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Zaid Hamid-a hero or villain

Zaid Hamid-a hero or villain

Zaid Hamid

Zaid Hamid

Who is Zaid Zaman Hamid? Brasstacks or Yousuf Kazzab Prophecy

Posted by Teeth Maestro
October 7, 2008

In the past few weeks there has been a buzz spreading around Pakistan’s digital world talking about the recent fame surrounding the TV show personality Zaid Hamid who conducts a show on TV One called Brasstacks.  It should be mentioned that brasstacks is reportedly a paid-for show which has started airing barely a few months back and has developed a very strong following amongst the masses.  Admittedly Zaid Hamid is quite eloquent in his show and is well versed in his explaining his innumerable concepts of ranging from economic terrorism by the Zionists to other such issues which are poised at him even Islamic issues

I too have been guilty of occasionally catching a glimpse of his show and did even carry his five part series on Economic Terrorism.  All seemed well until a close associate contacted me via facebook sharing his concerns about Zaid Zaman Hamid and revealed his suspicious association with Yousuf Ali, a self proclaimed prophet from Lahore in the 1990’s.  Zaid Zaman was purportedly the right hand man of Yousuf Ali and was fondly referred to as his Hazrat Ali.  Zaid Zaman was instrumental in spreading the message of prophecy far across Pakistan, to develop a large cult like following in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad mostly due to Zaid Zaman’s excellent communication skills.

Yousuf Ali had been preaching his divine revelation to his followers for quite many years when finally a handful defected and braved to testify against him in the Lahore High Court which ultimately gave Yousuf Ali, a death sentence on charges of Blasphemy.  Yousuf Ali was then confined to Kot Lakhpath jail and in 2001 was shot dead by a fellow prisoner.  Throughout the legal proceedings one witness after another testified to the fact that Zaid Zaman was a key figure in the promotion of Yousuf Ali’s Kazzab movement.  I have been told that there even does exists an analog video of Zaid Zaman standing beside Yousuf Ali while he addressed his followers in Lahore.  Somehow the fact that Zaid Zaman was a key figure in this movement is generally a foregone conclusion, as there are one too many eye witnesses and more importantly numerous had testified the fact which may even be present in the records of Lahore High Court, including Zaid Zaman’s testimony to the honorable judge, all records are securely preserved in the archives of Tahaffuz-e-Khatm-e-Nabuwwat in Karachi.

The Zaid Zaman Hamid storm actually started with the email from Naufil Shahrukh, a close friend whom I have known since 1990, the email at first in the form of a private message on Facebook but soon propagated online and published on Dictatorship Watch, verbatim

If you guys remember the Pakistan false prophet, Yousuf Ali, who was arrested and sentenced to death by the Lahore High Court and then murdered in Kot Lakhpat jail by a fellow prisoner – this guy Zaid Hamid was known as Zaid Zaman at that time and was the Khalifah of that Kazzab. Zaid is still leading that cult which belongs to the Firqah Batinyah of Sufism and they have a different aqeedah altogether which they only profess within their inner core. Many of my personal friends fell prey to his charisma in the 1990s, some of them reverted back to Hidayah and were instrumental in filing a case against Yusuf Ali which ultimately lead to his death sentence and the cult members dispersed for a few years.

The time line of events that he narrates in his letter are erringly accurate and when Naufil mentioned to me later pointing out the common friends who fell prey to this cult one does weigh in a sigh of relief to have been spared of the poison.  The most logical reason as to why our neighborhood was penetrated to such an extent can be attributed to the fact that Zaid Hamid hailed from our locality.  Off the friends who willingly embraced Yousuf Ali’s prophecy was Ryzwan Tayyab who very soon featured himself as a militant leader of the movement and after the collapse of this movement has retreated into a cocoon of severe depression irreparably damaging his family around him.  Ryzwan was also involved in actually issuing death threats to the few journalists who were critically investigating Yousuf Ali back in those days.

The resurfacing of Zaid Hamid after 15 years of hibernation is interesting, he catapults himself in 2006 as a security threat analyst frequently publishing PDF based Pakistan threat reports for a subscription fee of Rs. 25,000 but within a span of a two years mustered up enough finances to launch a self sponsored TV show which started transmission in the early months of 2008, suspiciously timed around the fall of the Pervaiz Musharraf’s regime.  The sudden shot to fame on TV is being compared to the launch of Dr. Shahid Masood’s End of Time series, which too was based on an eloquent anchor with one too many theories to present.

Off the numerous people stepping forth to expose Zaid Hamid the must read narration is of a two year email correspondence between Zaid Hamid and Abidullah Jan.  It gives an insight onto Zaid Zaman when he first started sharing his BrassTacks Security reports, slowly moving into becoming a much sought after personality.  What was interesting to read was when in the early months of 2007 Zaid Zaman approached Abidullah Jan struggling to stay afloat and requested Abid to help promote his security reports to a wider audience “I am in need of some clients to stay afloat as I am being squeezed by the government’s men for being too open and ruthless”. Zaid Hamid a few months later, after the 3rd Nov Martial Law appeared on a couple of pro-Musharraf TV shows on PTV with Ahmed Qureshi.  Then suddenly out of the blue he is able to muster up enough finances to launch a self sponsored show on TV One.  Watching a person flutter from being financially strapped and haunted by ‘government’s men’ to appearing on a pro-Musharraf show, then having catapulting into his own show seems all too suspiciously the work of some ‘hidden hands

Yousuf Ali Kazzab

If coincidence was anything to go by, I also noted that around this time emerged Zaid Hamid’s articles on a very staunch pro-Musharraf proponent Ahmed Quraishi who continues to wage an online battle with the Anti-Musharraf sect.  When today I inquisitively launched a witch hunt for Zaid Hamid on the website I was surprised to see that quite a few of Zaid Hamid’s editorials were missing for example the January 29th article which should have led to the page has been removed from the website sometime after September 5th 2008 [as indicated by the Google Cache] and this is not the only article missing of the series, I wonder why the sudden cover up after September 5th by Ahmed Quraishi.

The only acknowledgment of any link with Yousuf Ali came from an email shared with me privately where Zaid Hamid Alhamdolillah, i have nothing to do with Yousuf or his beliefs or any other people like him.

Lest I be charged of taking this message out of context I share with you the entire section of the email so people may understand his response fully

In the last 30 years of my life, In search of truth and to study this world and its ideologies, Allah took me to many places and I met many people. I have traveled with Iranian revolution, have faught in Afghan Jihad, have gone out with Tablighi Jmaat, spent time with Jamaat Islami, have met hundreds of people including Dr. Israr, Ahmad deedat, Yusuf Islam, Anne Marrie schimmel  and so on and so forth. Have also been with sufi groups in Pakistan, Turkey, Madina and Cyprus. I have also seen the western society, its civilization from a close range. Whatever I speak and do today, is the result of these experiences in life but with the mercy of Allah, He protected his humble slaves and keeps them in His infinite mercy and guidance. He showed me the world and people, but kept me away from their harm and made me benefit from any khair they had.

I also met and studied many objectionable people who were controversial but in the end Allah kept me away from them. It was all learning experiences. Alhamdolillah, i have nothing to do with Yusuf or his beliefs or any other people like him

Though he puts forth a convincing argument but it seems yet again that he refuses to acknowledge his association with Yousuf Ali to categorically say that he has “nothing to do with Yousuf or his beliefs” is this admittance of his association or denial of the fact?

Proponents of Zaid Hamid continue to plead his innocence even today as Pakistan First blog, which has been previously labeled to have a strong pro-Musharraf tilt, shared an article by Asif Shiraz who writes Zaid Hamid: As I knew him

I first met Zaid hamid at the youthful age of 17, when the emotions were high, and the search for truth pristine and innocent. A friend had told me about Zaid Hamid, and I was anxious to meet him: I was not disappointed. Our first meeting was a blast. I enjoyed Zaid sahib’s charismatic talk on many different issues, especially his passion about Islam and his knowledge on a diverse set of subjects. Although it’s been many years now, I still remember highlights of that conversation: Quotations from Iqbal, recollection of glorious events from the lives of the Sahaba, and discussion of the relevance of having truth faith “Yaqin”. Not once on that day, nor ever afterwards in these fifteen years, have I ever heard anything from Zaid Hamid which is incongruent to ideas present in mainstream religious teachings of Ahl-e-Sunnah wal-jamaat. No mention of any “cult ideology”, and no reference to anyone claiming “prophethood” whatsoever. He is a firm believer in Khatme-e-Nabuwat and the finality of Prophet Muhammad(sm). In fact, Zaid Hamid is the only person whom I have met, who lives in a rented home, but still spends a handsome chunk of his earnings every year to pay a visit to the blessed cities of Hijaz-e-Muqaddas. It is nothing other than Zaid Hamid’s love and devotion to the Prophet(sm) that he has visited Masjid-e-Nabwi more than 10 times. After the first initial meeting, I have been in touch with Zaid Hamid off and on for many years, until I moved to Chaklala Scheme III becoming his neighbor and an even closer friend.

Asif Shiraz does admit in his article that he is now a neighbor of Zaid Hamid but surprisingly fails to disclose that he is an employee of BrassTacks as proclaimed by him in this Facebook message (Screen capture) whilst a little investigation also sheds some light that Mr. Asif Shiraz incidentally happens to be the Administrative domain contact for Zaid Hamid’s website (screen capture)

It is sadly Asif Shiraz’s attempt to stand up for his boss only goes to discredit Zaid Zaman. To analyze Zaid Hamid’s Brasstacks TV show one should read the two articles published in The News by Fasi Zaka September 18th The Pakistan Report and on 25th September published a follow up titled Hate Speech – II

My concern here remains is that Zaid Zaman is appearing on public TV and continues to eloquently preach his  philosophy to the public at large, had if this individual remained as private entity, then we would have had no right to question his beliefs, but once he dons the public forum, then I feel it is the right of the people to know the facts.  Generally as a free society we cannot stop him from sharing his opinion with the public at large but it is our right to question his logic and any underlying issues that may tarnish his analysis as he chooses to present to the public, and in the same pretext its important to then question his association with the self proclaimed prophet  a notion strictly prohibited in the religion of Islam.

The mystery surrounding this controversy seemingly gets worse with every passing day, could it be a mere propaganda, could it be his attempt to cover up his past, or does he simply choose ignore and hopefully forget, but more importantly does he still believe in the prophecy, so many questions, all shall remain a mystery until he alone chooses to address the propaganda and clarify his position once in for all.

  • Jawed Iqbal

    Looks like you had nothing better to do in the kitchen. Please mohtarma, if you don’t have evidence to prove such lies, then don’t post them.

    • Saleha

      Could not agree more to you brother Jawed . I dont belive the lies propogated agaist him , but even is he was all that atleast hes stead fast now !

  • Shadab Ahmed

    Shame on Zaid Zaman Hamid for supporting such a big liar
    How has Pakistan allowed this devil to keep operating his cult and spread negative propaganda against our beloved prophet?

    • phw

      Please check out this link below as its very easy to be judgemental but very difficult to reach the right decision!

    • Zeesh

      Are you sold already??. There is so much material to go through yet. I guess easy way out is the easiest option.
      Trust me you will be changing your mind again and agian as you read and hear more and more.
      At teh end of the day all that Zaid Hamid is doing is good for Pakistan

    • zaid sahib i saloute u kuch dogs india ki hadi k lia ap par bohankh rahy hn

      kuch log india sy hadi leny k lia sir zaid par bhonak rahy hn

  • Umar hassan

    brothers plz u must know what u r speaking. Zaid hamid is according to me the only person i know who is telling the truth in pakistan. we pakistanis are being made fool so easily and even aur soo called good media has also great penetration of C.I.A.
    I u do not believe me , its ok. but just go to and just watch some of the videos. u will come to know yourself the what the great person is Mr Zaid hamid.
    I m his huge fan and listening to him u will come to know such things which u can not know from anywhere, So plz brothers pray for this man. May Allah bless u.
    Allah Hafiz

  • sohail
    Zaid hamid is real hero of Pakistan……Who is Zaid Hamid? he is our intelligence…..he is eye of the nation…..we can see the game-plans of our enemies by him…..he is up-coming president of Pakistan…..

  • uqabirooh

    salam alaikum.

