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Best Chicken boneless handi

Best Chicken boneless handi
chicken boneless handi

chicken boneless handi

Yesterday I got this recipe of chicken boneless handi and on making this I finally declare this is the best chicken handi you can make, eat or taste. Highly recommended by me and you got to take my word on this! We used to love chicken boneless handi of Mr Chips (a restaurant in Jinnah Super market, Islamabad) but this is surely better.

I am sorry to people who expect a housewife to post beauty tips, kitchen tips and recipes everyday but now as I am enjoying vacations  I will definitely climb up to their expectations…..

I posted a recipe of a chicken handi before but this does not mean chicken handi is the only dish I make and its not even the national dish of Pakistan but this one is too good….BEGIN!


Chicken(cut in inch cubes) – 1/2 kg
Onion(finely chopped) – 2 medium size
Garlic/ginger(paste) – 1 table spoon
Tomatoes (finely chopped) – 3 medium size
Red chilli power – 1 tea spoon
Salt – 1 tea spoon
Qasuri methi – 1 tea spoon
Green chilli – 3 cut (1/2 inch pieces)
Black pepper powder – 1/2 tea spoon
Garam masala powder – 1/2 tea spoon
White zeera (hand grounded) – 1 tea spoon
Yogurt – 1/4 cup
Cream – 1/4 cup
Coconut powder – 2 tea spoon
Maida (flour) – 1 table spoon
Cooking oil – 1/2 cup or less if u r health conscious!

Get all the ingredients ready and start, the whole procedure takes hardly 30 minutes time.

1- Fry chicken cubes in oil on high flame so they retain their shape. Once tender take them out in a plate.

2-Put chopped onion in the same oil and fry until golden then add ginger/garlic( bhoon lain!). Now add zeera powder (white cummin) and tomatoes and a little water and cover it on low flame.

3-Your masala is ready for the chicken when tomato is cooked and it leaves oil. Now add chicken and keep your flame medium for the rest of the procedure. One by one add qasuri methi, garam masala, coconut powder and keep on stirring for two minutes in between. Add yogurt and cream and after 2 minutes sprinkle maida(flour) and mix. Turn flame low now.

4-After fine minutes its ready to be served in a lovely dish but do garnish it will finely cut ginger and corriander. You will get all the praise and I may get prayers or subscriptions!!!

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  • aqeela

    yummy…delicious..iam going to prepare it soon..

    • Najma

      Very true, it was a delicious recipe. I made it myself but with certain easy to implement improvement which gave it an even better taste. For example, I used coconut milk instead of coconut powder which usually is not liked by some people (according to my experience). Secondly, I used whip cream instead of normal cream, which resulted in thicker and more delicious handi chicken curry.

      Please visit:
      for me complete recipe.

  • joky

    thanks for the share i like your post and happy to bookmark you

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  • fatima

    I think maida sprinkle at the end is not required and coconut powder is also extra otherwise recipie is ok

    • phw

      Thanks for your comment…i thought maida brought a smoothness to the gravy and coconut is definately optional. :)

  • imran taj


  • morph

    this isthe perfect recipe becaus it contains cream ive been finding this since 2 months.

    • phw

      Thank you …I think it tastes perfectly yummy!!

  • Salman Asghar

    dat was is great!!

  • AD

    it is almost sehri and now this makes me hungry!

  • asma

    ur receipe is really good.
    i followed family really like it.

  • jiya

    HI your recipe is too gud i hope u wil make new recipes for us thanks

  • Gourmet Food

    thanks for that

  • College Station

    JazakAllah khair!

    Fantastic recipe! And Alhamdulillah I had all the ingredients!

  • Taufiq Kapadia

    Thanka a lot Ma`m. Surely I will tell my wife to prepare it.

  • saba hussain

    nice i liked the recipe thanx

  • amna

    thanks.. it was great

    • phw

      I am glad that u like it!

  • Amber

    Which cream

    • phw

      any cream ….if you are in Pakistan use any packed cream or i prefer using fresh cream.

  • ash

    i was going through another recipe of chicken handi all the ingredients were almost the same but yogurt was like 1 cup and cream was half cup so if i increase the quantity of yogurt and cream will the taste be different ???

    • phw

      I think that will make your handi a little more creamier….if you like it that way!

  • ash

    ok thanksss

  • momi

    the recipe is good. when i put yoghurt this time (its the third time im making it) the taste has become a bit “khatta/sour” what should i do to overcome the yoghurt effect in the dish?

    • phw

      Momi…I think you can taste yogurt before adding. Try to find yogurt which is not sour. That will retain the taste. I am glad you tried my recipe :)

  • Daniel Ward

    Hi, Your recipe sounds fantastic and I shall give it a go, however I was wondering if you knew how this would be done using Lamb. I want to make the Lamb tender so it will need to be cooked longer, how do you reckon I would do this?

