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List of Schools in Islamabad

List of Schools in Islamabad

Schools in Islamabad

List of Schools in Islamabad:

1. Universal School System, Building no 289 B, Street no 1, Sector E 11/4, Islamabad.

2. International School of Islamabad

3. Islamabad Convent School, Street no 55, F-8/4, Islamabad.

4. Beacon House School Systems – Islamabad

5. Roots International – Islamabad,

6. Froebels International School – Street 13, F-7/2, Islamabad

7. SLS Montessori & High School – F-8/1 14 Nazim-ud-din Rd. Islamabad

8. City School System – Islamabad

9. Elementary Montessori School – Islamabad- Boys Branch (House 33, St 60, F-11/4), Girls Branch (House 257, St 31, F-10/1)

10. Aims Educational System- House#9 , Street# 49 , F-8/4, Islamabad

11. Elite International School, 218, Margalla Road, (north), F-10/3, Islamabad

12. Preschool Foundation (Madrissa tul Ehsaan), plot# 38, Park Road, F-8/2, Islamabad. Preschool foundation.

13. Fountain Head School, Sir Syed House 7, Street 4, F-7/3, Islamabad

14. Joan McDonald School, St. 8, sec. h-8/4, Islamabad

15. Liberal Arts High School, house# 70, Margalla Road, f-7/2, Islamabad

16. Oxford High School, h. no. 413, street 43, G-9/1, Islamabad

17. Quaid’s Public School, house no. 11, st# 38, G-6/2, Islamabad

18. Stepping Stone School, house# 3, street# 54, F-8/4, Islamabad

19. Westminster School College, 18, Margalla Road, F-8/3, Islamabad

20. The Oaks British School, Diplomatic Enclave Ramna 5, Islamabad.

21. Islamabad School of Arts and Sciences, Park Road F-8/1, Islamabad

22. OPF Girls College , Park Road F-8/2, Islamabad

23. Lahore Grammar School , Islamabad

24. Headstart School Islamabad

25. International Islamic Grammar School, F-11/3, Islamabad

26. Sheikh Zayed International School, Islamabad, Jamali Road, Sector H-8/4, Islamabad

27. Bahria College, Sector E-8, Islamabad

28. ASAS International School, Margalla Road,Sector F8/4, Islamabad

29.ASAS International School 2,  Double Road, Sector F10, Islamabad.

30.International Grammar School and College,Street #58, F-11/4, Islamabad.

31. OxBridge International Grammar School, House No.7, Major Double Road, F11/3, Islamabad.

32. Gandhara Public School, Street # 32, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad.

33.Khaldunia High School, Park Road,  F-8/2, Islamabad.

34. Schola Nova, Sector F-8, Islamabad.

35. PakTurk International Schools and Colleges, Address. .

36. Bloomfield Hall, F-10 Markaz, islamabad.

37. Shaheen School System, Pakistan Air Force Sector E-9.

38. Preparatory School Islamabad.

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  • khan

    will u pls write the address of sheikh zayed intl school if u have? regards

    mrs khan

    • sam

      its at the back of Islamabad Convent shool in h-8

      • Mrs meher

        I also lokn forwd for mi three kids is isb convent is best for them h-8/4 campus so pls tell me if so

        • Mrs Arif Chara

          I am looking for a school by name
          Modern Foundation School in Islamabad.
          It is presumably run by some NGO’S
          Can any one help me in finding the address!

        • Mahmood Hussain

          Assalamo Alekum,

          My youngest daughter has been studying in a private school, named the Cambridge School for Boys and Girls in in H-8 sector. We are quite satisfied with the school environment and faculty. If still interested, you may stop by that school one day. Thanks and regards. Mahmood

          • phw

            I will Inshallah.

  • Nasir Hameed

    I am Geography and Pakistan Studies.I want to teach in any of the institutions.plz guide.

    Nasir Hameed

    • Tahir Mhemood Khokhar

      Did you do BEd from College Of Education H-9 Islamabad in 1992?

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  • shahid riaz

    My name is Shahid Riaz.I have been teaching English since 2002.English is only a subject but it is taught in the best manner in Roots School System.i think a teacher should shape cultural,traditional,economical,spiritual and physical structure of a child.a teaching is a stuggle to create the greatest minds on the face of Earth. A teacher is an individual who strives to make his students to learn writing and reading skills in an effective manner .

    • mushtaq hussain

      Did you taught in inclusive school system?

      • phw

        I am a teacher but not at inclusive school system.

        • MUSHTAQ

          have u list of inclusive schools working in islamabad?

          • Afzal

            I’m surprised you teach english – your english seems quite poor to me.

  • Nouman Khan

    You forgot to mention the oldest school of Islanabad i.e Angelique School G 6 4 Islamabad

    • phw

      Thanks for informing…..I will inshallah update the list

      • islamabadian

        I think you have no idea of contribution of government Schools thereforeu keep on updating your own kind of schools seems ur paid by them

        • phw

          I am not denying the importance or the role of Government schools neither am I saying anything against them. This list just caters to the need of the people who are looking for private schools….What made to come to the conclusion that I am paid by them????

          • abdi fatah ali

            Hi phw !
            I need to know where i student can take intensiv course for sceince,maths and english for my dougthers. Ithey are planing to study english, I am in Olso Norway.

          • phw

            They many academies in Islamabad where you can get special coaching for these subjects.


      ENGINEERS’ ACADEMY provides MSc/MPhil/PhD HOME TUTORS for all classes(tutors can also contact)
      [Engr.Muhammad Naeem]

  • Karim

    I am looking the school who have best in town, specially Nursay and Primary level, I have a child, age is 4 years already completed one year pre-nursary schooling. Now I am looking the institute where maintain best standard of education. Am observing that all school maintain his fee standard is equal to Beaconhouse, but the standard of teaching are also the same like Beaconhouse or below, that’s the main concerned. 0333-5116917

    • Usama

      There is a school in F-11, Islamabad called International Islamic Grammar School, you can check about it on

    • qiran

      hey, I have a best option for you which is universal school system, having Day Care and School,maintained international standards. and British Council Trained Teachers as well. its contact No. is 03008520656You can visit the place and then decide the best one.
      Best of luck.

  • mrs amar

    I am looking for a good school in islamabad for my 3 children. I currently live in london uk, but want to move to pakistan for better schooling. Could anyone give some advise about good english medium schools.

    • phw

      I think you should come to Islamabad and visit some good schools like Prepratory, Beacon, Roots, etc. Its am important decision which needs your first hand interaction with the teachers.

    • mrs riaz

      salaams…did you find any good schools? am currently also looking for a good school in islamabad for my three kids…let me know if you found anything that was suitable…my kids are 13,11 and 7.

      • phw

        If u r ready to a big amount then Headstart i have heard is the best option and if not then we can discuss…

      • miriam

        i recommend head start if you are willing to pay ! my niece studys there and she says its a very good school the education there is very good and they teach in a manner that every one understand and pays equal attention to every one.
        and i think its this is important for the child’s education.

        • Nain

          Hi.can you guide me where is head start m looking for sm suitable school for my nephew..he is 6 yr old just returned frm australia.

          • shahbaz

            i recommend head start if you are willing to pay ! my niece studys there and she says its a very good school the education there is very good and they teach in a manner that every one understand and pays equal attention to every one.
            and i think its this is important for the child’s education

    • nadeem chudhary

      salam,hop u well,my name is nadeem and i am a lawyer in pakistan,its my suggestion that u should be live in uk and schooling for ur 3 childrens in uk,and u should herself traning to them,in isb if u addmit in international schools than there the atmosphere is like as uk,not as islamic,so for childrens good future please admint in uk schools.i have no chance or money,so i live and study in pakistan,
      its no matter that the siatuation is bad now,for future competetion there is best.plz.
      ok thanks for reading my suggestions.

    • Muhammad Imran

      Miss i will suggest u if u wana do schooling your childs from pakistan, then you should visit Darul Arqam school in islamabad, it,s sylubas is same like oxford sylubas but they are also offering islamic tafseer programm,
      i am living in PWD Islamabad and working in a pvt organization in accounts dep. my face book A/c is

    • minhas dad khattak

      salam, v r teaching since long, therefore v have a lot of knowledge about school and colleges i think there is only one school for ur childern i.e. KRL model college btu u cant take admission in that college but i prefer Dr. AQ Khan college in Bahria Tiown for u

      u can contact with me on:
      im not a teacher in that school but i observed many schools bcos im a tuitor
      Allah Hafiz
      Minhas Dad Khattak

  • Sajid Zahoor

    we are are the manufacturer & Supplier of School / College Uniforms . If any school / college want to change the old supplier or uniform please give us a chance.

  • Waqar Khan

    I am looking for good school based on American system of education in Islamabad/Rawalpindi area . I am currently in California, USA

    • Samreen

      U will definatily like universalschoosystem a newly opened school in Islamabad with best teaching methodologies and modern facilities first time in Pakistan.
      For Further details please visit or click on below links:

      Universal School System
      Building # 289-B, Street # 1
      E-11/4, Islamabad

      • Nain

        Hi.can you guide me little bit about universal school m looking for sm suitable school for my nephew..he is 6 yr old just returned frm australia.

        • phw

          You can visit the school .I heard it has good teaching staff and state of art facilities in school.


    AOA. I am looking for a good school for my 6 year old son in islamabad,who is about to finish his advance montessory,plz guide me for good schooling,should be good standard of education with the teaching of religious values.Thanks.