  • Salman

    salam brothers and sisters. i hope all of our people are doing well and pray for guidance from Allah az Zawajal. mein aap se ek request yeh karon ga ke Rasullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam ne farmaa ya tha ke ek doosron ke gunahon par pardeh dalo. aur doosri baat yeh hai ke chalen kehle ke he was a supporter of Yusuf Kazzab. is there not a chance ke us ne taubah karli ho. kia hum aur aap uske dil aur ek doosron ke dilon ki baat jante hain.agar haan to phir sahi hai ilzaam lagana aur agar nahin jaante to humein koi haq nahin hi. Allah ki zaat sab se bari hai aur sirf wohi dilon ke haal janta hai. meri dua hai Allah se ke hum Musalman ek doosre ke Aibon par parda dalna sikhen aur meri yeh bhi dua hai ke Pakistan ka qiyam aur Muslaman ummat ka Mustaqbil jald az jald bulando bala ho aur hum sab ek baar phir wahan pohonce jahan sahaba e karam pohonche the Nahmaduhu Wa Nusalli ala Rasullillah

  • Ali Amen

    Salam to all

    What she has written, is 100% correct. What he is doing is a centuries old tradition of false prophets. This is exactly what previous false prophets have done. He is making his own sect now after Yousuf Kazzab was killed. He is a suspisious person and Islam tells ud to stay away from Mutashabihat. If he has reverted to Islam, it will be good for his ownself. BUT if he on some new devious progem, then it is better off to be wary of him.

  • Sajjad Haider Choudhry

    Dear brothers,
    Try to differentiate between heroes and villains. May Allah bless Zaid Hamid, who is genuine and truely patroitic pakistani and muslim. It is typical of cursed people to blame others who are loyal. I dont know why people start blaming the people like Imran Khan or zaid hamid as being jewish puppet or linking to Yousuf in case of Zaid. May Allah bless us from being wrong and illiterate

    • swpanil

      Dear All,

      I am from India, I am surpsrised to read this article and the discussion going on. It is nice to have open discussion on any subject, then only truth will come out. Emotional views may not bring out truth.

      Other thing I noticed is that Mr. Zaid is excellent speaker.his views or opinion is smontimes imaginery, but he hides this lekuna by his excellent eloquence skill, history tell us that people with eloquence skill can rule the mind of people for certain period , and motive of that person is genuine, then there is no stopping of him. Best luck to pakistan.

  • Burrak

    The most illogical allegation against Zaid Hamid that someone can ever heard without even a single understandable evidence, this propaganda is started by those masterminds who knows that we Pakistanis can easily be fooled in the name of religion.

    But listen to this genius full of True Islamic patriotism he is an ideal Pakistani you will not hear a single word against Islam or Pakistan. Also it doesn’t meant that he is the only one in Pakistan with same feelings he is the voice of every patriotic and by grace of Allah he has the ability to express and spread is feelings & knowledge to all those who are unaware of facts and being fooled by Anti Muslim Anti Pakistan Media.

    Sir Zaid Hamid, Hameed Gul these are the name of Pakistanis who are afraid of no one else Almighty Allah.
    We love you Zaid sahib we are with you, your spoke what we always wanted to.
    I salute you.
    May Allah protect you and give you more and more courage and help you in spreading your mission.

  • Aftab Khalid

    He is not zaid zaman, he is zaid hamid. its propaganda of C.I.A and RAW…..
    May Allah bless Zaid Hamid….

    Thanks n Regards

  • intizam

    Normally when you find someone who is eloquent and outspoken on the national issues and performs his duties proactively and he is not corrupt and also not anti national then only one charge is left to lebel against him. He is Qadyani or follower of Yousuf kazzab or something like this.These are the kinds of allegations which nobody can prove right or wrong. the question is that wholevels these charges. There has always been a strong and effective lobby thorughout the history of muslim nations, who keep playing their dirty roles. This lobby was founded by a the father of all hippocrates Abdullah Ibn ubay, whose followers remain present in all eras and periods in different shapes and names apparently under the cover of some islami jamaat or group. their main objective remains to destroy the unity of muslims and create suspicion about those who show right path to the people by maligning their character and belief. in the recent history we saw same things happening against Z a bhutto, against musharraf and now zaid hamid is the target. I beleieve that we must listen someone “What” he is saying not “Who” is saying.
    May Allah protect Pakistan and all best wishers of Pakistan. Aameen

  • adil

    A Thought provoking, meaningful and excellent article. Zaid Zaman AKA Zaid Hamid is creating a war hysteria, i have serious doubts about his intentions, despite his fans, big questions remain unanswered, Who is funding his programme on TV ? who is the main benificeiry of his propagenda ? what exact relationship he had with Yousaf Kazzab ? As a nation we’re used to of thinking emotionally, but these important questions will always bite back, my biggest concern is Zaid guy is trying to create a panic in the country, as a poor country, we can’t afford wars but he’s playing the ”bad-game” of exploiting the emotions of illeterate population. Our Govt. schools dont have teachers, our Hospitals dont have doctors or medicines, India or U.S. is Responsible ? its like FUN-GAME these days to blame India and states for just everything and to claim ”hey guys its a conspiracy against Pakistan” hell with conspiracy, our social system is a shame for us, and Zaid Zaman kinda guys are saying we should go conquer the world, PAF has fuel for just 2 weeks of a war, and we want to fight the world, 70% of population is not getting pure drinking water, and we want to conquer the world, poor is crying for Justice and we want to give justice to the Afghans, shame on Zaid Zaman thoughts


    un sab ko sharam karni chahye jo beghair soche samjhay aur beghair suboot k kisi per bhi ilzam laga detay hain, ALLAH un sab ko hidayat de aur sahi aur ghalat ki pehchan ata kare , AMEEN.

  • atika ilyas

    Zaid Hamid is the only person i know is able to be trusted . when a good person come in front to promote some things things like this come forward to discourage them. kindly donot believe any of this and discourage these kind of website.

  • ahmad

    are you jew?
    if you are muslim than like muslims give proof.dont believe on word believe on truth.research on information you found than pass

  • Muhammad Hamza

    Its a very good post. I won’t agree 100% but I think, given the facts, it requires some more research. Thankus Phw.

  • Shabbeer

    Assalamualaikum ppl, take my word on this. Whenever anyone of you would dare to uncover the lies, deceptions, and frauds of those people who want to spread new world order all around the globe; they will hunt you down, track your history, and bring the dirtiest thing of your past in front of people, so the ppl don’t listen to what you are saying and they do what they want to do. See the first principle that devil teaches to its deciples it to eliminate its existence from the minds of people, so he cann’t be blaimed later. You will be amazed to know that more than 75% people on this world do not believe in devil as a physical being.
    have a wonderful weekend… Thanx for sharing

  • Neutral

    There are lot of self proclaimed religious leader and experts who have cashed the freedom of media. We never heard about them and now they have regular following. Are they Alim? As far as Zaid Hamid is concerned he appeared on TV and as an orator has gained lot of following. We have to dig the given facts and court evidence as stated. If Zaid is so bold he can deny such allegations once for all.

  • forZaid

    If Zaid Hamid is what your article claims he is … tell me when is he going to promote that false prophet ? So far he has been ardently promoting Huzoor SAW … when he talks about Prophet SAW his face lightens up … gone are the days when we used to be confused over the most absurd things… we can see, understand, listen, comprehend as what is right or wrong. And Zaid Hamid has NEVER talked a single wrong thing so far … so either you are foolishly forwarding wrong information or you yourself an anti-Pakistani. Janab Zaid Hamid is not intensifying war-hysteria … he is responding to the enemy like our government should have … this individual is delivering what a whole body of governments deliver and unfortunately our government has failed to … leave him alone. I bet my legs and arms and my eyes and my head … if Zaid Hamid implements Shariah Law … you will see the beauty of it and the impression that you get from western media about Shariah Law will be crestfallen because thats what motivates some innocent people to get into cheap tactics like these.

  • Syed Hassan

    A/A to All Patriotic Pakistanis(*.I remember I Hadit Of MUHAMMAD S.A.W which tells You how to differentiate in b/w good and bad.Which was Listen every 1 and pick up whatever you think is good for you or leave it which you don’t like.Farther ask to MUHAMMAD S.A.W. How we will understand that we are choosing a good thing Aap SARKAR S.A.W replied politely “IF YOUR HEART IS SATISFIED, WHAT YOU ARE CHOOSING FOR YOURSELF THEN IT IS A GOOD THING”. S.A.W
    I would like to shares my heart feelings with all Lovers of MUHAMMAD S.A.W ,MOMINS,MUSLIMS and PAKISTANIS(*.

  • Syed Hassan

    A/A to All Patriotic Pakistanis(*.In this world who ever is against Zaid Hamid. He is a traitor, illiterate, unpatriotic and not loyal to Pakistan(*.He did not understand the Zaid Hamid yet because he speaksand differentiate in b/w the Momins and cowards or hypocrites, those how damage the Islam (Peaceful way of life). As a Lover of Hazrat MUHAMMAD S.A.W I declare them traitors.

  • http://nil Naysayer

    People let me bring to your notice that the best way of exploiting and controlling people’s emotions is through the media (electronic, Print etc). As far as Zaid Zaman Hamid’s conversation in his programs are concerned, I would like to request you to firstly listen to what he says and analyze every word as he contradicts his own words in the same hour. Secondly please do not ponder over the things what he tells you to ponder on.

    Sajjad Haider Choudhry / Umar hassan / Sohail / uqabirooh / Burrak / Aftab Khalid / intizam / Wasiq / atika ilyas / forZaid,
    For you people I would like to say that you might have a very simple personality and might like to live in the world of glories or you could be complete idiots because as our religion, Islam, teaches us to use our brain and that not to believe in something until you have verified every single word which you are forced to believe by telling it to you in a very convincing, credible, provoking and aggravating manner.
    Happy Thinking…..

  • Ashock

    AOA, Ironical but true. If u can find it go ahead. Do u not know Judicial system of Pakistan? Do u not know that our media is polluted mostly by blackmailors? How many of u know that Yousaf was setup into alligations by people of News Group Khabren? why? Because that poor chap didnt have an issue and the building where Khabren Office stands today was the property of Yousaf. But today its very sad and ironical that Yousaf is Kazzaab and Khabren news group is very respectable. Go findout if Yousaf was really what u people believe in. Hadith: Kisi ke jhoota honay ke liye itna hi kafi hay ke wo suni sunai baat ko agey bayaan ker day. Allah hum sab per Rehm farmain. Ameen.

  • Abdur Rahman

    I have gone through the article you have written and the articles by Fasi Zaka as well. I personally don’t know much about Zaid Hamid and neither have I watched any of his shows. However your entire article was pretty baseless and doesn’t prove a thing.

    As for the articles by Fasi Zaka, he’s a Rhodes Scholar and it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what a Rhodes Scholar is and why was that Scholarship set up in the first place. Honestly Fasi Zaka has just tried to be very witty with his article. I can challenge and prove to Fasi Zaka and anyone else that the US Federal Reserves, rather the entire world’s cash flow is controlled by a mere few elites. Its funny how Rockefeller was the first billionaire in the world, and now after all these years doesn’t even come in the fortune 500′s top ten list of richest men. The Warburgs, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Morgans they have influenced and controlled the banking system and cash flow for ages and hence pressured the entire world to do their bidding. (*look up the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group) all of them made by these financial families where the fate of the world is decided every year. These are no longer conspiracy theories coz if they are, then wake up coz u are actually living in one.

    I agree to Zaid’s statement about the Financial System and the Debt system that was put into place so that you all would always and always remain nothing more than mere slaves, but then again i wouldn’t give Zaid the credit for finding it out coz the west has been making documentaries on it for ages explaining how they are doing so, however this much credit shud be given to Zaid, that he made some Pakistanis aware of it as i believe not many people here still know about this.

    And honestly i couldn’t care less if Zaid was a jew, don’t believe everything he says, try to do research on your own and you can adopt good things from anyone. One can even learn from his enemies, i personally have done that to a great extent. And Zaid Hamid or even Fasi Zaka is far from being even close to the enemy u are up against. They have been working on you for ages (the first bank was started in 1404AD for instance), we haven’t even started, coz we are too busy trying to prove each other wrong rather than trying to find out what is right

  • Abdur-Rehman

    who the hell has paid you against zaid hamid.he is a slave of Prophet Muhammad{SAW} and mujahid of Allah.Infidel’s agents your time is near,we will cut all of u in to thousands bits and will feed u to dogs.Islam forever.death to infidelity.We shall rise again.Time of Imam Mehdi is would happen in this century for sure.creation of israel and its constant expansion are prooves.soon there would be a big war in which muslims would participate massively

    • phw

      Mr Abdul Rehman! Islam is open to discussion and queries. We can talk to remove our differences and put our point of view forward … there is no need to “cut people in thousand pieces”!

      People like you defame islam….be rational in your expression.

      Let me clarify …. I have not written this article as u can see….its by teeth maestro….u can click on the link and check.

      Everyone is free to take sides but remember …… there are your fellow brothers on the other end too…..Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not use this type of language for the enemies of Allah, himself and Islam. Such was his tolerance!!!

