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Cricket fans are sad and shocked

Gunmen attacked Sri Lanka’s cricket team in a gun and grenade assault on Tuesday in the Pakistani city of Lahore that killed eight people and wounded seven members of the squad.
What has happened to the world we live in? Is there an end to this maddness? The situation in the world in general and in Pakistan in particular is getting worse everyday. These are the streets we walk in, the roads we drive on with our kids but nothing seems to be the same. I think these terror attacks kill a few people but terrorize the minds of hundreds and thousands of us. They make us numb, takes away the desire to live and the hope for a happy future is missing from our lives, in these terrible times.

I am unable to think of anything else after the attack on the Sri Lankan players. I wish to point all my fingers towards India the way they forgot their pain and started blaming us. But we are not taught to blame others without proof! I wonder if any Pakistani can do such a thing to our friends, neighbours, guests. Then who are these people? They are perfectly trained and are operating according to a plan. Where are they getting the instructions from? There are unlimited questions but such a thing should have never happened and that too on Pakistani soil. My heart cries for the Sri Lankans who came forward in our time of need and we could not protect them. We salute them and should try and make it up to them in whatever way possible.

I grew up watching cricket in Imran Khan days and cricket gave us immense pleasure over all these years. What really worries me is that what is the future of Pakistan cricket now????

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  • coffee

    this attack on Sri Lanka’s unsuspecting Cricket team is tragic because of the deaths and because of the long term effect this will have internationally