  • muhammad khan

    I have come across a school that has just opened recently in F11/3. This is run by some individuals from the UK and they predominately concentrate on English and our cultural/traditional studies.
    Most of the children are also from abroad i.e. UK,Australia,Canada,USA etc.
    I am also from UK and I have admitted my children there as this is exactly what I am looking for.
    So far so good and well worth a try.
    The school is Oxbridge International Grammar School or the website is:

    I hope it could be of help to you

    • maryam khalid

      Assalmualaikum. my son is 2 and a half years old. i went to oxbridge after reading your comment. how is it going so far? do you still recommend it? please reply back asap :) thanks!

      • phw

        Please give your feedback….How do u find Oxbridge ?
        I think Pre-School Foundation is also good for a 2+ ….Check it out.

        • maryam khalid

          we are still thinking about it. it looks really good. want to go during the school hours though. the school will re-open on 4th jan. i would really like to talk to some of the parents whose kids go to oxbridge. please help!

          • Adeel Hassan

            I visited Oxbridge Internation Grammer School (located in F-11/3) in the start of this week. During my visit, I met with the Principal as well as the owner of the school. This meeting (of an hour long) was really useful as I disucssed various aspects of the school with them. I also visited different classes and met with the teachers and students. I took following points from my visit:-

            1. The management seems keen to improve the English Language skills of the students. They encourage the students to speak in English. As some of the management/staff members are British National so I assume that they focus on the proper British accent as well.
            2. They follow the same books which are recommended by Oxford/Cambridge, however, they have exluded that stuff which is not alligned with our religion/culture. For example, the principal showed me a book on the subject of ‘Valentine’. This book is taught in some of the schools but not in Oxbridge.Similarly, they don’t offer Music classes etc.
            3. They don’t charge for those facilities which they don’t have had in their school at the moment. For example, they have setup computer lab which is not functional at present so they don’t charge ‘Computer Fee’. In other schools, usually this is ‘other way round’.
            4. They teach Quranic Tajweed at school. In addition, they also give attention to morals and manners in accordance with the basic teachings of Islam.
            5. They use audio/visual (CCTV) equipment inside and outside the classroom to facilitate a safe and secure environment.
            6. The strength of the students in each class/section is around 12. In this way, the teachers are able to give due attention to each student.

            I had one concern re Islamic schools (in general) which I discussed in detail with the principal & owner of the Oxbridge school. I shared my feelings that in some of the Islamic schools, the students are brain washed in very strict way. Thus, with the passge of time, the students become very narrow minded.

            They ensured me that they don’t believe on such things. Rather, they insisted that they focus on the basic teachings of Islam (instead to indulge their students in some specific group/Firqa etc).

            Lastly, I was informed that the children of the principal & the owner of the school are also studying in this schools – this is quite unusual as far as I know.

          • ehtisham

            m ehtisham . contact me . i will give u advise which school is better for yu children in isb. if u wana move to pakistan. so the isb is better plzce then other cities. m living in isb and working in news orgnization as assosiate producer. so welcome in pakistan . my no is 03326753791 .thanks for fedback

          • AAF

            My children are in OxBridge. I pretty much went through what all of you are going through. (USA family, moved to Dubai then to ISL.)

            I liked the fact that the classes were small and the other children were similar ex-pat profiles. The school didn’t seem psychotic about grades. (I didn’t like the fact that it was in a villa, and no proper physical fitness / recess facilities.)

            My major concern with Oxbridge is that their systems are not as well established as other schools that are much older. Syllabus always seem to be under review. (Which I managed to tolerate).

            They have a high turn-over in teachers. This I don’t like. (I’m still trying to figure out what this means.) A lot of us parents, expect a good school as a partner in our children’s education. They are trying…and I think, they are unable to manage the growth properly and are unable to retain good teachers.

            My children don’t seem to be getting the mental stimulation that they need. Teachers are falling short somehow. (Maybe because kids are more travelled and versed then them).

            This is my opinion. The brothers at the school seem sincere. May Allah help them to help the children.

            Nothing in Pakistan is perfect. My family and friends are now considering EMS nearby, which has a higher academic standard to keep our children stimulated. (But then again, I am sure that decision will have its own pros and cons).

          • phw

            Thanks for your helpful contribution. Small and newly established setups have their shortcomings and the school which does not retain their valuable teachers make the students suffer. Big established institutions have their plus points like revised syllabus, big campus buildings and a well rehearsed setup.
            By the way I was surprised to see their building after reading so many positive comments about them.
            Please let us know about your EMS experience too.
            Best of Luck!

          • AAF

            p.s. (important note I forgot to mention)
            What we have realized is that NO ONE school has the full package.
            We are now filling in the missing pieces ourselves and with the help of tutors.
            Trips to the BookBank.
            Park Activities.
            Gym/Exercise sports.
            Qari… etc. etc.
            (you get my point. :) )

          • arslan mughal


          • AAF

            UPDATE: March 24, 2012.
            Oxbridge has served its purpose on our initial arrival. NOw its is time to change. For sure. New to Islamabad, our children didn’t know URDU and needed similar expat children to feel at home with. Oxbridge was a good first step for us. Here we are about a year into it. Children are loving islamabad, we have settled in nicely and have an established routine. We need to up the academics.

            Our children are lacking the intellectual stimulation that they were accustomed to outside of Pakistan. (Hanging out with expat families, and doing weekly events with their children helps, but the school work and projects are not up to mark at Oxbridge).

            Oxbridge, Principal (consultant) has left, Vice-Principal has left, and many key teachers on our initial enrollment to the school have left. Teacher turn-over at Oxbridge is alarming. Whatever the reason. Owner is making good sincere effort. But we don’t have the time to wait and see (at the expense of our children).

            The owner of the school, his wife, sister-in-law, brother etc.. (family) have stepped in to fill the gap. Which I have mixed feelings about. But things aren’t as they used to be. Quality has dropped, despite their efforts.

            We have noticed the new teachers are the typical ‘memorize’ the lesson and spit it back desi-pak teachers. Low qualifications and no outside experience. This was bad news for us.

            Second, villa-schooling has its limitations. Children are NOT getting a proper school experience – sports, activities, extra-curriculars. EMS is a nice school with solid religious anchoring, but it is also a villa. Same problem. (We are done with villa – education).

            Roots ‘Capital Campus’ in G-11 was amazing. Has robotics, chinese language, and lots of after-school activities. (Such as international math and science competitions. Wow). But NO ARABIC and a very weak islamic curriculum. (It actually felt like they were in denial of being pakistani muslims.) Children are all mixed co-ed… and the girls seemed to conscious of their looks. etc. We loved the school and its wonderful activities and course-load, but are not willing to compromise on our moral religious values. Roots G-11 capital campus was missing the BIG religion piece for us. (which many other families don’t seem to want I guess).

            EMS is good, but once again in a Villa. No breathing room and the teachers aren’t all up to the mark as they should. Children don’t seem to be children. All are too serious and seem to be being pushed too hard. Subhanullah. (Too much work-load I guess). But no more villa-schools for us.

            AFTER all of this we are now moving our children to OPF. Very down to earth school. Huge campus. Boys are separate, girls are separate. total of about 5,000 students. Decent facilities. AND most of all long-run teachers.
            This was good to see.

            Added bonus, which we couldn’t believe. Being from outside, we get 50% off of tuition! (Subhanullah, usually its the other way around, being from outside they double the tuition). This was a nice plus.

            Once again, NO ONE school is perfect. You can either opt for a secular modern school, and try to fill in the religion piece. OR you can look for a religiously grounded school and opt for the academic piece.

            For us, protecting our children from valentine’s day flowers and love notes, boyfriend/girlfriend issues of co-education etc is not to be compromised on.

            We have hired a wonderful tutor with a master’s in Mathematics that sits with out children and pushed them after school. We are also supplementing school work with amazing on-line tools. Hiking in the margallah mountains every weekend. Treats at various restaurants. Picnics at parks. And long drives with the family.

            Islamabad HAS become a wonderful home for us. We are happy here and have no qualms of moving here what-so-ever.

            It is, after all, what you make of it. Being here in Islamabad.

            May Allah make it easy for all of you as well.
            Keep you and your children happy – as Allah has done for us. :)

          • phw

            Mr AAF, I read your experience and felt obliged that you took time out and shared it with us. This will benefit many like minded people. As you said no school is perfect and you can definately fill in the activities part yourself but once a wrong foundation of the Islamic morals is laid its hard to change!
            On the other hand Islamabad is a wonderful place to live! :)

          • ah

            Update: We decided to go for OPF. What a mistake. Since it is supposed to be for Over Seas Pakistanis. Sarcastic laugh. (Their seem to be more ‘fake’ overseas Pakistanis using some relative’s card, rather than genuine Overseas pakis ☹).What a total disappointment. (Teachers speaking urdu in classes where English is supposed to be the medium should have been a dead giveaway).

            Our three kids cleared the exams for their respective grades without a problem. Math and English was exceptional. Urdu was understandably weak. All 3 attended the F-8 campus, lower grades. Management is nice but their ‘in-class application’ simply does not reach the teaching staff.

            Though the principal, Shaheena Masood, is a very educated (Fulbright Scholar from the states), and likewise the class supervisors are seasoned ladies that would otherwise be principals elsewhere – the class teachers just seemed overwhelmed, overworked and overall in a ‘I-don’t-care-just-give-my-paycheck-mind-set.’

