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Pakistan Election 2013 Results Online

Pakistan Election 2013 Results Online

11th May 2013, When elections are taking place in Pakistan after five long years. These years felt even longer when people of Pakistan were pushed to the bottom and they had no other option but to bounce back. Imran Khan gave us an a ray of hope that our dreams of a peaceful, prosperous and happy Pakistan is not impossible. He motivated the majority of youth by arousing their love for their country and its future as a respectable nation on the world map.

People followed him like a hero, they never had, like a leader they always wanted!
They scared the opponents of PTI by showing their growing strength jalsa after jalsa which had the perfect ending at D-Chowk. Where people of Islamabad gathered in such huge numbers to show solidarity with their leader and listened to him in complete silence. Promises were made and taken!

Today we went to fulfill a part of our duty, by casting our vote, by stamping on the bat, by being disciplined and tolerant. Pushing back our fears and keeping our faith intact we voted!

Prayers are heard loud and slow from everyone who invested their time and effort to make a new Pakistan. Lets hope the counting is fair, the casting was fair and the results are accepted gracefully from all quarters. We are not enemies but the people of the same country, same soil. The only concern is that reins of this nations does not slip back into the hands of people who are not sincere and we do not deserve such leaders, do we?

Lets keep our faith in Allah, the most Gracious, strong and lets keep our eyes full of dreams of bright future, for which we are ready to work with all our energies, Inshallah.

If you want to check results online then results and updates are available here:

Whatever the outcome of this election 2013 maybe but it transformed us into a nation. I wish this mould is jelled in a bond of love and unity, not to be broken by people with personal interests and motives!

Best of luck.