    I am obsessed with making a Lamb Handi after having a version in a restaurant called Tariq’s in Headingly, Leeds and don’t seem to be able to find the right recipe as Handi just means dish… and is open to interpretation. Any advice would be gratefully recieved. Thanks.

    • Lynne

      If I were going to use lamb, I would marinate it overnight in yogurt. That should help. Also, I would cook the lamb over a lower flame for longer until it was browned. See if that works for you.


    Your recipe is really amazing.I have been looking for this kind of handi recipe
    since very long time.Thanks for sharing with us.
    Take care.

  • Rabia Nadeem

    ..hey i made it and it was soo yummy dat i cant tellu..thnks alot :)

  • Akul Modi

    I made it without Coconut and Cream, But Still a Class Result…
    I Loved it…
    Seriously Saying I never Expected Much from it….
    But, It was a complete stunner

    • phw

      I am really glad to know … :) Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • komal

    I tried this recipe without the cream and it turned out great. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anibal Congdon

    I really liked Best Chicken boneless handi | A Housewife’s Weblog. Atlanta SEO will also work to create a keyword generated domain name that customers will remember.

  • sadia

    i tried this recipe with shaky confidence but it really worked.i had tried some other recipes too but it is perrfect .thank you so much for sharing recipe.

    • phw

      sadia, I am glad it worked out well for you. :)

  • Ash

    I came across your recipe while I was searching the net for a good handi recipe to make for a dinner party. I dont normally try new recipes on my guests but this time I thought I’d take a chance and thank God I did! I followed the recipe exactly as it is and it turned out awesome!! My friends are still complementing me over it :) So I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!

    • phw

      Ash ! I am so glad you tried my recipe and thanks for your feedback. :)

  • isaak

    The best ever i have tasted yet.these were my words when my wife cooked handi following your recipe.thanks alot for your sharing .

  • M.d

    Hi I want to try this recipe but do not have Kasturi Methi and I dont know whether I would be able to find it in the market in my country or not. Would the recipe work without it?


    thnx alot dear………… my frnd need this…………
    she is newly married

    • phw

      You are welcome, I hope she likes it !

  • Satisfied consumer

    I had prepared this for Eid. My husband and I simply loved it. It was the best dish prepared so far. However, I excluded the maida from the recipe since my gravy was already thick enough. Do post some of your other recipes as eager to try them out. This will definitely be on my list for house parties.

  • Reshhia

    So that’s something i wanted to mention, and i can write about this more in the future God willing…Thank You

  • Asma saif

    I wanna ask something.. Can we use tomato paste instead of chopped tomatoes..?? And in the end agr 1 spoonful of butter add karden before putting for will definitely enhance the taste the taste…

  • Lynne

    I made this tonight for the first time. I didn’t think we’d be able to stop eating it. I will make it again and again.

  • Nauras Syed

    Thanks a ton for sharing such a good recipe.. i made it for a dawat at my place and gathered alot of compliments for this yum dish!! plz keep sharing more such recipes. :)

  • zoya

    i tried ds recipe 2nd time but it gets a bit sour .why it happens? what should i do?

    • phw

      Check if your yogurt is sour or you may reduce the quantity of tomatoes.

  • EJ

    this is a really good recipe, everyone liked the hand chicken!

  • Afia

    It turned out okay. Definitely need to try this again and make it work better. You’ve forgotten to mention salt and red chilli powder in the instructions, btw.

    • phw

      Afia! Thanks for reminding! I hope you have not forgotten they two very important ingredients :)

  • Aqeela Tayyab

    I frightendly did the xperiment…and….can’t believe… Chiken Handi turned out to b great 1….delicious taste…really restorant like handi…
    Thanx for adding a supper hit recipie into my diary :)

  • airport taxi toronto

    Thanks Great recipe I think no need of maida I tried it without it it’s was good.

  • Natasha Yasir

    Hey,i read ur recipe,brought all the things n made it in lunch,it was simply superbbbbb….everybody was praising so muchhh!thank alot for sharing,i love handi,n always order handi while visiting any restaurant,but now i can make it when ever i want it,like a expert B-)
    Thanks alot

  • Charles Crasto

    Thanks for the recipe. Much appreciated. A small humble suggestion: Please add preparation time as well as how many people can it serve. Thanks again.

  • amatullah

    this was excellent! Jazakillah

  • Carole Brophy

    Love this recipe been cooking it for about 5 years since finding no decent Indian restaurants when we lived in Barcelona it became a stable for our Indian food loving friends, also as I am a member of slimming world I have tweaked a few of the ingredients to make it a healthy option, thanks again.