            The Boys side is just pathetic (F-8 campus). Teachers are ill prepared to handle the low caliber of student and low performance overall. There are no class resources. Our children are totally not challenged at all. Sub-par all around. Free-time is nothing but fist-fights daily and gang culture. Reminded us of a low grade public school in the states.

            Boys-side teachers/staff hit the kids, in and out of the class. Regularly. This is common and we were told parents condone it. We were just speechless.

            The girls side is bit better mannered, but our daughter was discouraged by the teachers from asking questions and class time is nothing more than copying copious amounts of notes from the text itself. Girls and class fellows are stuck in the ‘ratta’ style of rote learning. Nothing like what are daughter expected. Girls are in compete mode with each other, desi-style. How to beat the other. They fight over seats at the front. They fight over being teacher’s favorite pets. It was actually funny. All grades and performance seems to hinge on test scores and class rankings. We told our daughter ‘welcome to Pakistan.’

            In honesty I am not sure why we put up with this for 5-6 months. Probably because all the people kept telling us how good OPF USED TO BE. (Well, it sort of helped that some of our top lady doctor friends (Stanford) were graduates of OPF)…(helped with the denial)

            Finally after having some free time, and being able to take time out as a couple and not depending on a lot of hearsay, we took time finally to visit two Roots Campuses. And were very impressed. The Roots G-10 (Capital) and the F-10 (Wahid)campus next to the police station. In addition we also visited BeaconHouse F-10 campuses.

            World of difference. Students. Teachers. In Pakistan you get what you pay for. OPF proved this. OPF seems to be nothing more than a higher level government / semi-government run public school. I have no Idea what glory days people are talking about. I don’t see it. It seems like bunch of middle-class families pinning their hope on cheap education, which I don’t mean in a condescending way. If you can afford better, please take it. We pulled our children out, after visiting Roots. The same day. (They cleared the exams there as well, Alhamdulillah – but not urdu. ☺ )

            With Roots, our circle of people discourage us because they say, it is co-ed. By going for islam in Pakistan, we have been slapped in the face again and again. Now we are doing the opposite. Lets grab the good as we find it and where we find it. Coming from the west, we learn that Islam starts at home.
            Take the good. Leave the bad. F-10 Roots (Wahid) has brought my son to life in terms of his course-work and better grade of motivated teachers. He and his brother are well mannered enough and polite enough to respect the girls and keep their distance as they would elsewhere in the west. We are fine with this.

            Our daughter is now at BeaconHouse Girls F-10. Very happy. Teachers are challenging here much more and she seems to enjoy her colleagues much more – since they seem to be a bit more intellectual here. We were also very happy to find some very religious teacher there as well from a family that leave near us. Subhanullah.

            Moving to Pakistan has been a strange journey for us. And our kids.
            We took the project for work to try and get in touch with our roots and to let our children know their heritage. So far it has been quite an adventure. ☺ We hope our story is helpful to you as you chart yours. May Allah bless you all as your read this.

    • Zainab

      Assalamualaikum wr wb.

      Was very interesting reading all the comments, especially sister AAF’s experiences.

      I’m currently looking for a good ‘expat friendly’ religious school for an 8 year old daughter.

      I have Alhuda International School in mind. I’ve tried EMS before, and will not try it again.

      After reading this page, will cross off Oxbridge.

      Dar ul Arqam looks good. Looking for a hifz school.

      Mohsin Foundation, 18-3 has had good reviews from neighbours whose girls have graduated from there. However, it’s too far from us in G11-2.

      Hoping to find something good in this area!

      Would love to meet other mothers with expat experience seeking to provide a religious upbringing here…

      • SanF

        Dear Zainab,
        My 5 year old has been studying in EMS (casa section)two years back the casa section was good but few good teachers have left so its worthless.Now my kid is in Elementary section and its worse.The teachers are non interactive,everything is paper reading even the orientation.They were all reading from the projector.They couldn’t interact with the parents.DISCIPLINE PHOBIA is inserted along with fines on every little mistake.No challenging or creative syllabus only writing and actually making children write counting daily 100 times.In grade 1 the child is supposed to write the tajweed lessons and all duas and kalma’s with translations.It is possible for a child to grasp them orally but to write them for 5 or 6 year old is impossible.They need good teachers desperately.

        • Nain

          Hi.islamic schools are just like islamic banks so don’t waste your kid’s time.

  • eeman

    what about foundation school in f-8,u should also add that.

    • phw

      I have that in my list….its called “Preschool Foundation” now….

  • Saadia

    I think its not only the school. We the parents should also update ourselves about the education to help our children at home.
    I just found a helpful Pakistani website about education and parenting.

  • Saadia

    I think its not only the school. We the parents should also update ourselves about the education to help our children at home.
    I just found 2 helpful Pakistani websites about education and parenting.

  • Salahuddin Khan

    hello everyone.
    I am currently in UAE and we are planning to move to Islamabad.i am about to clear my metric(SCIENCE-BIOLOGY) and after that i have to apply for secondary education..
    i need help in this regard as i am going there for the first time.Could someone plz recommend a particular institute.



  • Mrs. Munir

    I seconded Ms. Saadia

  • roma

    can any1 plz tell the address of sheikh zayed school?

    • shahid ullah

      Sector H-8/4, Islamabad

  • Ibad Ullah

    I have done my MSc in Geology. I want to serve as a teacher in any school of Islamabad or Rawalpindi. Can anyone help me out. Thanks

  • Roky

    I am looking for the best school which will offer good education specially in English and Islamic studies. I have heard about Aims and Marjan in F-8. Can anyone one guide me about them or anyother best school ?

    • abdullah

      try oxbridge islamic school sir


    Marjan Public School (operates under AIM Education System)
    No.56, F-8/4 Nazimuddin Road, Islamabad, Capital, Pakistan
    Phone: 9251-2264663 / 2853185

    its located exactly on backside of Centaurus.

  • Mani

    How about the Bahria College? What is their standard? I m about to admit my child in their (nursery class) junior section.

  • Joe public

    Muhammad Khan wrote on January 15, 2010 about Oxbridge School and I followed it up.
    It is a good school. They do, primarily, concentrate on English.
    Furthermore, don’t be misled by their name. Although it sounds very Western (which it is – in the way of teaching style, methods, Plan/Schemes of work, audio/visual aids and strictly English Medium) it is also very Islamic.
    You will only know how good it is once you visit them. I enrolled my children there.
    By the way I am from the U.K. and most of the children that attend Oxbridge are also from the West.

    • maryam khalid

      assalmualaikum :)
      which grade are your kids in? how is your experience with oxbridge so far? please do let me know!

      • joe public

        they are in class 4, 2 and Nursery

        the experience is very good so far as i mentioned in my earlier comments

    • SIK

      My children go to Oxbridge International. the schools no doubt is run by nice individuals from the UK but it doesn’t seem to have good supporting faculty. It is way too behind as cmprd to other good schools.
      We went through quite the same..moving from the UK and choosing best option for the kids and i must admit we were quite relieved after having met with the principal but the school has not been up to the standard we were xpecting it to deliver.
      I totally agree with one of the comments over here that the Syllabus is alwayz seem to be under some review which is really frustrating..
      One of my concerns is that the students are not been given real concepts rather they are expected to learn wats been told n taught.
      We are being told tht the changes will come gradually but thts defintly not gonna wrk as the children can’t be put at hault all this we need to find some other options.
      They are trying and may Allah(swt) help them.thts wht we can wish thm

    • Mohammed


      I have Son going to Year 9. I am thinking of moving to Islamabad. Any suggestions for schools will be much appreciated.


  • http://ahousewifewebblog shahbaz ahmed

    Aoa i can tell you the address of shiekh zayed school in islamabad mrs roma pls contatct me or cell no 03025151064

  • Ali Walizada

    Hii … i m now in oxford high school g-9/1 … but i m going to leave this school nd go to another … plzzz guid meh guyz ! .. i want to go to a school which should be good in education and a good standard .. ! … its fee should be around 3 thousands … i m now in class 8th
    i will be very thankful for yourz guidance …

    ali walizada

  • Ansaar Abbasi

    aslaam alaikum
    i have three daughters and one son i want to teach them in opf school in hostel plz give me details about OPF school

    • maryam

      i studied in opf for twelve years. For boys it is NOT good!
      for girls, the junior education is good, but now its standard is really falling. I did my o-level from opf, got straight As, but then I had to change my school. I was always frustrated there because of the system and ways of teaching. its been my second home, but honestly, i do not recommend it.

  • Ansaar Abbasi

    hi im ansaarurrehman daughter i m in class 8th i want to study in OPF school and i have two more sisters an one brother one sister is in claas 7th other one is in grade4th and my brother is in kg 1
    we are living in saudiarab i want to take addmission in ur school in hostel plzz send me ur detail in my id
    i wish i could get chance to study in ur school

  • Ansaar Abbasi

    Asalam Alaikum
    i am dr ansaar daughter my name is laiba ansaar i am in class 8th we are living in saudi arab in tabuk iwant to take admission in ur school i have two more sister and one brother my one sister is in class 7th and other one is in class 4th and my brother is in grade K G.plz send me ur school detils in my email address
    Thank you very much

    • phw

      Dear Laiba!
      If you want to come and study in OPF school in islamabad I think you should consult OPF foundation as opf school does not have a website where you can apply online. OR . Next time when you come here in Pakistan visit the school and college to make a decision. Seeing is believing. :)

      • qausain ali

        i want to get admission n opf can plz sme 1 can help me,,,i hav 369 nbrs in ist yaear now i want to get admission n part 2 n opf,,,fsc pre engineering

  • Ansaar Abbasi

    plz i want OPF school islamabad contact number

  • Tamana


    I used to attend capital High school in islamabad, i then subsquently moved to london and now i am wondering whether it still exists and if so is it called by the same name??
    I’d like to track some of my friends, would be great!!

