kashif 03006405148

    Dear Friends…………………

    How you feels that She or he is so beautiful?
    You never knwo one thing???????
    So i love to tell you that it is Desire of your eyes and heart,
    Because sometimes you dislike so beautiful Boy/ Girl,
    And sometimes you like so ugly face person’s…………Why?
    It is magic of your Eyes…………So if your internal person is beautifull than everything is beautifull for you & if your internal person is ugly than you dislike everybody even yourself……………lets think…..>>>>>>>>>>Kashi<<<<<<<<<<<<

    • http://no fizza

      ya i agree with u. u r absolutely rigth. thanks 4 corrct many peopl.

    • falak

      kashif i agry wd u.ap ny buhat acha kaha hy mn parh kr buhat khush hoi hun.hamn chahy k hm apna mind hamesha thk rkhn.hamn shakl ki khubsurty nahy blky dil ki khubsurty daikhny chahy keun k aj k zamany mn shakln tu khubsurt hoty hn pr dil nahy…………….falak………………..

  • sahil

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    • Kalia

      MBA karke bhi koi larki nahi mili, doob ke marjao……

  • all are beautiful faces

    nice pics

  • preshaye khan

    nodoubt all these ladies r so preety…

  • Amir

    As all these faces represent our country but they also must respect Paksitan & must avoid avoidable things / habits during travling which hit directly to their name & our country, To be continue!!!!!!

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  • alaf qadir

    attiqa is lovly and charming girl fan

  • Naima butt

    so cute girl in pakistan.

  • umar waqas

    all are beatiful faces

  • Sajid Ali

    Atiqa Odh i like you as much which you can not believe I love you i do everything for you my love. 03005356635

  • alyajabeen

    Very nice information about pakistani actresses and beautiful faces…

  • Zubair

    That,s very nice post. Atiqa Odho is a very nice and beautiful lady.

  • miky

    old is gold…..
    vese to pakistan me beauty bht he..