  • Muhammad Adnan

    Well… its too much confusing…. but i/we must not loose patience/courage… and try to explore the facts…. Everybody knows about the coming of Dajjal and his apperance and his actions to ruin this world… but again it has been told that a very large number of believers will be inflenced by his propoganda and would follow him. this is just one person… Zaid Zaman Hamid…. I would request to the supporters of Zaid Hamid that they should pressurize him to clear himself up regarding his allegiance to Yousaf Kazzab… Zaid hamid has access to media, he runs his own show and appears on many other, it is not very difficult for him to arrange One show for his proof of the truth.

    No matter how much truth He speaks about, islam, pakistan and the WAR, if he can not tell the truth about himself, he will remain suspecious forever.

    So a LIVE show must investigate his past from him and other people who have been with him and/or yousaf kazzab

    May Allah guide us to the right path
    Wallahu A’alamu Bissawab

  • Kashif

    Assalam O Alaikum!!

    Main nay yahan sub kay views read kiya hain. Aur website per bohat si jaga Zaid Hamid Sahab kay baray main bohat kuch likha jaraha hay. mera ap sub logon say aik sawal hay :

    Zaid Hamid Sahab ko media per itni khulli chutti ksay mil rahi hay apni preaching kernay k liya. Do reason ho saktay hain:
    Ya tu Zaid Sahab say waqai media bhi impress hoa tu unko promote kia.
    choonkay Pakistan kay halat itnay khrab ho rhay hain tu media nay socha kay nation ko jagaya jai. To yeh to bohat achi bat hay.Is say achi bat to ho nahi sakti. Excellent step.

    Doosri waja woh ho sakti hay kay janab jo baqi sub log aiteraz ker rahay hain kay Janab Zaid sahab to Agent hain ISI kay, Yousaf Kazzab kay sathi hain aur media per anay kay liya kuch secret hands unko support ker rahay hain . To janab agar yeh sub un secret hands nay kerna hota tu woh aisay banaday ko kion select kertay jis ka mazi daghdar hay, jo past main kisi aisi gumrah kun personality ka sathi raha hay.Unko tu aisa banda select kerna chahiya tha na jis ka kisi aisay scandle sey koi wasta na raha ho. Woh aisay banday ko select kerkay jo popular hotay sath hi kisi mazi kay scandle main phans jai ga kion select kertay, unhain aisa flop munsooba bananay ki kia zaroorat thi. So this itself proves kay Zaid Hamid ka kisi aisi false allegation say koi relationship nahi hay.
    Point to be noted…..

    • Yunus Hanif

      Dear Zahid Hamid has accepted in program of Luqman (a tv Anchorthat) that he & yusaf Kazzab did spent time together as hamid then was impressed due to yusaf kazzab’s thoughts on different issues..

  • kashif

    How difficult it is for the people who do not like honest leadership in pakistan to create fake audio or paper proof against some body. Every think Mr. Hamidsays prooves he is the lover of Prophet Muhammad SAW. That is enough proof against these allegations.
    I agree with him untill we have good leadership we can not be any thing winning wars is far fetched idea with current corrupt traitor leaders. I think we should either chage/get rid of our leadership or accept US indian supermacy for ever.

  • Ahmed Quraishi

    Zaid Hamid…. It’s amazing how he convinced all of us that Kasab was “Amar Singh”. And even after the truth has emerged and our government has admitted his identity…. we all look like fools for listening to that lunatic. I think he is working for CIA and RAW to fool Pakistani people

  • Kaleem Ullah Shah

    Please watch these links carefully and the article of JASARAT newspaper, u ll come to know all truth about Zaid hamid..

    If u read the above article posted in JASARAT newspaper
    again carefully, u ll find the same situation and strategy of zaid hamid as they adopted with yousaf kazab to attract youth and elite class.They r using girls as a weapon to attract. I was fan of zaid hamid sinse
    last 2 years but I got the truth now after getting more information about him.
    I am also memeber of their facebook activities. Now a days they have some programmes WAKE UP LAHORE.please watch the trailer of this program, u ll find how they r using girls and boys close interaction to
    attract youth.I have read and listened many of his replies regarding his relation to yousaf kazab but in reply he never uses kazab’s name as a false prophet..why? bcoz yousaf never said he is a new prophet instead he said he is same as Muhammad( SAW) Nauuz billah. I have read too much on qadiyani fitna and this theory is same as Qadiyani theory,they also say that they follow Muhammad (SAW) bcoz Mirza came again as Muhammad.(Nauz billah. in this reply zaid hamid emphasis on Sharia, but if u see their programs as WAKE UP LAHORE, u ll see young girls and boys r puttung hands in hand and making salogans,, is this sharia? They are surely exploiting the anger of youth of pakistan against this system. We need a leader and he is trying to fill this gap of leader ship by his dangerous
    philosphy. He is really a second return of Yousaf Kazab and still his follower as He never says curse on yousaf? even he never used the word KAZAB with the the name of yousaf as every muslim says about him…

  • Amir

    Assalamoalikum all
    I would like to be breif and discrete, brothers and sisters I happened to come around mr. Zaids clip over facebook, that clip was literally and exactly what I wanted to hear. it felt that Zaid was speaking to me. After those 7 minutes I was his fan and wanted to hear all he has to say and read what he had written. But at the same time I came across websites like Housewife where you can stop reel of all those convincing videos and reason that something can’t be too good to be true. Who could imagine after rasoolullah SAW Muslims can be divided, not only one but 4 caliphs to follow to instill hs teachings but still we have a million sects within. So I am not saying to condemn mr Zaid but atleast not be a blind follower, though we call our faith to be a blind one, in reality it’s a faith which is in UNSEEN.
    Allah almighty has gifted us with a brain and the right of it is to use it.
    One thing that I appretiate of the westerners is that they try to investigate before they believe it.
    Last but not the least and the most
    Important is that we should ask Allah for his help, mercy, forgiveness.
    Dua is the most important weapon that a Muslim is given to have a guard against all evils and Fitnas. We should learn to use it and ask Allah to lead us to the straight path.
    Surah Fatiha is the answer to any solution, disease and issue except Death, so let use it pray five times a day and try to be good Muslims.
    I know I wasn’t brief but I would like to finish with one last thing, of the three things the one that wasn’t granted to Rasulullah SAW was that Muslim Ummah will be divided into million sects. So the issue at hand is very grave and need be dealt with accordingly.
    So it is vey likely that the temptaions are high to believe wut he has to say, SO ” stop think and act”.
    Shaitan(iblees) comes to us in 70000 good ways.
    Takcare and may Allah grant us the absolute Eeman and make us the followers of TRUE islam AMEEN

  • kn786

    Very Nice Work indeed.
    I too Happen to know some eyewitnesses who monitored the case of “Kazzab” very closely, and i was thinking of writing on this subject.
    I personally didnot find anything suspicious in his talks but we need to be carefull because of his past, and because he denied all these facts it makes him more suspicious to me.

  • raja atif

    sir i very very impress to u ap jesy persons ki is country ko shadeed zarorat hai plzz is mulk k logon ko hosh dilaen ye sooy huoy hain ab inhy jagany ki zarorat hai humen INKLAB ki talash hai

  • kashan

    I have not heard anything from Zaid Hamid, against Islam. it was very important that the way he opened up the facts about 26/11 and about TTP terrorists and about mossad raw nexus. whatever he defined in his programs about Zionist agendas, economy, ghazwa hind etc. are all facts. we can find tons of information about these topics online. we don’t see these topics on regular media because it is controlled by establishments.
    as long as our emans are concerned, bros and sisters our emans are already destroyed. of course emans can’t be strong by keeping Quran and jai namaz in closet and by watching dirty movies every day and night.
    i have no problem with Zaid Hamid’s past as long as i am getting right information from him. he can’t change my believes because i know what my believes are.

    if you guys don’t know the basic believes of Islam than anybody can misguide you. instead of blaming Zaid Hamid or any body else you need to work on your eman. start 5 times prayer. ask forgiveness from god. start learning quran. you can start with a tafseer e Quran by known scholers like Abu al aala Moududi, Dr. Israr Ahmad etc. i would suggest you to understand Sura Asar and to read the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which are about end of times.
    Muhammad’s (SAW) Hadith is something like this that Islam started as Gharib and in end of times, it will become gharib again, so there is good news for all gharibs (the ones who follow Islam in this situation). means that they all will be jannati.


    assalam-o alaikum all muslim bros n sisters,
    Dear all, i would like to say that this all propaganda is just make us confuse, i personally met Zaid Sir and asked all of my confusions n he answered all politely.
    This propaganda is being spread by zionists because they are being exposed by Zaid Sir, U’ll observe that all these persons are faceless and nameless who are spreading all these lies..
    i challenge u all Liars, prove only one video in which he said something which justify ur blogs, articles and videos. ok?
    So come on, Start finding..

  • Amaan Ali

    bhaiyoo zaid hamid wo admi hai jo sirf khuda sy darta hai aur kisi sy nahi …. aur ye sab propeganda hai ap ko shaid maloom nhi k pori dunya mai 96% media sirf 6 jews companies ka hai aur wo media PAKISTAN may b hai like geo
    ary express inhain funds miltay hain ap khud search kr lain jab 96% media he jews ka ho tu Muslim k khilaf tu bat honi he hai internet sab kuch onhi ka hai aur jo acha banda hota hai media usi ki mukhalfat krta hai jo americans ko pasand na ho aik din geo news chanel ny awam sy mob pr ye rai pochi k kia acha PAKISTANI banana zarori hai ya acha MUSALAMAAN ? tu ye sawal tu aisa hai jaisy MUSLAMAAN aur PAKISTANI ko alag krnay ki sazish ho Hala k PAKISTAN tu bana he ISLAM k nam pr tha Humain khud samjna aray ga aur geo news channel hai jis nay ajmal kasab ko sab sy phele PAKISTANI mana

  • Nadish Hussain

    If you want to know more about ZAID ZAMAN (AKA ZAID HAMID) visit this website they have posted the strongest material about Past of ZAID Hamid as well as The Hidden Agenda of Zaid Hamid


    salam to all
    zaid hamid aj ka zamanay ka sacha insan ha jo hamay hamari tehzeeb jo humay khud nhi pata kia thi ya kia ha usay samjhanay ki koshish kr raha ha…
    is se hamay koi sarokar nhi hona chahiye ka wokia ha…
    uska past kia ha yauskafuture..

    hm muslims ma unity nam ki koi cheez nhi ha hm firkay, quoom,rang-o-nasal ka chakar ma khud ko barbad kar rahay hain

  • Muhammad Suleman

    Salam Brothers,

    The best way to recognise anyone is to listen his speech and then argue and comment on that.If you watch any programme of Zaid Hamid ,you will never have any impression that he is saying anything against Islam or against our Holy Prophet (S.A.W).Please dont get betrayed from any postings like the above as you never know who is this person and what sort of agenda is she/he is having.We know Zaid from like 1.5 year now and I personally like him as well.Believe me I did not have any big knowledge of defending my country on the stretegic level.Let suppose, if we got a person who tells us what is going on in Pakistan and is preparing ourselves against India and Zionist, then nothing is wrong in that.We should always be prepared against them and their issue.As a consultant, I travel across the countries and I can see Indians and all evil forces always have issues with muslims and specially they discuss Pakistan.Lots of people are aware of Ghazw e Hind even the muslim people of Haider abad Daccan are preparing themselves for this.We must be a marde mujahid my brothers.May Allah bless all of us.

  • ahmad

    Look what they are doing to you!.. they just don’t want anyone to inform us.. and aik aadmi jo kr raha hai, us k khilaaf propaganda kr k us ko neechay lana chahtay hian…!!
    you need to ahve an open minded to see things on broader horizons!!
    tu khud daikh mere bhia.. in all the “emotional bullshit” and everything.. just listen to the facts..!! is he calliing you towards his “propht”????
    is he speaking agint muhammad pbuh like ahmad qaadiani?? is he spwaking against islaam?? is he doing bad while trying to strengthen the country.. open your eyes my brother.. dont’ follow what anyone says.. have your own views.. aik bhair(sheep) k peechay na chal pero like everyone else in the country does!!

  • ballu ballu

    zaid zaman hamid is a cartoon. he only has hate in his heart and tells stories like its happening in front of his eyes. if someone meets him in future please ask.. where is amar singh and heeral lal of 26-11…

  • jibran

    haaan hamain leader kee zaroorat hai to kiaa har airey ghaire nathoo khero ko heero bana lain?