    • phw

      Tamana, where was the school located as i have never seen it.

  • Shahnawaz Abbasi

    for text book review copies please contact us


  • http://facebook shaikh abdul subhan

    good bye face book

  • Ansaar Abbasi

    i want opf school contact no plz plz send me fast

    • phw

      its +9261430 islamabad

  • S Akbar


    We provide quality accommodation to students studying at Islamabad, students or their parents seeking nice boarding may contact at:

  • Afshan

    Please tell me is there any inclusive education or a school with some special need provision in islamabad for a child like mine is with speech problem.. thanks all of you..

    • phw

      There are speech therapists in all the big hospitals ….. Regarding the school, every morning when I drop my kids to school I see a special children school bus…I will find out and let u know.

      • Khalid

        plz help me too.i have same problem with my me plz

    • mrs farooq

      I know a very good speech therapy specialist Dr Shahbaz Khalid Ranjha Family health hospital Islambad st#30 sec I 10 4 ph #4443156 he is an excelent speech therapist may he will help u 2 find a school 4 ur child do visit him once

      • nadeem chudhary

        i am also a good therapy specialist,,give me a chance…i prove it..

    • t malik

      dear afshan

      i am also looking for same school in isb/rwp where they teach hearing difficulties related kids.i did 2-3 year speech therpy at home but i want now my kid should join a school where she should study along speech therapy.
      please update me if you find any such public/private school,she is 7 year old now

  • naeema

    A.A: i want a good job if anyone knows can tell me,please?

  • naeema

    salaam: im looking for a teaching job with best salary package if anyone knows can tell me?

  • qureshi



  • qureshi


  • minahil

    am totally agreed with u Mr qureeshi n i want to add another thing that the owner of this schooll is a much rude man and a great lier.

    another request is plz upload address of sheikh zaid international school.

  • minahil

    neema salary package vary with ur experience and with the institution.

  • phw

    Sheikh Zayed School is on Jamali Road, H-8/4, Islamabad.

  • minahil


  • Fouzia

    Plz Maam
    Can u ell me where is he Children House (Monessori School ) is locaed in Islamabad.

  • atta rasool malik

    For Parents.It might be of interest to you that
    I am student of M Phil International Relations but studied math and physics till Bsc. I have full command over all basic subjects including computer till O level. I have a taste particularly for coaching weak students. Though i am not formally certified in child psychology but i know few well tested skills through which i take the child to new heights of confidence and motivation. I diagnose the hindrances of such childern in studies and help forget such weaknesse for ever. Such students can come to my residence at Margala Town Islamabad or i can go to their place. I am 40 years old male with rich experience of understanding different cultures.Teaching is my passion, little money is though required but not a major issue. Serious and busy parents who are worried for academic carrier of their children to email at : attarasul@hotmail

  • atta rasool malik

    sorry correct email address is :

  • Saad

    Wow! Nice work phw. Keep up the good work!

  • Javed Nadeem

    I tell you something ma’am. This Oxbridge Islamic school in Islamabad is good. Perhaps you need to add this to your list.

    • phw

      I met a friend after a long time and even she mentioned that Oxbridge Islamic School is good.

      • maryam khalid

        Are you talking about oxbridge international grammar school?

        • abdullah

          yes Oxbridge islamic school is same as the oxbridge international grammar school

      • Mrs. Salman

        can u plz tell is oxbridge a good school or not i m totally confused sm people saying its good sm r telling in above comments its standard not good its faculty changing etc

  • Javed Nadeem

    So Maam, in light of what you or your friend have mentioned, You may need to add Oxbridge Islamic school to your list.

  • Tufail

    Dear Sir
    I need a school with hostal. for my 11 & 9 years old sons.
    kindly email me the address on

    • phw

      I only know that opf girls college has a hostel. I will try and find out more…

  • The Beacon Tutor Academy

    We provide qualified and experienced tutors for all classes and all levels both teachers and parents can contact us for the excellent services. we are located at Commercial market Rawalpindi.

    The Beacon Tutor Academy
    772-B, Satellite Town Rawalpindi


  • The Mount Sinai School

    The Mount Sinai School provides one of the best educational programs in Islamabad that blends modern education with Islamic values. The strength of this school is its highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. Parents of prospective students are invited to visit the school and see for themselves.

  • Khalil Farooqui

    I have done my Masters in Educational Planning and Management (EPM) From NUML Education Deptt Islamabad and also have B.Ed n M.Ed degrees having 6 years Educational experience and i need a job in any of good reputation school or college administration.

  • Neelam

    Can anyone guide me if there is any school that is equally good at teaching english and urdu.

  • Asif

    its for inforation for all that we have developed a web based school managment system.This system is developed to manage the all major functions of school which include, Student And Staff Information
     Students Result Reports (Annual and Monthly)
     Expense And Income Detail
     Fee and Salary Management
     Bank Slip For Fee Submission
     Employees Attendance Information
     Students Feedback
     Employees Pay Sheets
     And multiple reports to print like it can print invitation,
    Anyschool administration interested please email us at for demo.


  • Sidra

    my son is 3 years old now and he is of a school going age. if anyone knows of a good islamic school that goes hand in hand with promising academic excellence pls recommend!

    • nadeem chudhary

      salam,danish public schoo,best for future,modern and ethics values combind

    • Abu Bakr

      Sidra, I can only think of OXBRIDGE as that school which is “good islamic school that goes hand in hand with promising academic excellence”.

      I strongly recommend it.

      • maryam khalid

        do your kids go to oxbridge? if yes please tell me about ure experience with them! jazakallah :)

        • Abu Bakr

          yes, Maryam my children do go there. It is a very good school in its league. Obviously, don’t compare it with the likes of beaconhouse, city, roots etc as far as the magnitude is concerned but in terms of being Islamic school in Islamabad it is probably the best.
          This does not mean that the contemporary education offered is bad. In fact, if anything it is equal to the well known schools. If not better than them.

          • Mohammad Saeed

            my Daughter is 3.5 years old now and she is already going into Pre-Nursery sector’s children’s academy as well. I want to shift her self in any else good school in Islamabad.
            kindly advise me where i will take her admission, where she get shining star as well Islamic academic Education in class of Nursery.
            please also notified me Fee structure as


            You should visit AIMS Education System, House 9, Street 49, F-8/4, Islamabad. Phone 2251922-5
            an ISLAMIC School with story of success and achievement. The Best place where worldly education i being taught with ISLAM and Islamic Teachings and Training. Best place for Hifz and Tajweed.

  • hasan abbasi

    It is Hasan Abbasi. I am geologist and a crystal collector from Iran.
    I looking for a person(seller) that can provide some crystal of Pakistan for me . I search in Internet but all seller that I found are from outside of Pakistan .
    Can you recommend me how I can find a crystal seller in Pakistan ?
    my e add :

  • Faruq Haider

    Assalam O Alaikum

    My son is four and half year old and he is in Saint Michael Convent Clifton Branch in Karachi. I have moved to Islamabad and i want to admit him any good repute Islamabad. As i know lot of schools in Islamabad. Somebody told me about Islambad Convent School in F-8. If anybody Guide me about that school, mean how do you rate that school, as in Karachi it is nice experience to have my child in Convent School. Is it like Convent School’s in Pakistan or different entity? Any parent having their children in that school can contact me. My numbers are
    Office # 051-2652007, Cellular # 0333-5344008
    I am seeking for good school where my child can learn ethics as well and this is all my priority.


      Pakistan’s First Successful English Medium Islamic School.
      House9, Street 49, F-8/4, Islamabad.
      Phone: 2251922-5

  • stranger

    wa alaiakm assalam Faruq Sahib

    what do u call ethics? Is it that:

    1. the child should have Islamic beliefs and Islamic ettiquets


    2. the child has missionary influence (because Convent school and st Michael are christian schools in essence) and worldly ettiquetes


  • A M is a good resource to help you find and research Pakistani schools online.

  • umm muneeb

    i want my kids to goto an islamic school which will teach them to be better future muslims…….my kids are in grade 1, 5,7 and have studied in Canada ,UAE and Pakistaan as well…….the points i am considerring before choosing any school is :
    1) it shouuldnt be co-education
    2) it should not belong to any specific tribe or firqaas as is common in pakistaan, since i don’t want my kids to be of any firqa (tribes) in the future
    3) should be run by honest people not liars and cheats (who make eduucation a business)
    4) have good academics
    Since the future of Islam depends on how todays kids are trained and a very major part of it is the parents job and then comes the school.So choosing the right school comes on the parents responsibility.
    So please suggest me to a good schhol which will meet my needs…Jazakaalhu Khair

  • umm muneeb

    and i forgot to add …………. there is lack of proper aqeedah in most of the people here follow diferrent groups or associate themselves to groups ….very rare to find someone who follows only Quran and sunnah and is free from groupings……….keeping this in mind it is a struggle to look for a sound islamic school in this country….so please help


      You should visit AIMS Education System, House 9, Street 49, F-8/4, Islamabad. Phone 2251922-5
      an ISLAMIC School with story of success and achievement. The Best place where worldly education i being taught with ISLAM and Islamic Teachings and Training. Best place for Hifz and Tajweed.

