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Hina Dilpazeer- An Outstanding Actress

Hina Dilpazeer- An Outstanding Actress

Hina Dilpazeer

People say that Hina Dilpazeer gets all the brilliant roles but I disagree….she makes them brilliant by performing so well. From her first role in ‘ Barnas road ki Nilofar‘ till ‘bulbalay‘ she hits a sixer every time. Pakistani drama has got an ace in the form of Hina Dilpazeer.
After Burnas Road ki Nilofar and the unprecedented success, offers and
opportunities, there’s been no looking back for her. Madam Rizwana and Baby
Shabana, Bichhu Phuppi, Veena and momo, to name just a few, are just some of Hina’s best work on television.The reason of such powerful performances in her own words are :

I have always wanted to live many lives in this one life; lives of the rich,
the impoverished, the disabled and even the blessed. Any interesting person who catches my attention, I try and enter his or her world through my imagination, curious to know how I would feel in their situation. I have always been like this, I would get told off for what appeared to others like I was imitating them but in reality I was so deeply absorbed in a fascinating character that I would be subconsciously following mannerisms, gestures and gait. I always wanted to become the medium to deliver those feelings, sensitivities and stories to audiences.”

Watching ‘Shakoor Sahib’ I felt her versatile acting skills  gives a  writer the freedom to adopt and conceive roles no one has ever done before on pakistani tv.   She has also shattered the stereotype and set the ball rolling for character actresses who share the spotlight with the lead pair and are just as popular with the viewers. Rarely does the ‘size zero’ and ‘make up’ obsessed media allow a female to play such diverse roles with such freedom!

Hina Dilpazeer has the ability to grab all the attention in the drama. Amazing thing is that one goes not get to know the real Hina Dilpazeer in any of these roles. When I first saw her giving an interview I was quite surprised to find that  she is a groomed, decent and educated lady who looked and sounded completely different from all her acts. Good job Hina!

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  • ashfaqueshah


  • umar

    great acting
    i love her

  • malaika shah

    hahahaha momo ji kaya bat hain app ki shakeel kaha hain jiiiiiiiiiiiii aurr jamella kaha hain

  • malaika shah

    i love her

  • http://facebook sara dar

    i love her acting

  • sufyan

    Brilliant actress, outstanding spontaneity and excellent expression. But sometimes , some portion of all these qualities emerges from vulgar dialogs and action.

  • farah hussain

    it is very good actress it has so many rolls and for his folt bulbulay is very go up on high

  • Maha afsar

    She is fabioulus and outstanding actress .she done all her character amazingly

  • Yusra

    She is really an outstanding actrees.
    Please share some personal information about her

  • TVnama

    Besides Hina Dilpazeer’s acting, here is a blogpost which explains why one should watch Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa:

  • naveed

    i havent seen such a perfect actress in my life. however i am not a drama watcher but this lady had attracted my attention when i was surfing my tv channels to get the ptv sports to watch pak india match and suddenly i stopped on ary digital by seeing hina in a role of shakooran in quddusi sahib ki bewa, i left the match and watched the drama that was probably 7th episode which was repeating at that time/ i then watched all the episodes on youtube. badar munir is such a mature actress but “wo hina k samne paani bhar rahi thee” in another drama i have seen another mature actress bushra ansari who was again “paani bhar rahi thee”

  • omais

    Salute to Hina Dilpazeer… an amazing artist Flawless performances so far… Unbeatable talent..

  • noor

    hi momo aap bohot achi hain i love u mray buchay main khud or maray husband we r big faan of u

  • http://rediffmail ravinder

    mam we in india love ur character,pls come to indian .,and give stand up performance of ur comedy.

  • shah

    very nice momo

  • Azka

    Dear Hina! U r a great pesonality holder lady.

  • http://- hinnnaaa

    except momo she is fazool in all characters……..i hate her