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Expressway to Murree

Expressway to Murree
Murree expressway

Murree expressway

Sunday afternoon when it was raining in Islamabad we went on an adventure trip to explore “expressway”. This is a relatively new alternate road to Murree, also called “Jhikagali” or “Malka-e-kohsar”.

Driving becomes relatively difficult on a rainy day and that too if we are heading for steep slopes! Our journey started with amazement because the road looked wide and brilliant. But as we reached closer to Murree it became a zigzag road with dangerous turns. The surroundings were scenic and beautiful.

Temperature in Islamabad was reaching the normal summer highs for past three days so kids were not dressed up for 5 degrees Celsius. Lack of preparation forced us to head back as soon as we reached there. It was too cold and wet for them to play.

We made up our minds not to use expressway for our trip back to Islamabad. Our last visit to Murree was three years ago and we had no idea about the miserable state of old Islamabad-Murree road. It used to be a nice and safe road, few years ago but now it was even less than a single lane road. NOT recommended to use, too dangerous!

It became dark when we got back from those heights and our down hill journey was nothing like what you can in this picture. Still it was a memorable and adventurous trip to Murree via Expressway…

  • Arsalan

    Nice to hear about your experience. I don’t know about now but a couple of months when I traveled, there was no motorway police or any other traffic police. So, many people tried to break the traffic rules and causing annoyance & disturbance.

  • bigtugboat

    I am surprised to see the damaged look of the blog. With the change of theme, not only almost all the images have disappeared but also several posts are missing.

    What’s up?

    • Housewife

      I was shocked too…I lost most of the hard work of past 6 months…my hosting service did this or maybe a hacker…i am not sure… for the time being I do not have the motivation to restore all whats lost…some of the text is back but it was heart breaking for me….got to start fresh someday……

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    Thanks for writing, I really liked your latest post. I think you should post more often, you obviously have natural ability for blogging!

  • bigtugboat

    Ya Allah! so sad.

    Perhaps you should talk to your hosting service.

    To take regular back ups is so very important indeed.

    Have you been keeping a copy of each post in your computer?

    • Housewife

      i have some of the posts but will pick rest from google….but after my kids summer vacations…
      why have u chnaged your site ??

  • bigtugboat

    I felt that such a general blog does not really need a self hosted domain which is more suitable for a blog that is based on consistent, particular subject theme. Moreover, I felt I would be more inter connected with similar general blogs on

    For the copies of your posts, you may consult your hosting service. Most of them keep a back up of all the websites that run on their servers.

  • bigtugboat

    Kindly check your email.

  • Imran

    Its nice………but sorry to say that it was not a adventure it was just a long drive or a short trip

  • admin

    I noticed Highway police at some points. There was no rush because of rain so no traffic hazard!