    • Adeel

      @Umm Muneeb, a few weeks ago, I was also looking for some good school in the city for my son. I was also having same concerns which you stated above. I visited Oxbridge (in F-11/3) and met with the principal & the owner of the school. After having a long session with them about their methodologies & competence, I finally decided to admit my son in Oxbridge. So far, I am very satisfied with the progress of my son in this new school.

      I would recommend you to make your own opinion after visiting the Oxbridge.

      • Mrs. Salman

        is ur opinion abt oxbridge still the same , i hav a 3.5 yr. old daughter need 2 know abt this school

  • Khan

    salam all: i’m just a little surprised.. i didn’t knwo about oxbridge at all [probably because they don;t have 'Islamic' in their name]

    i went through a lot of distress looking for an Islamic school for my kids 2 years ago.. i finally decided on the Islamic Grammar school and Alhamdolilah [apart from a few hiccups here & there] they are doing well there so far/

    • Imran Arshad

      Assalam u alaikum,
      What is the approximate fee structure of oxbridge school system? I also want my daughter 3.5 years old to get admission in the Montessori section. Do they also provide pick and drop services to children?

      • Imran

        wa alaikam assalam,

        For fee structure you call the administration because every class has different charges.
        They provide pick and drop

  • zeenat

    aua…my daughter is in nursery at the mount sinai school..they teach islamic values as well as arabic alongside the curriculum all engilsh medium schools have these days…the teachers and the whole staff is really hardworking….im pretty satisfied with the school alhumdulillah

  • dilawar khan

    hi iam living in london with my 6 childern.
    i want to take them to islamibad for the edcation.
    what is the best school in islamibad.
    can anybody help me

    • AM

      Try which has a searchable directory of schools with parent reviews :-).

    • abdullah

      Dilawar, what ages are your children

      you can try the obvious schools like beaconhouse, city and OPF because they are around for long time.
      Or if you looking for islamic values and British type of education then try Oxbridge because this is run by British administration

  • umm muneeb

    JAZAKALLAH KHAIR guys for the reply……. i will definitely check it out insh

  • Mohammad Saeed

    I heart Dar-e-Arqam School 1st branch Start working in Islamabad (G-9 Markaz opp of Niazi Bus Stand/PSO)
    Any One Obvious their schooling practice please share with us.
    I know they are giving good education in Lahore City , they have many branches with in Lahore City.
    Hence,They have been functional since few year in Punjab as well as Mirpur (AJK).
    They Claims The Nazra Quran Education are start from Prep Class and Offering Hifz-ul-Quran with in school timing. They also claim “25 Students maximum strength of in a per class”.
    I would like to know any of you people do Assessment of their Study methods.

    • Mohammad Saeed

      Actually Pre-Research before taking Admission in school is very vital.
      That why i asked above queries.
      I feel child can not feel fatigue plus burden during his/her schooling where his/her parent throw him/her self.

      • Mohammad Saeed

        Definitely Hard Task being a parent here for me. Things were’nt that difficult before as these are present time. Its surely tough to find a school that defines a *Sckool*.

  • arjumand

    welll am new to this city islamabad , my daughter is 2yrs n 3 months old n she wont speak properly but she speaks some words n can understand every thing ..i wanted to know whether it is right to enroll her in play group or not? n which schools are the best in all aspects.. plz any one reply me regarding this .

  • arjumand

    i wanted to know abt roots school n beacon house school? as am new to this city i wanted to enroll my 2yr 3months ol kid n looking for good school but here everyone is talking abt oxbridge school.

    • phw

      For a 2+ child I think “preschool Foundation” in F8 is very good.

  • Sohail

    which Pre nursery (Play group)school is best for my 3.5 years old daughter.
    OPF (F-8)
    Shaheen School System (E-8)
    EMS (F-10, F11)
    Any other???
    Plz tell me in detail with fee structure.

    • phw

      You have to visit all these places to see the atmosphere and staff. They will update you on the new fee structure. We all as parents prefer different things for our children so one visit before admission is strongly recommended!
      If your priority is Islamic education then i think EMS, OPF, OXbridge and Preschool Foundation (they even teach arabic as a language) Chk our their page on facebook.

    • Ali

      I can just share ICAS(G-11/3) & SLS (G-11/4)Fee structure with your self

      Registration/Admission Fee 12000/-
      1st two month tuition Fee 10000/-
      One month Security Fee 5000/-
      Annual School fee 5000/-
      School Magazine Fee 600/-

      Both have same Fee Attributes .

  • Mrs raheel son is 2yrs n 8 months old he actually appeared in islamabad convent admission test but he is not selected.plzzzz tell me which another any school will be good for him bcoz im trying dat i should give him a strong base plz any body knowing good schools plz reply me

    • Mohammad Saeed

      after a lot of research regarding Admission of my daughter, Finally i am find out ANSWER ” Each and Every Pre-School has its own Methodology and computing work-plan.”
      1st : They do not want to do effort/labor to make base of Kid, they try to choose Shinning Kid.
      2nd: They moto is just reap up the parents as per International standards, always link their fees with International Economy.
      3rd: Always try to keep kid’z parents in Pressures by different ways for example pick & Drop, Home Work assignment, Weekly tests etc.
      Strong Base is Built with lesser Work Load not as like Big Bang School Bags, their bags are heavier then their Body weight.
      Japanese and Chinese Educational are against such concept, that why they more Shinning Stars not us.

      • phw

        Mr Mohammad Saeed! Go and visit Preschool Foundation and meet the parents of students there. You may find different answers …

        • Mohammad Saeed

          I know very well about pre-school (Madrassa Tul Ishan nicon Campus) on Park Rd F-8. But they just for 2 to 3.5 kids. Again after KG to insert kid in some one else school.

          What about Observation about Pakistan Board-casting Foundation School.

          • phw

            Mr Mohammad Saeed, They are extending till class 2 this year and more every year on wards. By the way its not a part if Nicon.

  • Sohail

    Plz tell me standard of OPF and EMS for Montessori section.
    OPF girls college main campus in F-8 starts from Class1.

    OPF have started different small branches within F-8 for Pre-Nursary , Nursary and prep calsses.What is the standard there for montessori education?

    • phw

      If you ask about OPF…their standard is good…if not excellent. The branch headed by Mrs Ayesha Azhar on the Kaghan Road is very good. They have nursery, prep and class 1 there.

      • Sohail

        thanks. But i want to know about the OPF branch located in street 33 located on the road near the traffic police office F-8/1.
        What is the standard of education for montessori in SLS school in G-11.

        • phw

          Sohail! In the 33 st. branch a few teachers are very good but can’t say about all the staff. There is teacher Fauzia of Nursery, who is excellent. Over all its ok.

  • Adnan

    AOA all bro & sis, I read this page all top to bottom, took a quite time but it take some pressure of my head to choose a school for my kids,
    Oxbridge school,
    but one school I had in my mind before that, its bharia university campus in E8.
    just a bit info. i need to admit them in class 2 and class 1.
    please do help me on this as not much time remain, admission start next month beginning.

    • phw

      Adnan! According to my information Bahria addmissions are already done. You can try Shaheen School System , its in E-9.(The Air Force sector)


        Hi Phw
        m suhaib frm isb importer, books seller can u give me refrences to arrange book fair in schools

    • Mohammad Saeed

      Try Bahria Foundation School F-11/2.

    • Abu Umer

      Don’t bother with Bahria because although it is possible to get admission there, it is highly improbable. They have a long……….. waiting list.
      You need to have a damn good safarish for this. The board outside the prinicpal’s office reads something like ” there are no admission currently at the school, please do not waste principal’s time by insisting to see him……….”
      Anyway I had my children in Bahria for two years and I took them out and put them in Oxbridge School. So far very happy.

      • Mrs. Salman

        r u still satisfied with oxbridge???

  • Shazad

    Salam all,
    Would appreciate if anyone has information about good Art & design colleges/schools in ISB for a 15yrs.

    • phw

      Headstart and ICAS _ Islamabad College of arts and Sciences offers arts uptill A-levels…. I am not sure about others.

    • Miss Rabia

      Hello this is Rabia.I am as an art and language consultant.If you need any help you can Contact at this number.

      Regards: Rabia
      Contact# 03217021089

  • Fatima

    Can anyone please try to tell me the fees of bloomfield hall school !
    class 10 ! pleasseee
    please contact in this email address for the reply :

  • Imran

    Please tell me about the standard of Shaheen School System (E9) and OPF (F8) for Montessori section.

    Thank You.

  • Ahmed Ali

    please mention the telephone numbers of ICG, IMCG, ICB, IMCB school………

  • masabasif

    there is no educators and opf boys collage islamabad

    • phw

      opf boys campus is in H8

  • Concerned Parent


    Does anyone have any feedback regarding the Liberal Arts High School in F-7/2?
    I have heard its an all girls school.

    • phw

      Dear concerned parent, Liberal Arts is an all girls school in F-8 on margalla road.

      • Concerned Parent

        And do you have any feedback on the school’s standard?

  • Adnan

    Would like to get feedback about Lahore Grammer for classes 2 to 5? how is its standard as compared to Roots and Beachonhouse (any branc in isloo)?