  • Dr.Farooq Retired

    Zaid Hamid should leads Pakistan Aameer Or introduced someone who has the quiality like himself, who leads us to our destiny. Then INSHAALLAH, he will put Pakistan on right path and then Pakistan will not face problems again. Z H has all the quialities, which a Aameer is required. Z H is the only man in the Pakistan at the movement, who dare to answer every body and he is not a coward like other Pakistani politicians or rullers.
    GEO’s is a one one enemy of Pakistan, because GEO TV is preaching Fears? hopelessness? Panics In Pakistan through their reporting. GEO was created by America, if don’t belive me then look carefully to GEO’s Logo you will find one eye of Dajjal and that is the proof that GOE is working for Dajjal (America, Israel,India and Europe).
    GEO is still getting the blood money from America’s Media War Fund. GEO is working on a set formula set by our enemies ( America, Israel,India and Europe).
    GHAZWA UAHA AND BADDAR are still applicable!
    Finally I will all brothers, sisters, sons and daughters of Pakistan, Please don’t take any notice of our common enemies’s propoganda and stand shoulder to shoulder with each others like a steel wall to defeat the enemies.
    ALLAH (SWT) is our side. ALLAH (SWT) is said many places in QURAN that HE {(ALLAH) (SWT)} will never ever let down Muslim and DEEN Islam.
    ALLAH (SWT) also promissed that HE ALONE look after DEEN ISLAM and Muslim. Don’t panic and pray ALLAH (SWT)Collectively and HE will help us through the Angels.
    We have defeated the enemy of Islam in the past and we will do the same this as well. AMEEN
    Long live Islam
    Long live Pakistan

  • Paglot
  • Raza

    I was a great fan of Mr Zaid, I was hypnotized by his speeches. The way he speaks, about islam and Pakistan is so lovely to hear. Some times I used to get a sense of doubt on his history lectures because the way he narrates as if he was present at the scene. And when he was talking about Mumbai attacks….. saying it’s a conspiracy, the terrorist was an Indian and his name was amar singh…. The way he said I thought it may be true. But when the truth is revealed, his lies are exposed, I said goodbye to him… It seems he is not a Pakistani, may be some other country is funding him to spoil the image of Pakistan and misguide the youth, so that they can wage a war with other countries so that Pakistan is ruined

  • Raza

    Does any one knows the origin and childhood of mr Zaid Hamid, he doesn’t seems to be a Pakistani, there is something fishy. He is not fighting for Pakistanis, infact he is simply making baseless fictional stories and misguiding the youth. Any educated Pakistani can understand, his love for Pakistan is just a drama, his mission is something else…. He is ruining Pakistan

  • farzana

    Zaid Sir I love you. You look very handsome and dynamic. You look like a Hollywood hero, you look so marvellous in your blue suite and red cap, Tom cruze is nothing infornt of you. We girls fantasize about you, I bought all of your posters and pasted in my bed room. I don’t know how to contact you.
    Hey friends, does anyone got Zaid Sir’s number…. I want to marry him….

  • Usman

    there shouldnt be any doubt that these are false allegations against Zaid Hamid.follower of any false prophet means that u dont believe in Muhammad AS,but Zaid is a firm believer of Prophet Muhammad AS just like other Muslims and also quotes his sayings in speech.
    The thing which i dont like about Zaid is that he invaribly favour Pak Army even if the Army do something wrong.i dont know whats his position about Lal Masjid Operation?The rest whatever he say is absoluetely right.

  • Irfan Aziz

    okay i have something to add to this. you people want evidence? i will give you evidence!

    if you’re a patriot and you want to know the shocking truth, visit this link

    zaid hamid speaks in the presence of the false prophet as a follower and ‘sahabi’ of his. if you know what zaid hamid sounds like you will know who it is.

  • umer

    sir Zaid!!

    Allah has given you such a great personality that ….you enemies will automatically show themselves out even in a crowed, or they will attack you like a coward hiding behind these blogs.
    I love you, long live pakistan

  • sher baz khan

    i love Zaid Hamid because he loves Pakistan
    i wanna meet Zaid Hamid plz some one send me his address
    Zaid Hamid zindabad
    Pakistan paindabad

  • Muhammad Tayyub

    Dear Sir,
    I think it is a big propaganda against u. U have talked about any topic that i’ve heard are all right. You have not said any thing wrong. May You live long. Pakistan live long. Ameen.

  • Amber

    I heard Zaid Hamid for the first time on ARY. I couldnt help but laugh at his speach and cry at the naivety of our nation. I dont know about you but I am sick and tired of wanna be politicians who use conspiracy therories to provide an explanation for their nations short comings. Pakistan is filled with people who make excuses for the lackings in our nation. If someone fools me once shame on them if someone fools me twice shame on me. We are so naive as a nation that we keep falling for the same Zionist/Hindu trap for the last 60 years. Please. We need to start taking some responsibilities for our own actions and stop blaming others. Why is it that when we talk about Muslim nations we always point to the failing states to rev up our nation. Why dont we talk about the success stories like Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia. Perhaps we could learn something useful from them. The future of our nation is not in useless rhetoric and conspiracies of people. It is to acknowledge that we have a long way to go to establish credibility in this world and we need to start right here with each one of us.

    • phw

      Well said…. Amber!

  • No Pseudonym

    Amber… I appreciate your opinion about Sir Zaid Zaman Hamid. I too first saw him on ARY and I carry a total different opinion than that of yours. I am still an 8th grade student and will be soon giving my final exams for the 9th Cambridge. Yes you may call me a kid, noob, wannabe or whatever you like. I may not have the knowledge to analyze people by myself. And I do not have proof that whether he is right or wrong. But please remember. He has never claimed himself to be a politician. His theories do have a backing to them from Hazrat Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H) Hadiths. I haven’t yet come across one of his theories to which I would find proof to defy. And yes I have tried and failed multiple times. In every speech he has mentioned Allama Muhammad Iqbal and his poetry. After ignoring it a number of times. I went to the school Library, issued one of his books and put it beside my pillow. At night I went through the book. The book contained such messages that just went over my mind. I spent a whole week, going through that one book. I was definitely stumped. I had a rough idea about his teachings of Ittehad, Unity. I left that book and returned it to the library. I happened to come across one of his patriotic poems again in class. And in class we had carefully analyzed this poem. I started to understand his way of conveying the message. I issued that same book again. Went through it again. Took help of my teachers, family, his biographies and the internet to finally understand them. And since then I realized, that man – Zaid Zaman Hamid, is not wrong. Every one of his theories that you think are made up or hoaxes. You yourself will learn of your own misunderstandings.

    Please do note that I had an extremely similar opinion of him that you have. Just read Iqbal. It contains the secret that he has used in his speeches. And remember, Iqbal was not wrong. Anyone who defies the teachings of Allama Iqbal defies the teaching of Islam and is a disgrace to the nation. Allah made this land. This Pakistan. And he Inshallah will protect it. Pakistan Zindabad!

  • Muhammad Adnan

    (No Pseudonym) I totally agree with you, but now for some times I am noticing that zaid hamid himself is talking opposite to what Iqbal says in his poetry, like “they wo aaba hi tumharey magar tum kia ho, hath pe hath dharey muntazir e farda ho” matlab zaid hamid by puting blame of all our sufferings to zionist/hindu trap, isnt he running from the reality that we ourself are to be blame for the most of our problems.

  • Anwar Ahmad

    I first time listened his speech today Jan 30, 2010, on ARY, never knew about him before, so google him and got different views wrote about him. I 100% liked his views, some one has to come up to stand up against whatever we as Pakistani and Muslim are experiencing. We have to stand against all this and this is reality who so ever will lead has to suffer hard, but this is totally unacceptable to keep the things as is, like all of our leaders themselves has everything all wealth and next generation settled in foreign countires and just come to pakistan to rule and then go back, we don’t need dubai based democracy. We all have to stand up and definietly we need leadership to go ahead against this brutality happening to us, Zaid Hamid is right in his saying “LIVE FOR SAADAT and DIE FOR SHAHADAT”

  • No Pseudonym

    @Anwer Ahmed. I’m guessing you watched Wake up Pakistan (Karachi) episode. Yeah I watched it too.

    @Muhammad Adnan. You have really asked a great question which I had to think about. You see he hasn’t really directly conveyed to us that we are responsible for what is happening to this world. But if you think deeper about what he is saying.. He is indirectly delivering the message that we need to change ourselves. Maybe many would not agree with my thoughts and everyone should be having their own opinion. Again I say I’m still just a boy and may be totally wrong.
    Its just that watching him on Television has totally changed my personality.
    May Allah bless all. Inshallah. Pakistan Zindabad!

  • Syed

    Salam Alaikum to all,

    I, for the first time, saw and heard Zaid Hamid. I liked what I heard because he wants the Pakistanis to stand up and lead. He wants them to follow our Rasool (SAWW) and unite as an Islamic nation and fight against the enemies of Islam and Pakistan (which probably are same).

    I will partially disagree with Amber, he not only blames India, the West and the Zionists but he also blames Pakistanis who have brought the country to this position. He mentions corrupt politicians, as well as the TTP and the economic/feudal/justice system among the reasons for Pakistan’s problems. He is probably doing what he could right now, that is spreading awareness among the masses. What he, or probably all of us, should also concentrate on is how to get our nation on the path to greatness. Education and Islamic economy is one way to achive that goal. Hopefully Zaid Hamid is a sincere man on whom we can trust. May Allah (SWT) help our nation in this endeavor.



  • Akeel Kizilbash

    I saw him for the first time on ARY “Wake Up Pakistan” show. Also then I googled him and got various views. I think the guy is simply amazing, has a phenominal past, rich experience and a burning desire to reform not only Pakistan but the whole Ummah. He has fire in his belly and is teh need of teh day for thsi lot which is languishing even unable to identify enemies. I see that he will take Pakistan and the world lie a storm. All our politicians will be simply blown out of water. His views overlap a lot with Imran Khan…so its best if IK unites with him. Naturally he has and will earn a lot of enemies…which is hapenning. But his inspirational power is amazing. I thi9nk he will turn history around.

  • israr

    salaam to every one like most of you i also first time heared zaid hamid and then search him on youtube and google many thoughts came in my mind i am little scared also to believe him…..
    first thing came in my mind is that if he is sincere and honest then how he still alive in pakistan where no one stand and live any more if one find sincere and honest about pakistan and islam.

  • usman

    guys it really been a happy moment to see u guys in the right direction…
    Sir Zahid Hamid… Wht a man he is ..simply amazing ,superb and real patriot abt his country..

    some of blady n pleet people are trying to miss guide and creating propaganda againt him but guys just listion u ur heart n mind… a peron with having a passion and heart full of love with his ALLAh, his Rasool (SAW) and for his country………….. CANT BE WRONG

    so pray for him as many of evil forces are after him

    ALLAH MARDE MOMIN KO KAIM DAYEM REKHE OR APNE HIFZO AMAN ME REKHE or hum ko toofeq de ke hum ALLAH or us ke RASOOL (SAW) ki parvii ker sucken

  • Mohammad Shoaib

    for me there is only one thing to prove him as not “THE” man that he favors Musharraf………..anyone who has little understanding of our worl around us and how Mr. Musharraf has put us in dangers could never favor him.
    he might have done few good things but bad things done by him are of extreme nature.
    bus Allah he khair rakahy warna yeh consipracy therosit nay to kaheen kaa nahee choraaa.

  • moamin

    well you guys might not value my comments,as i am from india, but still iam a muslim alhamdullilah.
    All i can say is the if u ppl want to be better as a human or in any way then follow the teaching of Quran and Sunnah of our beloved prophet peace be upon him and this is the only criteria any person or human being can be judged upon,
    No matter how big or great a person be,

  • Muhammad Khan

    Beware of this guy, called Zaid Hamid. A close friend of mine had sometime back mentioned to me about this great guy, whom I never had a chance to listen to.

    A few weeks back, I was listening to a T.V speech, where the speakers were Dr. Israr Ahmad, Justice Javed Iqbal and this guy. They were to talk about Allama Iqbal’s Vision of Pakistan….. When he started his speech, it was a typical “Mulla Speech” and exposed his lack of knowledge. All that he said was completely out of context…….He was picking up one verse from here and another from there, so much so that at one point I discovered he was completely ignorant of Iqbal’s Persian Poetry and instead of properly quoting the verse – told half-cooked translation.

    Today, I heard the speech where he is being introduced as a ” Sahabi” of that false prophet ……(By the way even in recording above where his false prophet introduces him, the verse of of Allama Iqbal’s poetry is wrong!) Before listening to this guy please listen to this speech from above link…… Astaghfar – Summa Astaghfar – People of this ugly character started appearing on our T.V shows…..

  • sohail Asgher

    You R a great porson as a muslim.I want to do some thing for Muslim.Please Advice me.
    ALLAH Ap pr Razi ho.Ameen

  • Kamyab Khattak

    Dynamic Personality…Seems to love pakistan and this great nation as well…May ALLAH bless U & Ur family….Ameen…


    Kamyab Khattak

  • motalamba

    Dear Sir Zaid hamid
    We are grateful that you have really exposed be-Yahoo-di, Yahoo-di zionist and all zionists’ (US, Israel, Hindu, non-muslim, muslim, European) plans to destroy Pakistan. You have given us new sense of history that Pakistan was not created 60 years ago but existed even before Islam came to the world. How could all these paleet Zionists made us to believe that Pakistan was part of India, it was the way around. Pakistanis have nothing to do with India, Pakistanis were always muslims even before Prophet. You have made us proud reminding us that Mohamad Bin- Kasim, Ghazni and Ghauri were Pakistanis and prophet was born in Lahore than he moved to Arabia later. You have done great service to Islam by exposing these bastard zionists’ agenda.