  • Nazish

    I am looking for a summer school for my 3 year old. Can someone please help. Looking for a place where he can go to learn and draw and have fun at the same time. Thank you

  • Quran Tutor

    Importance of Quran Education For Muslims
    Holy Quran is the base of every Muslims life. He/she has to set his/her code of conduct according to Quran to become a true Muslim and not just a namely Muslim. This is not tough at all, but what it requires the most is Quran Education. Quran education is an important phenomenon under discussion especially amongst the people living in western democracies.
    Quran education does not mean only education of Quran reading but it encompasses much more than that, Tajweed being the most important of all. Quran education needs deep devotion, time, dedication, and above all, you need to have a specialized teacher for this purpose, since not every nonprofessional can be a Quran Tutor.
    For this purpose, there are many companies offering online Quran education to the people living in the western democracies, who do not have access to the Quran teaching institutes there. They can benefit from these virtual institutes, which not only save their money, but time and energy of travelling to far areas as well.

  • Hassan

    I have done my matric in 75% marks and iam lokking for college in islamab Or rawalpandi for FSC pre engnering my email edress is

  • Madeeha

    Do u have any info about a good summer school in Murree for kids of ages 4 & 5 years? Please help if there is any summer camp that you know of.

  • mr.raza

    i m looking for a job in islamaabad schools if u know abt any vacancy do infrm.i did MAIR with 4 years experience and also experienced 2 years fashion designing with number of expos.03229101292.i can even manage to do job in summer camps.

  • Umar


    May be you can find some schools in murree from here:

  • PURE Academy

    Dear All

    PURE Academy is not just another academy but a paradigm shift. Students (and their parents) rush to entrance test preparation academies after college hardly realizing that current day colleges produce underprepared students not fit for university education esp. in engineering. PURE ( is an attempt to remedy the weakness and bridge the gap between college and university.
    I propose potential engineering students should get feedback from students of engineering universities about PURE and then make the choice intelligently.

    PURE Tutor

  • PURE Academy

    Dear All

    PURE Academy purchased the domain


  • Khalid Khan

    Aroma Education System (AES School) located in the suburb of islamabad next to bahria town and DHA II in Model Town Humak Islamabad, is one of the leading schools in the area and its quality teaching and mannerism is second to none. right education at this school and my kids are studying there.

    • haroon ch.

      i appreciate this school and am fully satisfied father as my kids go there. apart from Islamic lessons school does focus on right values.the sister school of this system The unison school with many branches is also very good but that is for low income group.
      AES ……..keep it up………….

      • Uzma Butt

        i second the opinion of haroon as our kids were studying together, however, i shifted to g-8, but i still miss the school and so do my children. any ways we all like them; they are good people so i ask them to open a branch in main ibd.good luck.

  • Saj

    I am thinking relocating from abroad (UK) to Pakistan soon

    can anyone suggest to me a good balance of Islamic/worldly eductaion schools.

    What is the standard of living in Islamabad also?

    • nice guy

      From my experience if you want good academics then any of the famous schools. Beacon, City, Roots etc. (but no Islam I’m afraid)

      If you want good Islamics (Nazra, Hifz, rote learning then any madrassa but they are mainly (if not all) in Urdu. Although some claim to be in English

      If you are after good academics and Islamics then Oxbridge is very good.

      The standard of living is cheap in relation to West but very expensive as far as Pakistan is concerned.

      F6/F7 is an OK hangout. Then you got your Lake view parks, F9 park, Damne-koh, etc.


    Well Well Well !!!
    Every mind has its own way of thinking, the education centers in twin city have different positive & negative features. It totally depends upon the parents that in which environment they want to groom their loved ones. I cleared most of my schooling from various schools of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and can ASSIST ANYONE VERY WELL , WHERE TO ADMIT THE CHILD, and I am also the owner of ISLAMABAD SCHOOL SYSTEM ABBOTTABAD.
    My services are open to all. 0308-8520344,



  • http://hotmail kismat

    hey do any1 of u knw dat is sent merry in islamabad?and do they offer hostle facility?

  • paki


    Does anyone have feedback regarding the Ace International Academy in bharia town. heard they provide quality education. plz review this school. thanks



  • Ammar

    Asalamalikum All,

    I read all these comments posted on this page for the first time and I must say this page is a commendable effort of PHW and may Allah reward her for such a nobel service. Now my query and request is open to all. There’s some lady in our extended family who is very financially stricken and is looking for a job in some day care center/nursery/pre-school etc. She has only done BA. She’s very loving and caring and a nurturing lady as she has a daughter of her own too (4 years old). So if anyone can help in getting her a job in some school or any place that would be a Sadq e Jaria on his/her part.

    Jazka Allah


  • Aneeza

    I need some guidance on a good school for a 3 year old in Islamabad. Please consider the following background:

    My daughter has been going to a creche and pre school in the Netherlands and now in Malaysia since she was 6 months old. She speaks good English and also OK Urdu. She knows her alphabet and counting till 30. I am also trying ot teach her Urdu alphabet.

    I am looking for a school that does not over burden kids by forcing to memorize but promotes creative thinking in them (especially at such a young age).

    I would prefer a school where they also emphasize on ethics and Islamic education (I have read above the mention of Oxbridge). Yet I do not want the school to “force” Islamic education on children. Does Oxbridge provide the right balance? I, at the same time, also want the school to emphasize on languages like English, Urdu and creative activities like music and drama. Is such a combination available?

    • phw

      I would suggest Preschool Foundation which is also called Madrissa tul Ehsan. They are good . Its in f8 …you can visit them.

    • Andullah

      Oxbridge does provide a right balance. They are very good in English and creative activities but in your case I’m afraid they don’t provide any music or drama activities. They are in essence a very good ISLAMIC school offering decent contemporary education.
      They emphasise heavily on conceptual learning rather than memorisation.
      A lot of children from UK, Belgium, Netherland,US,France,China, Japan etc attend Oxbridge.
      The reason why I chose this school was that as you put it they don’t “force” anything upon a child like they do in other Pakistani schools.
      For example children are taught how to write a letter rather/number than blindly memorising it. Phonics in English and Urdu are used extensively.
      children are told to take books home only for the homework subjects on that day. All the other books are left at their “lockers” in school unless needed otherwise.

      • Ismail

        Dear please provide the fee detail if you have aboy this school.

  • Sardar Asad khan

    well all schools are equal 100%. well criteria is high fees
    just pay high fees and there you get ur school

  • Raheel

    Would you please help suggest a pre-school for my twin baby boys who will be 3 in few days….Your feed please International Grammar School F-11/4, Roots thematic and Becoun house KG in F-7, what about Convent and John Macdonald…A candid feed back fromm parents whose childern study/studied in these schools will be highly appreciated…thanks

  • shahid

    Do we have any good school in G-13 Islamabad for my 3 year old kid ?

  • shamas

    i m looking school for my3 kids i m govt servant i want good grammer & spoken english with normel fee any body help m

  • hina

    AOA. i seeking for a job with good salary . i have done MSc MATHEMATICS and B.Ed .

  • ksl

    gsis..near city school is also a very good school

  • http://dudumail sakina

    My children are learning in B.S.S Kharian but their fee is toching the sky.I request you to reduce their fee.Their names are Maria Hafsa Noreen , Inees Haider & Fatima Sania & I hope you will accept this application .

  • Khatib ur Rehman

    I am M.A Islmaic studies . I am islamic, Art ,Calligraphy,graphic desgin & Turkish language instuctor .I want to teach in any of the institutions.plz guide.
    My cell: 03325527713

    • Khatib ur Rehman

      I will visit as soon as possible inshallah . than I will show you some samples of my fun, and how can I teach my fun to children.

  • Ummarah

    Hey does anybody know the address of Sara’s Preschool? Plz reply

  • fashion Time

    Dear sir/madam

    We are introducing our service of making shirts for schools, clubs and for all ki business and private purpose.

    Please remember us if your school wants to have shirts for your students as go through with your school logo.

    Please go to website:


    fashion time team

  • mona

    asalomoalikum my daughter is 3 year old. i want a school for her which give best acadamic and islamic education with low fee structure. plz guide and send address of the school. jazakAllah.

    • phw

      Check out MSI Preschool…its in F-8, 38-Park Road.Its an all girls school which gives very good acadamic and islamic education and they teach arabic as al anguage from preschool.

      • mona

        what about oxbridge international? is msi is better option then oxbridge?plz reply soon

        • phw

          I would suggest that you visit both the school and then decide.

  • Professor Kamran

    Like this page and have a free O/A level session:

  • mona

    please any one guide me school with best academic and islamic studies and with low fee structure for my 3 year gal. i m confused between 3 schools those are
    oxbridge international school
    msi(madrastul ihsaan
    islamic international school
    i dont know which one is best for giving excellent academic studies,islamic ethics and education and charachter building foundation.i request u people plz give sincere advise.jazakallah

    • mrs khurram

      Al-Huda international school is best option for those who want combination of modern plus Islamic education.

    • Mrs. Salman

      @ mona plz tell me which school u found good

  • Atif

    Good website indeed!

  • Mohammad Ayaz Janjua

    I am teacher of mathematics. Recently teaching in BSS. Also running an academy in G. 11/2, named as Almustafa Academy.for O / A levels.

  • Suleman

    This website has been very informative. Please keep this site update.

  • Reshhia

    So far so good and well worth a try. thank you

  • Professor Kamran

    O/A Level Business Subjects’ home workshop. Call Prof. Kamran @ 03009105751

  • Tamana


    How come Kiddy Korner public school, The Gardian public school, and Ladybird public school are not listed. All three were in Islamabad before I left Pakistan in 2000. I would like to know if they still exist?

  • malik nasir

    i have a two year old son n just started to search for a good islamic school for him where he will be able to learn (hifz) Quran plus study maths science n other subjects with it..i just want him to hifz quraan befor he is in six grade…INSHALLAH…..

    • malik nasir

      do refer me a good islamic school.. i’ll be thankful

      • Mrs Kiyani

        I think Oxbridge is very good Islamic school and may be the best (Islamic) school but they do not provide hifz. They do concentrate on a lot of Islamic subjects like Quran, Arabic, Seerah character building etc.

  • Sadia

    I wish to know what is the age limit for starting pre-school or nursery in schools like headstart, froebels, convent, roots etc. It is such a pity the websites of these institutions are a mere display of show-bazzi, and no real information which is actually required is provided. Please if some one has this information please share with me. I am living abroad, my daughter will turn 2 years april next year and I am looking for a good preschool for her. Thanks

  • S.M.Bokhari

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    My son will be free after Matric exam. Just to engage him, I am looking for a summer camp preferably in the Murree area.

    If anyone could advise what are the best activities for students during break after matric exam.


    • Miss Rabia

      I just read your msg i will suggest you about your son.You can go for the language classes or any technical training for him these are the most important days when kids dont have to do something…
      well, its my honest suggestions




    • phw

      Mr. Bukhari! why don’t you engage him in some social activity. This will be a fulfilling experience for him and will add as a valuable experience in his life to come. Secondly this type of activities are lacking in the life of today’s youth. Do you agree?

      • Turfa shifai

        Assalam o alaikum! What kind of social activities you suggest? we recently moved here from Australia my kids 15&10 years old want some creative,grooming &interesting physical ,social activities like swimming,riding,hiking or any other .If you have any group for these children please inform me. I am a teacher of Arabic,Urdu& Islamic studies.I did Integration aid & children services courses from Australia.

  • Coolest Quotes

    Thanks for the magnificent list. It proved very helpful in finding the websites of a couple of schools and contacting them.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Mrs. Abdul Basit

    Kindly comment upon Froebels international Islamabad. How do you rate it especially for junior level.

  • Miss Rabia

    Its Rabia .i’m an artist to decor different schools with the class themes if any school need my services they can contact me for further details….


  • Rabia

    hi everyone.its rabia,i have done msc(statistics).i want to teach in college or in school.can anyone help me?

    • phw

      Rabia u will have to help yourself. Make a CV and visit institutions where you would like to teach ! Good Luck!

  • sikandar

    im searching boarding school for my brother, he is in 7th class

  • Annie

    Dear PHW

    My husband has been transferred to Islamabad from Lahore, and we are moving there early summer. I have a 4 year old son who goes to Les Anges (Beaconhouse) here in Lahore. Plus we have 3 year old twins who are about to start school this year.
    Please help me decide between the following two schools:

    1. Oxbridge
    2. Islamic International Grammer school

    I want my kids to go to an Islamic school. Please please please help me out since i dont want to make the wrong decision regarding my kids’ education. Thanks

    • concerned parent

      Both Oxbridge and grammar are well worth a visit. You’ll be in a better position to make your decision after the visits.

  • Murtaza

    Dear Sir/Madam
    You may be looking for an opportunity to start your branch in sector G-14,Islamabad at 666 sq. yards plot.If so, we can offer to make a purpose build school.May contact if intersted.You may be interested to know that it is a corner plot most suitable for school with front open.
    Posted by Murtaza

  • http://google Raja

    I am to disturb in my studies due to my brother, he destroyed my family because due to his friends. the whole credit for such blunder goes to the illiteracy in my village. I want to let him out from such atmosphere and for that I need help from you. I am looking for a school which gives the boarding facility to the students and really care about them.
    Looking forward for your reply.
    If any one has idea or suggestion please contact me at

  • Syed Ata Mehdi

    Nice thread …. keep it up
    @phw plz mention some good schools in rawalpindi also
    Can any one comment on the need for outdoor activity at the pre school stage and the requirement of ground
    also my request to the parents whose children are already studying in the schools to provide the fee structures for their respective institutions for the playgroup stage so that one can do a comparison for the facilities and the standard which these schools are providing

  • hasnain

    i am from islamabad,if some one wana insurance policy from state life isurance of pakistan for their child for sake of good future,contact me on above email address

  • Mrs. Ess KJ

    We are in Azerbaijan and will be moving to Pakistan for one year this summer. I have two kids, both in primary. I have been searching for few option from here but confused alot right now. I will be there in Islamabad in late June or July, thats why I have little time to search physically before the session. I have short listed few schools, can anyone recommend me from one of these schools?
    The Schools are:

    Beaconhouse School System
    Head Start
    Elite International

    I want some financial comparison as well. I know the Fee structure of Beaconhouse and Head Start.

    This will be great help for me.

  • Rashid

    Assalam o Alikum to all the participants.

    Really informative discussion here. I am from Islamabad and my son is about 3.5 year. Can anybody share with me the information/suggestion about AIMS School or anyother providing combination of Islamic and English medium and delivering really the quality.



  • imtiaz

    Any review/experience of education standrad in Sheikh Zayed International School would be appreciated please

  • haleema hasssan

    i want to send my daughter in boarding school anybody pls guide me which is the best school doesnt matter it should be in islamabad r lahore r abbottabad

  • Mrs. Salman

    Want to know abt Oxbridge in F_11…. earlier sm 1 with the the name i think AAF told its not good ( he told this in detail ) n also there r people who r saying we highly recomend it …….CAN ANY 1 PLZ TELL THE TRUTH I M NOT GETTING ANY RESULT …I THINK I HAV WASTED MY 3 hrz. reading ….:(

  • reem

    is oxbridge a good school ? not clear since diff people hav diff opinions ( after reading the above page) kindly help people sp. phw…

  • utu

    I think you visit and then make your mind

  • Maria

    Salam everyone…I need some help in getting information about some good preschool summer camps for 4 yr old kids being offered in islamabad.Initial details i.e. their contact numbers, rough locations, starting n ending dates and fee structure (if possible) would be much appreciated. Kindly anyone who has some info/experience in this, please share asap. Thanx loads!

    • javeria

      hi maria
      i have enrolled my son in quest summer camp its located in f10/3. i have to say it is the best summer experience for him. gym indoor wall climibing and water activity he njoys alot. i think if u r interested atleast visit this place once. there contact is 2103940. u can also found them on FB easily

  • mrs natalia

    can some one give lots off good comments about froebles ?


      FINEST BRAIN IN THE WORLD proud of pakistan is
      salaam pakistan salaam mamoon tariq khan
      c n reply must

  • Mehtab Noor

    I want t0 kn0w dat Is there H0stel 0f froebel’s Internationla School ISL ???? Must Reply Friends !!!


  • Maryam Khalid

    Reach Montessori in G11.. my kid was going to oxbridge and it was really good at first but then he started hating going to school. i met his teacher and she couldn’t even speak a single sentence of english correctly. My son goes to Reach montessori now.. It is the only true montessori in islamabad and he is loving it. He is learning islamic duas very quickly now. He didn’t learn anything in oxbridge. You must visit that school :)

    • Mrs.Salman

      thanx 4 replying… bt i put her in headstart , hope it works well ….its been a long search 4 her school

  • haider gilani

    hi worried parents , if you realy love ur kids then buy them educational secirity plan from DFTL call for more information 03125189356

  • bazgha ahmad

    my son is 5 years old. i need the summer camp info of different schools.plz help me

  • A M is a good resource to help you find and research Pakistani schools online.

    • Khalid

      i check this site but nothing about summer campss.its all about schools. but thanks for help

      • Javeria

        hi maria
        i have enrolled my son in quest summer camp its located in f10/3. i have to say it is the best summer experience for him. gym indoor wall climibing and water activity he njoys alot. i think if u r interested atleast visit this place once. there contact is 2103940. u can also found them on FB easily

  • Nauman

    We as parents are looking for some good summer academies where our children can brush up their Arithmatic and English (quick Maths, composition, creative writing etc.) during their summer vacation.

    Need some good and reputed names. Thanks!!!


    I have to inform you that LGS at H-8 is not what it promises to be. good building but low in teaching and learning area. My sincerest opinion is that they thought of cashing in the name in Islamabad (they do have one or two good branches at Lahore) and since we Pakistani are so fond of brands, the parents like us took the bait. The school is always hiding something from you- they are not teaching your kid anything. Read in between the line and the the statement is ” if you, as a parent are not intelligent enough to realize that you are being duped than you than may be you deserve to part with the money in the form of tuition fee that we charge”. As a parent your IQ is tested when the time of first test comes. The syllabus arrives. they have a no home work policy and so the parents can sleep soundly once the fee has been paid. Wake up at the time of first tests and your offspring will give you blank looks when you test him/ her with problems/ questions from the syllabus. On inquiring, you are informed that he/she copied it from the black board. Parent teacher meeting are a further means to tell you that everything is Okay. You get a bit worried but remember the looks of admiration on the faces of relatives/neighbors when you inform them that the kids are in LGS. A silence falls in the crowd and you can hear low “oohs” from one or two of the mothers. May be a sigh. on this note you try not to do anything to the school since in this society where you are placed, is crucial. Nothing else matters.

    PS. The plus point. Since girls and boys mix up, as a parent you have one less headache: finding a match for you daughter / son. Who knows, they might select someone from the “right” family and live happily ever after.

  • mona

    asalamoalikum i m going to start a summer camp at my house. my vision is to give islamic n arabic knowledge , and to teach kids yoga (physical activity) to build child s growth, flexibility, stamina and helps the child to become an active learner. child’sage limit( 3 to 6 years)
    course contents are:
    1. kids yoga
    2 islamic and arabuc language knowledge
    3 literacy and genreal concepts
    4 art work
    5 fun activities

    • phw

      Mona! Please write your address and contact number.