    Pakistani and youth from all over muslim world is looking for your leadership, we appreciate your efforts to bring Prophet’s birth place to Pakistan where it belongs. You are the only Pakistani (Except Hamid Gul)who is not afraid of CIA, Massad and RAW agents.If US, India, Israel and rest of the world don’t have courage to start war with Pakistan, then Pakistan should attack these countries to teach them a lesson. We are sure that attacking India will solve Pakistan’s problems. Israelese and Indians are already pissing in their pents when they hear roar of Pakistani lion. You are the only one who can lead muslim world into destruction, you are brave, intelligent and fearless, please fulfil the wish of Allah.

    We all love you, miss you and are proud of you, please come and visit us sometime. We want you to attack India to teach these paleet kafirs a lesson


    All collegues
    Psychiatric Hospital, Ward 3
    Lahore, Pakistan

  • Skhan

    This article or story is nothing but “Angoor Khatey hain”.
    There are some solo riders on the web these days trying to get despicable popularity out of Zaid Hamid’s continuous success and fame in the youth of Pakistan. I totally oppose the whole story by reminding my fellow Pakistanis that Quaid-e-Azam MAJ once said, “Yeh Mut socho kon keh raha hai yeh dekho kon keh raha hai”.

    Whatever ZH has disclosed, about the West, Israel and India, to the world and specially to the people of Pakistan was not told before anyone. It was truth and essential to the youth of Pakistan to realize and understand their duty at the current time. I am definite that he a true believer and true Ashiq of Prophet Mohammad PBUH.

    The allegations on ZH are total lie and propaganda to break his solid and continuous campaign which I don’t think is that easy now. Pakistan is now awake.

    Pakistan Zindabad
    Zaid Hamid Zindabad



    • phw

      Why do universities invite him ? do they invite other speakers too???

  • Faraz

    He never takes name of Yousuf kazab….
    i just request him to say once that yousuf kazab was a liar and maloon…thats all…
    17 crore people cant come to his office…he has the media power…just say it…
    but he will never say that…
    which islam says that revolution comes by taking hands in hands of boys n girls altogether (see his prmotional video’s of wake up lahore)
    he is just playing with the minds of our youth…
    May Allah guide us all to identify the correct path. Ameen


    ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM. Zaid Hamid is not a well wisher of PAKISTAN. He is polluting the minds of youngsters with same old anti-hindu sentiments. BEWARE OF THIS MAM.

  • jamshaid Khan barki

    Great minds discuss Ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss persons

  • Stinger


    I can tell that you’re a sincere person who doesn’t accept something as the truth without investigating it first. My advice to everyone here is that if you want to be the best Muslim possible and do your best for this Ummah, simply follow in the footsteps on Prophet Muhammad, read and understand the entire Quran from truly knowledgeable sources, and apply these teachings directly into your life. Truly following Islam doesn’t mean becoming an extremist. True Islam simply teaches to remember and have faith in our Ultimate Creator, Allah, and not to forget that there will be a Day of Judgment when we’ll be accountable for our actions in this life.

    The best we can do is be the best, most kind, gentle, honest, and loving people we can every single day. Leave the rest to Allah, Inshallah, if we do this things will naturally become better because Allah is always just with us, whether we understand His ways or not.

    As far as the accusations against Zaid Hamid, I’ve heard some of his speeches and much of his knowledge is based on historical facts, yet I agree that there needs to be a stronger focus on giving the youth constructive guidance on changing their lives for the better. May Allah bless the nation of Pakistan, and help it’s people become one of the great examples of humanity, and may we soon overcome the enemies of not only Muslims but innocent people everywhere.

  • 9MM

    Dear Amber,

    you are right that we as a nation need to look at our selves first but flip side of the coin is that the most powerful/richest counteries/agency have devoted/committed themselves to destabilize/destroy our country.

    and reason for their sucess is that majority of our citizens literate or illiterate believe everything our media has to say, who is an open enemy.

    theres a lot to debate but punchline is, this life is just temporary and ALLAH will do justice in the hereafter.

  • waqas

    hai . this is not a good man . he is a theef of eman. b save ur self

  • Stinger

    Also, I want to add that I think he gets a little too emotional in his speeches in terms of his patriotism. I once heard him say that Pakistani’s are the most devoted Muslims, I don’t think any person can make that claim. Let Allah decide who is or isn’t most devoted. As I said before we need more constructive leaders who can actively give the youth guidance on maximizing their potential.

  • muhammad shahid

    salam are are leader of muslim of pakistan.inshallah no one touch the pakistan.becouse ALLAH give us this land and our four father gives blood for this countery.

  • shahid

    sir you are great.

  • farooqgh

    Salam Sir Zaid.for God sake en hukamranou se hamari jaan chura dein.jese b ho sakey. Ham aik musalman ki zindagi jeena chahatey hain aur musalman ki maut merna chahatey hain. mere Pakistan ke awaam bohet preshan hain.khuda rah Koi Hakim tu en ko Nishan-e-manzil de dey.

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    well i dont have anything to say just find ur answers by watching the following videos

  • Zebi

    What ever he was in the past, is meaning less now. Many of the Sahabaa of Muhammad (SAW) were non-Muslims initially. If we suppose for a minute that Zaid Hamid was follower of Yusuf Kazzab, still its not important because he has turned now to the right path and you will never hear of his mouth which is against Islam. Secondly, he is not our spiritual leader, but political leader whose center is grounded in true Islam. He never said wahabis, or baraivi, or devbandi etc are this and this…He just say that we are the followers of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
    But I would not agree to his views about pre-emptive attacks on other countries.

  • http://.. Muhammad Zahid Chohan

    Aslamo Alikm

    Please if anybody give me the brave man’s Contact no. . . Thank you So Much.

    My Cell No. 0333-4322414

    • naheed

      zaid is cowardy,
      please try to understand,
      we are not in state of war against kufar

  • Amir Ali

    I don’t want to comment upon Zaid but :) what I feel about atleast the name of his site seems to be inspired from another site named wakeupproject.Com. Please Check the stated site, you might admire it.

  • John

    Zaid Hamid is a clown who watches too many Bollywood movies so that he can deliver those dialogues nicely. His theories, assumptions and analysis are all typically film style. To an idiot, it would seem that what he tells is right and everything will happen according to plan. Does anyone think that going to war and attacking the enemy, India, is child’s play. He talks as if when Pakistan finally wages war against India, those Indian forces and soldiers will be silent spectators with their hands tied behind their backs and bending over as if to say ‘ please kill us, we welcome you’.

    Gazwa -e Hind will recoil with 10 times the force and become Pakistan’s Waterloo. When that happens, the war mongering and hate inciting scoundrel called Zaid Hamid will be nowhere to be found.

  • Naz

    Its sad to see how people will go to any extent to defame someone. All the accusations are based on a primary convention that Yusuf actually did claim to be a prophet. One must look into solid evidence before taking such huge steps as we are all accountable in front of Allah and he who misleads for worldly gain or limited understanding because of less effort will be in a very vulnerable position on the day of judgement. Also please see this for further guidance”:

  • raja

    After a hard day’s work, when I need some relaxation and comedy, I watch this Joker’s Videos on you tube. Who needs pills, vitamins or lime juice to regain energy? As long as there is enough supply oh his videos, I can work harder knowing that I can always come back to listen to his jokes. Hey, the hat fits the clown !!

  • Ezekiel Matthers

    Captivating, I passed this on to a associate of mine, and he actually bought me lunch because I found this for him, so let me rephrase: Thanks for lunch.

  • Mahomedali Jinnah Barrister

    Zaid Hamid is a crook and a traitor and an enemy of Pakistan. He is misleading the people by invoking patriotism. This is not why I made Pakistan. My idea of Pakistan was based on democracy, equality, freedom of religion and freedom of expression. It was not for crooks cranks and madmen with a divine mission of their own imagination.

  • Omair Younas

    You fools watch this. and see what is true.

  • Salar

    Dear O Dear , Whats happening to you all pakistani muslims ? every body talk about zaid hamid or what saying zaid hamid now a days ( i say : NOW A DAYS ) blah blah blah. Are you insane guys ? Why all of you forget the past ? When this person called zaid zaman and sit behind the merdood yousuf kazzab. If that person ” changed now ” all of his lovers must ask him what he belief now a days and tell him that he must cleared himself openly , may be in a ” tv show ” as like as he revealed his thoughts now a days on tv. If he failed to do this all the people who love ” his thoughs ” ( i doubt it , that is his thoughts ) must know what to do then ” if they r muslims ” . * Allah Akber *

  • FSA786

    Assalamu alaikum all,

    I am a close relative of Zaid Hamid Zaman and can confirm that he was a BIG follower of Yousuf Ali Kazzab.

    He even poisoned many in our family – and caused big fitna within our family. many of his Jamaati (Zaid used to belong to Islamic Jamiat Taleba – from his NED University days) friends tried to talk to him but then gave up on him.

    I can only pray for him and suggest that he comes out in public and make public Tauba. That seems to be the only solution now….

    - And Allah knows best.

  • umer

    well zaid hamid has issued a final press release,
    have a look @ this

    I thnk there is no need to comment anymore ..

  • Azeem

    Below is the Email communication which is I think helpful for you people to understand the truth.


    There are few things which i would like to bring into your notice here. He is smart what he said in his you tube about aqaid the same almost he wrote on a paper format Iqrar Nama i read that too.

    Now try to understand it here the case with cool mind. He seems not culprit by himself when we all heard about his ideology. The problem is he is linked with Yousuf kazzab and he is his Kalifa and Sahabi. (Audio Is also there of the speech. It was proven by the court and by the people who knows him in the court.)

    He did not said anything wrong about Yosuf kazzab in his Youtube as well as his written matter which he recently released as his iqrar nama. Although it is launch day before yesterday or yesterday.

    Now try to understand it in different way, If you know him by any means Ghulam ahmed Qadiani or not but you will say him kafir & Murtid after knowing his aqaids. right. You will not say only, That i believe on Allah and Rasool SAW and i am not concern with Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. No …. You have to say Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani is Kafir and murtid.
    Your eman and deeni ghairat will not let you quiet on Jhotay nabi Marzai par.
    It is part of Emaniat.

    Now, here he did not say anything about Yousuf Kazzab still, It is required indeed. We have no argument if his personality become clear again as he was in my good book earlier when i dont know about him even every Pakistani was thinking like this.

    Second thing for an example, If you know a little bit about Qadiani then you will know their Tareeqa Wardaat.
    You will be surprise, Even now they are saying we believe on Nabi SAW, Some will say he is the last prophet even(Only few). Why…. they beleif Ghulam Ahmed is same as Mohammed, (zilli or browsi taur par) Naozobillah or he is Mehdi or sometimes he is Maseeh Maood. See even now.
    How do you know about them? by their books what his False and liar prophet said in his book about his aqaid. Now even they reject we know all their aqaid by the books. They have to condemn Ghulam AHmed Qadiani in any case which they do not, so even now if they says they beleif on Nabi SAW they are still Ahmedi/Qadiani and non Muslims. right.

    Why, This Zaid Hamid did not say anything against him still, he is only doing lafzon ka hair phair. If he clear his views as per the shariah then he is my brother and also a role model to listen and follow his ideology.

    In the above attachments that you sent to me of Zaid Hamid. In which he said it is a ilmi Discussion was going on with Majlis tahafuz-e- Khatme nabuwat. Just listen the You tube links you sent me in the other email. are those wording which he used for Ulemas, Debandis and islamic scholars are ilmi guftugo. Sad afsos hai. Please listen again he said they are jhotay kazaab, 2 takky k molvi fisad barpa karani walay, firoan. is this ilmi guftogu.
    Zaid hamid is the biggest liar and a big fitna.

    See the answer of your attachments.

    Please come out from his dajal. After listening you will understand how big liar he is. He is a fraudia and using media to fool people but more important for me is you before others.

    Please read the following Article and think logically and I pray to Allah to guide all muslims on correct path.

    Please see another proof against him. he is the suspect.

    I also put some comment on your second email but those comments i wrote before this email so if you want to read those no problem but after this email , i hope and prayed all things will be cleared in your mind.

    Allah ham sub ko hidayat naseeb farmaiy aur hidayat par rakhay. ameen.

    Warmest Regards

    Other side response of my trailing email
    There are 3 attachments in this email of the person, one which is the letter of Dr. Israr Ahmed on 9/03/2010,
    I already put the link in the end of the post which will answer the first attachment.