      • mona

        salam i am going to start summer camp from 1st of july2012.
        my address is street:33, g11/2 islamabad. contact number:03475910128.
        kindly do give me a call before coming.thanks

  • Maj Muhammad Rafiq

    Dear Friends, I have son and want him to hifz quran. Can any body guide me to have with conventional education in Islamabad or Rawalpindi for that matter.



  • mona

    Asalamoalikum this summer i am introducing an informative,innovative,entertaining and exciting summer course for the children. my vision is to give islamic and arabic language knowledge,and to teach kids yoga (physical activity) to build child ‘s growth, flexibility, stamina and helps the child to become an active learner. child’s age limit is ( 3 to 6 years)

    course contents are:

    1) Kids yoga:

    “Healthy body makes healthy mind”. we teach variety of exercises and yoga postures to increase child’s physical activity, stamina and flexibility.

    2) Islamic and Arabic Language Knowledge:

    Islamic ethics, nazara, quranic stories, quranic duas, prophets stories, names of Allah, names of Islamic months are taught in the form of poems for little hearts.arabic letters,numbers,names of animal,fruits, vegetables in arabic language.

    3) Literacy and General Concepts:

    English phonics,Urdu haroof-e-tahaji, numbers are designed to teach in the form of poems/rhymes. concepts about shapes, sounds, colours, size.we give awareness on the matter of cleanliness.

    4) Art Work:
    every week is designed for creative art work for the kids.

    5) Fun Activities:

    Exciting games such as puzzle games, water games, audio/visual stories, poems, documentaries for child’s information and entertainment.
    so dear parents give your child a chance to learn academic, social, physical and behavioural skills from our summer camp.
    Address: street:33, sector:g 11/2, islamabad.

  • mrs aazim

    aoa can anybody tell me about AQKHAN SCHOOL,BAHRIA TOWN…..v live in pwd.. I want to know the fee structure..infact i want to know each n every detail abt that school. is it a co-edu school?do they have both types of teaching:islamic n wordly? i just know they have large area for recess or play time/activities n i think that should b a necessary for son is 3.5 yrs old. plz reply me as soon as psbl. thnx.

  • mrs malik

    i am also planning to move to islamabad and want a good school for my kids. phw ur website has helped me know prominent schools in isb. i want to ask about teaching options there. i have taught in uae for 12 yrs . teaching O and A- levels. i am interested in joing schools like roots , froebels , city or beaconhouse as visiting faculty for teaching chemistry. can any one suggest what teachers are charging per class at O and A- level chemistry teaching as visiting faculty? moreover if any one has an idea how much teachers are piad for home tuttions per subject( like chemistry) at O an A- levels? really need this information if PHW or any one else can provide.

  • Mahwish

    Madrasah tul ahsaan, or MSI , in f-8. After a thorough search I found tis school to be giving me all the answers, regarding quality education, plus religious mode of thinking. But it’s only for girls

  • Hina

    Please tell me the address of universal school system I have seen the banners on different places.

  • Amirzyn

    Hello Friends!!! We providing all computer Basic and Advanced Courses,
    2.Spoken English Language
    3.Arabic Language
    4.Call Center Training
    Many more Courses..Online Education facility available
    Location: G-9 Markaz Islamabad
    Contact: 051-2285738,0315-5034920

  • Fatima

    UNIVERSAL SCHOOL SYSTEM is the best school in Pakistan.
    I have chosen USS for my son because a very good friend of mine recommended USS to me. And now I am very happy with my choice because in my opinion USS is a very good school. The teachers are all very friendly and kind. And they are also providing day care service as well.

    • qiran

      Ya Fatima, I also have some relatives and friends who have their kids in Universal School System and USS Day Care, Its really great working.even its take a new start but having international standards and British Council trained Teachers.
      Thanks USS School and USS Day Care.

  • Nadeem


  • djtutors



    CALL NOW : 0341-5452147

  • djtutors


  • Maria

    Hi… I did my bsc in double maths and wanna teach in a school so let me know about the job.. i can teach maths and computer science as well.. i have an experience of teaching in advance montessori

  • Maria

    Hi… I did my bsc in double maths and wanna teach in a school so let me know about the job.. i can teach maths and computer science as well.. i have an experience of teaching in advance montessori n junior school sections reply me must at

  • Sajjad tanveer

    “DOT 4 TOTS” Provides the facility of home tuition for six years in Islamabad.We have a very competent and professional staff, so contact with confidence

  • qiran

    Universal School System & USS Day Care
    They provide quality learning with safe and secure environment.They have maintained International standards,and having British Council Trained Teachers.You must visit this place once before selecting your school and Day care,then decision is entirely yours.
    289 B,Street 1,E-11/4,Islamabad

  • Bahawal

    Psi is the best school in pakistan. go to its website:

  • maria

    is there any job in schools in isb?

  • djtutors


  • Mr Malik


    I think the best thing is to visit these schools.
    I visited alot of these school and I chose Oxbridge at the end because:

    1. they provide traditional values
    2. their level of English is vey good.

    • phw

      Can you please share a few things with us like what made you choose Oxbridge? What is their fee structure like? and what do you like about the school? Thanks, that will be of great help!

  • abeeha

    My brother is the student of 8th class he have done his hifaz this year from aims education syatem , i wanted to know should he do O’levels or SSC well according to family reputation every one stress on O levels and according to me he should be doing in which he will show good perfomance please suggest student qualities and capabilities for it

  • Danish

    Hi, thanks for the efforts you have done for all of us. I am looking for a special school for my daughter (11 yrs, epliptic – but no seizuers for more that 3 years, hiper, she was attending a spcial school in Lebanon and made good progress). I have checked a few schools (among them the best is Bharia’s Special School). But I am still looking for a better one, if you can suggest any.
    By the way her doctor in Aga Khan Hospital, says that we should try her in a regular school in perp or something smilar, in view of her advise, I checked the Educators but they were unable to accommodate. Can you also suggest anything.

    Best regards.


  • Danish

    Hi, thanks for the efforts you have done for all of us. I am looking for a special school for my daughter (11 yrs, elliptic – but no seizures for more than 3 years, hyper, she was attending a special school in Lebanon and made good progress). I have checked a few schools (among them the best is Bharia’s Special School). But I am still looking for a better one, if you can suggest any.
    By the way her doctor in Aga Khan Hospital says that we should try her in a regular school in perp or something similar, in view of her advice, I checked the Educators but they were unable to accommodate. Can you also suggest anything?

    Best regards.

    • phw

      If you decide to opt for a regular school then try a school with small strength in each class. Try MSI Primary School in Sector F8. Its on 38 Park Road.Its a small school with good quality education and they accommodate children with special needs too. Good Luck!

  • Danish

    Thank you. If not too much of trouble, can you please get me a phone number, as I am not in Pakistan currently. Best regards. Danish.

  • Tasneem Saleem

    Dear Readers / Phw…. If anybody can advice or suggest a good school in Isb for my kids or any comments for headstart, Frobels and Roots???? Reply awaited… Thanks

  • Mrs Khurram


    My daughter has just turned 3 Ma sha ALLAH.I am looking for some decent school with upto date important thing is ,we cannot go to F sectors of islamabad as these are much far from our place.Currently we are residing in phase 8 BEHRIA TOWN and i dont want to admit my daughter in Dr Aq KHAN SCHOOL as its syllabus is not up to date though very very nice campus.please if anyone knows some nice school in this area,do let me know.

  • Maryam Khalid

    update: I wrote about Reach Montessori Nursery earlier.. after sending my child for one year there I found out that he didn’t learn anything at all. he wasted his whole year. I have a Montessori diploma as well and the reason they gave me was that they were following Montessori system. The principal seemed like a sweet lady but sadly she used to yell at the kids all the time. It made my child very sensitive. She even jolted kids very often. I was surprised to see her true colours. My child knew everything orally because i taught her phonics and counting when he turned 2. He didn’t learn to write and he is now 4 and a half. All the children of other schools know how to write and read at this age. He was the most bright child of his class in reach montessori because of what i taught him at home. Now, all the other schools can’t keep him in KG as he still can’t write. None of the children can write in that school. I observed the school and found out that the teachers leave the school after every few months. They were not doing what they were saying. They have been lying to all the parents :( Please suggest a school in which teachers and principals are not liars! thanks!

  • Maryam Khalid


  • M. Nasir Khan

    Hello all – I spent about 22+ years living in USA, got education there and recently decided to move back to Pakistan. I am looking for a decent but not too expensive place to live in Islamabad so i can send my children to good/decent school, they are very good in school (5th grade, 3rd grade & 2nd grade). Please suggest any good school which is good but not too expensive at the same time and also area to live. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you

  • momna ashfaq


  • Tahir M. Khan

    Teaching children is parents responsibility. When you give this responsibility to schools, you’ll suffer. Protect your asset your kids and train and teach them WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE. Don’t play with their lives for your benefits !!

  • rabia

    i am having 6 yrs exp. Of teaching in Bahria foundation need to do job me to find a good paying school.i need it plz help me soon.

  • Asim Shabbir

    O/A Levels Business, Economics & Accounting Home Tuitions Services in Rawalpindi Islamabad.
    Respected Parents & Dear Students,
    I am providing Home Tuition Services to the
    students of O/A Levels Business Group Students from last 6 years.
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    Home Tuition is a difficult mode of teaching for
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