    2nd & 3rd attachment related to that he is not link by any means of Maulana Shahadat. You can see his entire document on the internets. I have answered this in my leading email.

    Assalam U Alaikum,

    I’m glad to hear that you remembered all those emails I sent regarding Zaid Hamid on Pakistan, USA, CIA & Khilafat. He was linked with Yousuf Kazaab for a fact. But hidayat from ALLAH subhanawa Tallah can change anyone at anytime in life. So, the question that I have and many others would like to ask is about his faith & belief.
    Is he in fact pushing the torch of Yousuf Kazzab forward??? or is he trying to do something else?? What are his motives??

    Attached above are the articles regarding this matter.
    A good advice is good for all in general and we are advised by our prophet S.A.W.W to listen and analyze. His vision about pakistan, return of khilafa, interest free economy are clear and we appreciate them. His informative lectures on Zionist & Zionism, Jews, CIA conspiracy & many other hard hitting & EYE opening topics are MUST WATCH for muslims from ANY maslak.

    That all said, Muslim scholars from ashraful madaris believe that Zaid Hamid, Zakir Naik & many other lecturers who are extremely influential are on their watch list.
    So, it is advisable not to trust everything they say & to consult from QURAN & SUNNAT before following them.

    Let us all be open minded enough to FIND THE TRUTH, A man is only accused until he is found guilty, in between that time we all should search & examine the facts.


    P.S. May ALLAH guide us all.

    My first email, which I sent to the person earlier


    It is confirmed Maulana did challange to prove Yusuf Kazzab did try for false prophethood. and Zaid Hamid is linked with him. Who is Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri, He (rahmatullah Alai) was the Ameer of Majlis -e-Tahafuz Khatm-e-Nabuwat after Ameer Yusuf Ludhyanwi shaheed RA. He was also answering apke Masail or unka hal in the Friday Jang newspaper after the shahadat of Maulana Yousuf Ludhyani.
    I am here posting the link of the Umat Newspaper article in which, it was questioned to Zaid Hanid First.

    And also posting the interview of Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri,

    Interview of Maulana Saeed Ahmad Jalalpuri Sahab Regarding Yousuf Kazzab & Zaid Hamid
    Yesterday, I went to “Aalmi Majlis e Tahaffuz e Khatm e Nubuwwat” (AMTKN) office at Purani Numaish, M.A. Jinnah Road, Masjid Babur Rehmat, Karachi Pakistan. And, I got an opportunity to talk to Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri sahab himself, who is the Ameer of AMTKN. I am producing my conversation with respected Maulana below in the form of questions and answers:
    Q: Did some one from AMTKN or Ulema Karam actively participate in the case against Yusuf Kazab?
    A: Obviously ! the case was registered by Maulana Muhammad Ismail Shuja Abadi on the directions of quaideen of AMTKN
    Q: Some people say that the Yusuf Kazab became a victim of Daily Khabrain Editor Zia Shahid’s enmity because Zia Shahid had some land/money dispute with Yusuf Kazab?
    A: Suppose, if this was the case, then leave Zia Shahid, and take rest of the evidences, which are too much, coming from too many sources, too strong and too crystal clear in nature. AMTKN challenges any one who have any “proof” that Yusuf Kazab did not claimed to be a prophet, please come forward and AMTKN will listen him/her carefully, analyze those proofs and will clarify its stance publicly with all those proofs and counter-proofs. Its an open challenge for any one.
    Q: Maulana, how AMTKN proof that Zaid Hamid was indeed “Syed Zaid Zaman”, the Khalifa of Yusuf Kazab?
    A: I recommend you to read my booklet which contain non refutable proof that “Syed Zaid Zaman”, the Khalifa of Yusuf Kazab is none other than Zaid Hamid. AMTKN stand by this document and if Zaid Hamid wants to refute it or prove us wrong than he is more than welcome to visit us any time he like. We would sit together and discuss all counter proofs that he have and inshaAllah there will be khair. Nothing to fight over, its very simple, we have proofs you have counter-proofs, lets sit together and resolve it once and for all.
    Q: Maulana do you have all those proofs in the documentation form?
    A: Not only do we have those proofs in the documentation form, but those people who were affected by the murtid Yusuf Kazab are in our loop. I have personally met with some of those people as well.
    Q: Person A was a follower of Yusuf Kazab, but now he says that he has “nothing to do with Yusuf or his beliefs or any other people like him”. What is the minimum requirement according to Shariah for Person A to come out clear from the mess he was involved in his past?
    A: According to Shariah, Person A will have to do the following:
    1. Acceptance – Accept publicly and openly that he “did” a mistake by negating the finality of Prophet Muhammad Salalaho Alayhi Wassalam and by following a liar Kazab and a false prophet.
    2. Repentance – Repent that what ever he did was indeed a great sin and do Tauba and Astaghfar with Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala.
    3. Disassociate – Disassociate publicly and openly that now he is no more a follower of Yusuf Kazab and his beliefs
    4. Condemn – Condemn publicly and openly that Yusuf Kazab was indeed a liar and a murtid
    5. Tajdeed e Iman – Do tajdeed of Iman (which also includes tajdeed of Aqid e Khatm e Nubuwwat) publicly and openly
    6. Tajdeed e Nikah – Do tajdeed of Nikah
    Q: [I show Maulana, the responses that Zaid Hamid sahab has given so far and ask his opinion] if they fulfill the requirement of Shariah?
    A: No, these vague statements are not enough and does not fulfill the requirements of Shariah (as mentioned in the answer of above question).
    Q: Maulana, will AMTKN welcome Zaid Hamid if he wishes to visit you to discuss this issue in detail?
    A: I’ve already stated it in clear terms, we will welcome Zaid Hamid to come and discuss this issue. But, I can also tell you one thing, if Zaid Hamid is a culprit and is double crossing then, mark my words, he will never come, he will prefer to drink poison than visiting us at AMTKN office.


    This is the addition I did later as I saw this recently posted and it will also exposed false propaganda of Zaid Hamid.

    See the truth of Dr. Israr Ahmed relation. (we can find so many other details about him too on the following website)

  • Salim Mehboob

    I have been lately feeding on ZH ideas, he does impress me. But there is so much confusion regarding his true identity, so I am confused whats true, whats not. For e.g. could this be true?

    Over last few years, R&AW is covertly executing an offensive second phase operation, Chanakya II, which employs a “win trust in disguise, divide and conquer” strategy. While R&AW continues to expand its spy network outreach deeper into Afghanistan and Pakistan, paradoxically, this strategy also includes sponsorship of groups that professedly preach a vehemently anti-India, pro-Pakistan, nationalistic ideology to the Pakistani masses. R&AW covertly nurtures media personalities, think-tanks and defense analysis consulting groups in Pakistan who attempt to squarely influence Pakistani popular thinking stoking the anti-establishment sentiment and a foreign invasion paranoia. R&AW assumes that this strategy would raise a new leadership in Pakistan that would first win the trust of the masses, then infiltrate into the corridors of Pakistani political power, and finally work in disguise towards the consolidation of Indian influence on the entire Indus riparian.

  • Shoaib

    Salaam all Pakistanis! Will write a short note making you realize that our nation is full of people who criticize patriots, which are not too many left, like Zaid Hamid. Please don’t fall for this false prophecy claims by the haters of Zaid Hamid as this is another of attempt to malign his personality. Please learn from this guy as we dont have many like him and wake up and realize who we are? If these people were correct, we would not be facing the problems being faced by Pakistan or am I wrong?

    Don’t fall for misconceptions and misdirections, as only Ghafils do which we are not, we are JUST not.

    Long live Zaid Hamid.
    Pakistan Zindabad (Sāyah-e-Khudā-e-Zū-l-Jalāl)


  • Rizwan

    Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid…
    He’s a Syed – a desendant of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him, and has always affirmed his belief in God & His Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him.

    So to rake this dirt up is not only in bad taste but it can be dangerous for one’s own Iman.

  • true_gunner

    what fake story it it….huh…

  • Muhammad Sabir

    you think people belive you on this report ? you did not put any solid Proof and Evidence.but when Mr.Zaid Hamid Talk with full confidence and proof

  • Khurram

    Asking questions about any one’s emaan without any proof puts one’s own emaan in danger.

  • syed baqar zaidi

    can zaid hamid please clarify to which syed linage he belongs(zaidi,rizvi,naqvi….etc)…its nw a fashion to put syed before ones name to gain sympathy of the people. and btw ideas propagated by zaid hamid are just dreams … as for bulldozing israel and india ….those days r gone when pagans used to run away from the field fearing muslim valor….this is the era of economic and propaganda warfare and unless we develop ourselves techologically and economically we will b on the losing side… my request to all the readers… plz dont waste ur energy on unpractical ideas… start focusing on developing pakistan economically and technologically

  • Rizvee

    This is a well written document, it must have taken weeks of research and ofcourse written and reviewed by more than one professional writers and critics who are experienced in the field. I didn’t even notice a single prominent linguistic and semantic mistake.
    We should investigate who’s funding these activities against Zaid Hamid and WHY?
    To my knowledge this article should have taken atleast 100 hours of working including writing, research and other activities. In today’s world when good English writers are less than the market-demand I wonder how some one could manage to write so much without any financial aid or personal interest.
    I pose a question: who funded this article along with other email threads floating around the internet “without any documentary proof”.
    Believe me I have no sympathy for someone who believes in any prophet after Muhammad (S.A.W).

  • bukhari


    Very good day,

    This is to invite your attention towards the desirability, in today’s World__ where no one, be it a super power or a super-populated nation, is in a position to influence events __ of an inter-state alliance for the resolution of regional and global issues.

    The present time demands a new World Order achievable through a Global Alliance of Jews, Christians and Muslims who need to get their vision adjusted to the logic of events as they have unfolded in the beginning of the 21st century. If, thus, the believers correct their course to pursue such values as conform with God’s universal plan, design and order, they will be rewarded with world leadership. Otherwise, Nature will, for the correction of course, permit the evil to gather momentum and rush with fury to a WAR ON THE BELIEVERS who will suffer substantial loss before reuniting to once again play a role on the world stage.

    While the human beings have been waging bloody wars to block the transformation of one Culture/World Order into another, the forces of nature have continued for millennia to smoothly and peacefully transform day into night and darkness into light. I, therefore, request the sons of Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) to learn from nature and be united for replacing the illuminati World Order of the Industrial Culture era with a New World Order for the I.T. Culture era.

    Having been blessed with a crystal clear vision of the centuries ahead, coupled with the expertise to develop a practical shape of the I.T. Culture, my suggestions are not only compatible with the prevalent democratic system but also have an inbuilt mechanism for the evolution of I.T. Culture in accordance with the divine order and design. In this context, briefs of the fundamental principles of “IN GOD WE TRUST”, Constitution, Smart Government and Structure of I.T. Culture Government are enclosed.

    Since, besides, the United Nations (UN) has unfortunately failed to maintain global peace and its subsidiary organs have been unable to achieve their respective objectives, we need, on the one hand, to replace the UN with a new World Organization of the Nations (WON) and on the other, establish new subsidiary organs, namely GRACE, GOOD, JOIN, TOP and PACT, a brief of the fundamental principles of each of which is also enclosed.

    Hoping we can all join hands to develop an inbuilt mechanism for Global Peace in the New World Order,

    Sincerely yours,

    Cell: +92-321-2345617

  • bukhari

    Date: 10-02-2010
    Dear Brother ,
    Very good day,
    It is regrettable that the Masajid and other public buildings in Islamic countries depict Masonic symbols like Compass, Set Square, Pyramid, Union Jack/Sex Act, Crescent, Stars, Eagle, Goat, Lion, Obelisk, Beast image etc. (copy attached 7 pages). As an example, sex act/union jack (copy attached 1 page) is found to be emblazoned in the Masjid Nabvi and the Masjid Haram at prominent places. Surely, however, the use of such symbols is unintentional, manifesting lack of information about Freemasons, because no Muslim can, in his right mind, tolerate such symbols in his private home, not to speak of a holy place like a Masjid whose decorum is uppermost in the minds of all Muslims.

    Nimrod/Pharaoh/Queen Semiramas recognized various objects in the universe as gods and goddesses, associating each with different attributes, and not only invoked, when facing difficult situations, their help but also, otherwise, sought guidance from them, thus practicing Polytheism. Such beliefs/practices evolved, with the passage of time, into Masonic secular codes of capitalism which were gradually popularised in the name of art and culture. In the process, the Freemasons devised different methods for polluting the pious souls and tried to divert mankind’s attention away from the Ultimate Creator (Allah Almighty) but such devilish attempts have, as far as strong believers in one God are concerned, come to naught.

    Moon is a Masonic symbol which stood, in ancient Egypt, for growth and prosperity and became, in the Christian era, an emblem of the Virgin Mary. A careful study of history would, thus, reveal that the astrological signs/symbols reflect anti Islamic beliefs which view is supported by the worship, as a god, of the Moon done in the past by the Greeks and practiced at present by the Hindus (Somnat ka Mander).

    The Masonic anti-religion forces have now disguised themselves as devotees of the renowned artists Michael Angelo and Raphael with intent, through the representation of their art, to deviate the believers, in the name of fascination with art, from the right path.

    Accordingly, it is imperative, in the best interest of the Muslim Ummah, that a Fatwa be issued for the removal of such art, images and Masonic symbols etc from the masajid and public buildings all over the Islamic World. As to the Harmain Shareefain, in particular, services of the undersigned, who is blessed as a society architect, are available free of cost for identifying such objects.

    Sincerely yours,

    Cell: +92-321-2345617

  • Rehan

    @ Brother Bukhari

    Please note that the first man on earth was Hazrat Adam (as), the Prophet of God. After him religious corruption began. Ibrahim (AS) washed it out again, but then, these masonic and other corruption kept on creeping. So, Masonic art is a corrupted copying of true and original religion symbols of Adam n Abraham. We r not copying them, they r copying us with addition of some wrong things

    @ writer
    biased article against ZH though it appears u were trying to keep it neutral. All the NWO wants today is that “since everyone is suspicious and doubtful and nobody is Siddique, we cant trust anyone. Therefore let the current system prevail and dont support the people who challenge it, on account of suspicion.

  • Jawaid Ahme Zai

    I have seen the video of zaid, he was advocating the yousuf Kazab and also seen him leaving the stage but not saying a word against his Kazab whose khalifa he is. He was in the close company to yousuf Kazab and what else you people need to know about hime that advocating him. Although he is doing well wel well, the shining mirror is needed to close the eyes and deceive. So take a look back on the truth and than decide what is write and what is wrong. Not go to the word Zaid is spreading about him that he has no association with yousuf Kazab

  • Kamneez Zahraa

    I will not concern concern myself with the prophecy claim etc. The way I see things the blasphemy laws themselves, as well as the authors of those laws, did not, and still fo not know jack about Islam, what the finality of prophethood is, what exacvtly the status of the final Prophet (sallallahu wa aalehi wassalam) is,and what all is, and is not enjoined upon Muslims regarding that finality.

    Now coming to Zaid Hamid.

    He spouts political pornography of the lowest and vilest form in the context of Pakistan’s society and polity.

  • saad

    Dear muslims,
    We should all believe in the finality of Prophethood. We should all have a strong and firm belief that Muhammad S.A.W is the last prophet of Allah and there will be No prophet after him.
    Anyone who denies this belief is out of islamic boundries and is no longer a muslim.
    Zaid Zaman refused to believe in the fienality of prophethood and choose to join Yousuf Kazzab instead. All the proof is available with Alami Majlis Tahafuz e Khatm e Nubuwwat Pakistan.
    Anyone who still believes that Zaid is innocent should do a little research themselves.
    If Zaid is innocent why didn’t he just clearify his position on the media.
    Well he’s been asked a hundred times to do so but he didn’t, and probably he never would.
    I challange Zaid Zaman, if he is innocent, he would come on TV and clearify his position.
    Dear muslims please dnt take Zaid as a patriot. He is a traitor. He is destroying all our imans. Don’t ever fall for his trap. All proof is available.
    May Allah keep all of safe from such Fitnahs. Aameem!


    Deoband and wahabi muslims are against zaid hamid they were also against quaid-e-azam. they were against pakistan movement . and as zaid hamid is asking for a unity and hope in pakistan which these people never wants thats why the are making propaganda against him.all the videos which they claim against him at you tube are corrupted or not very clear . i thing they should leave this topic they can not win from zaid hamid whose every word is iqbal,s message .
    May God bless Zaid Hamid
    and kept him safe from such devils.

  • Waseem Akhter

    AOA all brothers and sisters,

    I have read some of the comments above. I would like to say that what is written in above article about Zaid Hamid, is NOT false, rather it is a REALITY. You may please read articles on following link for more and in depth details which includes interviews of Zaid Hamid and Yousuf Kazzab’s old friends, family members, his co-workers and above all story of his wife too.

    Everyone who has been blessed with sense, can judge the reality.

    May Allah Kareem bless all of us with Eman, Hidaya and His shelter from all fitnas. Ameen

  • Fehmeed Bilgrami

    Many people have asked about the past history of Yousaf and his relationship with Zaid Hamid.
    This is a complete 1 hour answer explaining the history, relationship and reality with formal evidence

  • Rana Mubashir Rashid

    One thing i want to tell the nation that some of our peoples giving remarks against Sir Zaid. Actually these remarks are not their these remarks are the remarks of sectarian mullas. Sir Zaid Hamid is against sects coz we are just Muslims and Pakistanis. suppose all Pakistanis conciser them as a Muslim and Pakistanis then where these sectarian Mullas will go there shops will be closed. So that these fasadi Mullas and there followers are against Sir Zaid. ALLAH in ko hadayat da our sucha our paka Muslman our muhiba watan Pakistani bunnay ka toufeeq da our in ko aqal-e-saleem ata karay ta kah ya fasadi Mullas ko choor kar firqa warriat ko choor kar Muslim bun sakaran



  • Rana Mubashir Rashid

    its my request to u please rise our Pakistan. please promote Sir Ziad Hamid if u will promote him u will promote the voice of youth, trust me ALLAH and youth will promote u. please spread the azan of Sir Zaid ALLAH will reward u
    today me and my friends (Pakistan and Zaid Hamid Lovers) download Zaid Bhai program about face book because of blocking youtube thanks to provide us this program we are also thankful to waqt news to inviting Sir Zaid in the program we see this program only because of Sir Zaid


  • umran shafique

    when someone like that loser indian on QTV speaks up, no body accuses him of anything. when some pakistani shows potential, coyotes from every bush spring up to feed on him.

  • Waqar Ahmad

    Companion of Yousaf Kazab acting as Aashiq e Rasool (PBUH). Strange!!!

    He is a clever man.He knows what Muslims wants to listen.
    I was also big fain of ZH.

    Thanks for making things clear to me

  • Javed

    Over last few years, R&AW is covertly executing an offensive second phase operation, Chanakya II, which employs a “win trust in disguise, divide and conquer” strategy. While R&AW continues to expand its spy network outreach deeper into Afghanistan and Pakistan, paradoxically, this strategy also includes sponsorship of groups that professedly preach a vehemently anti-India, pro-Pakistan, nationalistic ideology to the Pakistani masses. R&AW covertly nurtures media personalities, think-tanks and defense analysis consulting groups in Pakistan who attempt to squarely influence Pakistani popular thinking stoking the anti-establishment sentiment and a foreign invasion paranoia. R&AW assumes that this strategy would raise a new leadership in Pakistan that would first win the trust of the masses, then infiltrate into the corridors of Pakistani political power, and finally work in disguise towards the consolidation of Indian influence on the entire Indus riparian.

  • Anjum Saeed

    My questions to all the critics that why zaid hamid was not question until when he started to motivate the Pakistani for love with the our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H. and start his mission of Khudi & Takmeel-e-Pakistan (Hubay-e-Rashool Allah). The timing is most controversial as when never said he will lead but persue the young one to do some thing in the light of Hubay-e-Rashool.

    If some one clearly say he love the last prophet then we can’t question his faith. We can guess by his actions. for last few years i have never heard and seen a single incident to question him on that. But the opinion of zaid hamid for not fulfilling the Shariah in the decision against Yousaf in very strong. Therefore, just blaming his affiliation with Yousaf on the decision that don’t fulfill the shariah requirement of commitment is meaning less.

    Regarding Yousaf

  • Jamal

    Well, had zaid hamid been follower of any of those false prophets, he would not have been talking about Muhammad (S.A.W) all the time and his khalifaas, I mean whats the point in doing that.

    Secondly if there were any guy who started doing the same thing as Zaid hamid does, he would have faced the same consequences as Zaid Hamid does, people are in a state of such a disbelief that they never think anyone is right anymore. So stop posting such rubbish on these blogs, even if he was a wrong guy, everything he is saying is right, and we have no other option except to help that guy with his noble mission, InshAllah.
    Pakistan Zindabad . . .


  • lamba

    1. Hindus are Zionist and all the terrorist organizations (Al Qaeda and Taliban) are funded by them.
    2. 9/11 was created by Jews
    3. 26/11 by Hindu Zionist
    4. Al Qaeda is an American organization and Osama Bin Laden is a Christian.
    5. Hindus are Jews will be eliminated by Pakis in the future (although a funny prediction).
    6. Jews Hindus and Christians are working together to finish Pakistan.
    7. Asif Ali Zardari is a paid agent of RAW.
    8. Hindus destroy other religions.
    9. Neocon Christian Zionists wants to destabilize Pakistan.
    10. All the terrorist attacks in this world is committed by Jews Hindus and Christians

  • Syed P.Farooq

    I am fully agree with Mr.shoaib.Long Live Zaid Hamid (Aameen).Batil is afraid of him .No doubt this a big indication.

  • syed masood haider

    زید جو باتیں کرتا ھے قرآن حدیت کي روح سے بلکل سچ ھیں ?مگر میڈیا کے زریعے اس کی مشہوري اس کی باتوں کو مشکوک بھي بناتی ھیں۔۔۔۔ ليکن اس میں کوئ شک نہی کہ وہ جو باتیں کرتا ہے وہ سچ ھیں اور مسلمانوں کے دل کی آواز ھیں۔۔ مگر ھميں بہت محتاط رہنا ھوگا کہ کہيں یہ بھی کوئ سازش تو نہی؟ کیوں کہ خطابت ایک فن ھے اور اسے کوئ بھی سیکھ سکتا ھے یہ فن تو مراسیوں اور ڈراموں کو بہت اچھا آتا ہے?۔مگر میں ان کی عزمت کو سلام کرتا ہوں کہ وہ لوگ ابنے فں کو مسلما نوں کی اموشنل بلیک پر استعمال کرنے کی بجاۓ انٹرٹیین پر استعمال کرتے ھیں۔۔باقي قیادتيں زات پات کي مہتاج نہی ھوتی?بس اللہ سے دعا ہے کہ اللہ ھمارے ملک اچھی قیا دت دے

  • seema ismail

    there is no smoke without fire. and what a big fire it must be to cause such a lot of smoke!

    when a thing, act or person causes even a little doubt then it is best to keep away from that thing, act or person.

    let us follow our many venerable 100% truthful teachers passed away and living and not dwell on the words of new self proclaimed voices of our time.

    let us pray to Allah to always show us the truth and the ability to follow in its path, let us not cast our lot with these shadowy figures, who name Dr Israr as their friend! – How amusing, rather sickening that in proclaiming his love for our Beloved Prophet he names as his friend the one person who has been openly ill mannered about the status of the Ayle Bayt!

    Allah Hafiz

  • Admin

    We believe that Zaid Hamid is a good man and this point of opinion can be verified by watching all his videos. You will not find any Anti Islamic views in any of his videos.

    Admin — Tibb i Nabvi

  • Nouman

    I don’t know that Zaid hamid is good guy or bad guy, but the missions that he is setting for nation of Pakistan are not attainable under leadership of a person who has personality of Zaid Hamid. Ultimately we can say that Zaid Hamid has no such characteristics which belongs to a leader who is looking to get all targets of Khallaft -e- Rashidda.
    So, sorry Mr. Zaid I am not going with you! You must have to change yourself a lot before you build a nation which dreams you see in nights, If you are sincere with nation of pakistan then you must perform your own renaissance otherwise your every morning with have nothing from your last night dreams.


    Dear friends your grievances are very much logical, but donot contradict it like u say India means Hindu, then u say Jews and Hindu are against Muslim at the same time you say Asaf Ali Zardari is RAW agent, now its not matter of Hindu and Muslim otherwise U can not blame Mr.Zardari.who is a muslim.Infact it is the politics of both country to envoke the sentiments.Let us make our society stronger in every aspects then decide the other issue.I donot know how can u claim your blood is green, every religion has same teaching of course Islam is youngest one so they are more enthusiastic.Can we initiate to make the environment so conducive that people from Lahore can see Lucknow and from Varansi to lahore.At present everybody suspects each other as spy.This is not good at all.I am a simple man i do not have any follower but when i heard a bomb blast in Pakistan or in Jaipur or army action in Kashmir i donot feel good i start thinking about the mother and sister of deceased whose only earning member without any fault get killed.let kashmir issue in cold for 20 years allow everybody from both side see the kashmir and then let them start whatever they want.Every Hindu knows and speak openly that in Afghanistan and Iraq it is Pope phobia that is carried by US.So friend donot see each other as Hindu and Muslim it creates rift.Let us include Gandhi and Jinnah as nationalist leader in eachother syllabus instead ov villain.let us start something different from general sentiments.If anything hearts you please abuse me as much u can i will never complain again and again i will request to see in the eye of mother and sister of those whose only earning memers dies whether he is Hindu or Muslim

  • faisal

    Hero or Villain. hmmmm, How abt we study a little bit of islamic history. A little bit of idealogies i.e. Capitalism, communism. A muslim should be aware enough to know what is right and what is wrong. And not to be scared to follow anyone thinking its a consipracy. ONLY if we know our own history and why we were the best nation bringing justice to other nations. that was only cos we has islam implemented. just study idealogy of islam. from Abbu bakr sadeeq(R.A) to last khaleefah of islam(abdul hameed 2nd) 3rd march 1924. SORRY 4 LONG LECTURE.

  • Full Anime Episodes

    Is it alright to put part of this on my website if I post a link back to this webpage?

  • http://Hotmail Saadi Klason

    Assalm-o-Alikum every one,

    I was reading the article and your comments with patience. One thing that I have to mention firstly, one’s past or future has no matter with the reality, every thing is present. Iblis preached Allah for thousands of years, but he refuse to accept Allah’s creation and still on his stance that is his present, if past have importance then Iblis should be appreciated. second thing that Zaid Hamid’s relations with Yousaf Ali, sorry to every one, we don’t have any solid proof for his claim of prophet hood, may be I am wrong but I just saw his picture, he is looking so innocent and his picture also asking for justice to every one. There are possibilities, my observation might be wrong.

    Coming to the point, I have no idea about the personal life of Zaid Hamid, but we have evidence of his speeches and articles, which have something to urge the nation not to create frustration. Does his speech have wrong impact on youth? If the answer is no then we should just focus on what he saying. Don’t go to the false propagandas, because people were against even Iqbal and Qauid, and these kinds of people still exist in the society.

    Now a days, our young generation is just frustrated they want freedom from worries. If the guy Zaid Hamid is telling lies, then I think he is far better than those who are telling truth for the increase of frustrations, tensions and worries. One better thing that I have learned from Zaid Hamid, he never speaks against any sects that is good and admire able point in a Muslim scholar.

    If we look on the you tube videos of propaganda against Zaid Hamid, most of these videos are created by the Indians, so its up to you guys, are you with Indians and Israeli or with those young students who follow Zaid Hamid due to his effort for waking us up.

  • harminder

    what did two muslims do when they saw a fused bulb?

    nothing….they blamed jews and hindus for it.

  • Paos

    AOA, read all above, there is no confusion that Zaid Hamid is the person who used to protect and represent Yousuf Kazzab, first thing to note is his association and verbal claims compared to his real face and his character in reality….. ltely he made a mother of five an article i read on
    ((((((((((last month when I was in Dubai I received a sms regarding Zaid’s new adventure with the MOM OF 5 in Peshawer the lady is Tayyaba Bukhari, whose name is Listed on Brasstack staff as IT expert, already married and now as per sms second episode has started and the lady has filed the Khula in court. And leaving her 5 kids she is planned to marry Mr.Zaid Zaman to fulfill the prophecy of upper worlds order to implement Khilafat on this planet .

    Third episode starts with a new relation status only applied on Zaid Zaman as he claims himself above Sharia, and has the blessings of Yousuf Kazzab as Sahabi, Yousuf himself was big womanizer, Zaid also has a great history of young and attractive girls and wemen around her. his ex-wife verifies the stories.

    Only Zaid Zaman knows what kind of Khilafat will it be after he has satisfied his animal instinct of conquering yet another lady, (Tayyaba Bukhari) who at the moment is in his trance and expresses her willingness among the Brasstack staff to do anything to fulfill Zaid’s mission. she will only regret it once she is gone through the third Episode which starts right after she earns Khula from her husband.

    Zaid has the history of enjoying women in the name of Khilafat, this Tayyaba Bukhari is the latest one.))))))))))))))))

    I have made some queries and found all above to be true, and now this Tayyaba Bukhari is about to be re united to Mr>Zaid Hamid. God may protect us from the Satans Sharrrr.

  • http://na Faisal

    ye sabit ho gaya hai k aurat ki aaqal waqia us ki “ankle” mein hoti hai, so wohi hua is website walo ne baghair kisi tehqeeq k Zaid Hamid per ilzam laga dia hai.mujhe to lagta hai k is website ka jo koi bhi malik hai us ko ya to kisi indian ne dollar de diye hain ya phir kisi american ne, becoz ye log nahi chahte k muslim especially pakistani muslim kabhi taraqi karin, is liye agar hamare pass Allah kisi ache aur naik bande ko bhejta hai to ye us k khilaf sazish karte hain, ye sab kuch Zaid Hamid k saath bhi ho raha hai, becoz our new generation us ko bohat like karti hai, aur us ki baat ko bohat ghor se sunti hai.

    Allah Zaid Hamid ki hifazat kare.
    Islam Zindabad
    Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Army Zindabad

  • Sirena Shwab

    Hi just believed i’d let you know something.. This is twice now i?ve landed on your weblog within the final 3 weeks in search of entirely unrelated issues. Excellent Info! Maintain up the very good work.

  • Zeesh

    Salam Brotherum/sisters
    As a matter of fact Zaid Hamid’s analysis of relations between countries and political agenda is deep and accurate and hence he is successful in attracting the educated and analytical people as opposed to current politician of Pakistan who whenever speaks, speak rubbish, so illogical, so inarticulate so childish that some time I wonder how did they actually ended up in these sensitive positions, may be it is bad karma of all of our deeds, may be our test, don’t know. But Zaid Hamid seems more trustworthy than any of Pakistani politician (except Imran Khan). His intentions are good toward Pakistan much more sincere than any of Pakistani Politician. Whatever his past was , his present is good (so good and pure that you can almost see that purity in his personality, on his face and in his speech) and Pakistan needs more people like Zaid Zaman Hamid. Currently Imran Khan and Zaid Hamid are the only leaders with genuine concerns about Pakistan. So stop criticising these personalities.
    I am not really interested in defending Zaid Hamid, my concern are neither Zaid Hamid or Imran Khan, my concern is betterment of Pakistan. Zaid and Imran to me are mere vehicle to get to that destination.
    Zeeshan Qureshi

  • Alveena

    Salam to you
    Dear did you listen carefully Sir Zaid Hamid? What spirit & energy he has for Islam & Pakistan.Did you find this thing any of our presently ruling people?
    And the special & important thing that opposition of pakistani muslims is his against so, this is the proof for his fairness.
    and in the response of your article I would say he himself cleared that he is Aashiq_e _Rasool (S.A.W)& believes in Khatm_e_Nabowat.
    According to him how one can be Aashiq_e_Rasool & Ghustakh_e_Rasool at the same time.

  • naheed

    Zaid hamid is pure Agent of ISI.
    he is on payroll by ISI.
    he is making fool youngster by his speeches and debates.
    he is appointed by ruling class.
    time will show, he is enemy of pakistan and its people

  • muslim

    aoa. Paos u r 100% right. i think we all pakistanis shud know all truth about this black sheep zaid hamid. he is more than a villain. ALLAH TALLAH es sheetan sy hum sub ko panah dy.amin sum amin. PHW u have done a great job.excellent!!

  • Yogesh

    Read Hitler’s book Mein Kamph and his ideas about Aryans and Zaid Hamid’s views on muslims look same. Here is how such people get popularity :

    1. Start with a line ” we are great”, this makes people feel good and they go numb about rest of the lines.
    2. Make them feel they are under attack from xyz and unless they support him , common people are going to suffer.
    3. When people are convinced start preaching your hatred against people you hate.
    4. In the end again say something good about your country/religion so that people do not question your integrity and views.

    hitler : jews :: zaid hamid : Indians/Jews
    Hitler : Aryans :: Zaid hamid : muslims

  • Muhammad Bilal

    dear brothers,
    don’t blame anyone before you justify.
    i think zaid hamid is real pakistni who believes on prophet MUHAMMAD {S.A.W} and he is a muslim

  • ashfaqueshah

    totally confused

  • http://gmail ali

    he z da real hero of muslims …this all z only da propoganda against him…be aware of these type of websites……

  • Muner
    this is the page from Tahafaz-e-khatam-e-nubuwaat Jammat with Court Proof… Please must view


    Zaid Hamid is a great Hero of Pakistan. After Qaid e Azem And Dr Alama Iqbal. and Dr A Q Khan.
    And The Pakistan Nation Is Very Peace Full but The Agent Of CIA and RAW intereance of our Nation and Create a Society of Bomb Blastiong And propeganda against our Heroes but Our God Help them.and all non muslims is zaleal hinge in all our the world Insha allah .Wo Waqat zarore aie ga.
    and the pakistan Army the great muslims and world army. and our agencies is world best agencies.
    amercian and other country fear belong Pakistan because its becomes a great Nation in the world.

  • Mubashir

    What I understand from all the messages and programes that Zaid Hamid is a true muslim and Ashiq-e-Rasool. Stop propogating against him.

    Pakistan Zindabad\
    Zaid Hamid Paindabad

  • Yogesh

    Here is a video which exposes him with his white lies. He may be good orator but he is taking many pakistani young men to a more level of hatred on scale of zia did, one used textbooks as the medium and he is using media as his tool.

    In the video one can see how blatantly he lies about Indians and just coz he is speaking confidently , many young men feel impressed by him and start believing in his propaganda of hatred.

  • jahanfeer bhatti

    زید حامد کو پاکستان کے بیٹوں کی مناسبت سے پر جوش ارادو کو سرخ سلام پیش کرتے ہے
    منجانب جہانگیر بھٹی۔ کلیم اللہ خان۔ یاسر شاہ

  • http://islam noman

    please delete this post

  • Ali Anwar

    Salam to all Muslims, I like his views about Pakistan, i love him and support him till he is having same spirit and love to Pakistan, regardless of his past.
    Pakistan Zindabad!!!

  • Shahzad

    Whatever people say I feel Zaid Hamid protrays himself by his speech the only muslim who is Alive and wants the supremacy of Islam.
    I feel most people who defame are jealous morons, as there is no clear evidence and Zaid Hamid also doesnt preach Qadiani. If he had done we would have stone him. But it looks like the defamers should be condemned.!!!

  • Reshhia

    Amercian fear and other countries belong to Pakistan because his is a great nation in the world.

  • Wayne

    Nice Blog Madam, Here in India we don’t think very often about pak, we have our own gharelu problems.. :)except when terror attacks happen on either country. We don’t go to hate speeches.Those who do are shunned as idiots.I’ve seen soo many people.. youngsters clapping when zaid was giving his hate speech clapping.I’m curious what goes through mind when you here word India.. Do you too hate..? This same view of a hateful Pakistan has been projected over the internet and media. People think Pakistani’s have become hateful,irrational and a section of western media has started a campaign against paksitan.I wish your readers understand this that because your leaders are making provocative speeches it’s been used against pakistan that ur country is just like afghanistan prior to US invasion. If any pakistani media person is reading this. Show your countries best. That it’ s not full of gun totting taliban and that you are a peaceful country with educated and tolerant population. Hate will get us no where. I wish to see a better pak as we don’t hate you guys soo much that you suffer. TC and bye

    • phw

      Wayne! I am happy to know your thoughts and I for one believe in the goodness of human beings in general and open heartedness of Pakistanis in particular regardless of what the media projects. Its heartening to know that anger and hatred has not made us insane!!
      Politicians are definately damaging Pakistan in words and deeds too but we hope and believe that things will stay the same…
      Anyway, Thanks :)
      God bless u.

  • Shoaib Mehmood

    Zaid Hamid is not so great. The copycat got his content from a documentary called Zeitgeist. Search for it on the internet.

    The problem with us Pakis is that we get emotional very easily. People are right in questioning from where he gets the funding and the information. I dont totally disagree with the guy. But the thing is that its very easy for a guy in his position to start misguiding people. He has won the blind trust and a big following. I too watched a number of his programs and was impressed by his information (but later after seeing the source got disappointed. Atleast for once i thought that theres an original thinker among us Pakis!). Btw, anyone remembers Javed Chaudhry’s program “Kal Tak” in which Mr Zaid couldnt control his emotions when talking to Bharat Verma. He communicated a very wrong and weak message. The program had to be shutdown. What an emotional fool and an utter disappointment he was that day.

  • tauseef gondal

    zaid hamid sb k bary mein mujhe b gumrah kya gya. bt the truth i found out is that he is true pakistani. or meri nazar mein jo sacha pakistani hai wo sacha momin b hai. un ka lehja btata hai k wo dil se baat karte hein. jhoot bolne walay k lehje mein farq hota hai. ALLAH un ko lambi zindagi de or wo pak k lye kam krte rhein.ameen.

  • ali talha

    wel, justifications should be given if he had some nefarious associations in the past, but the fact is zaid hamid is a true follower of prophet SAWW, he himself said many times that he has nothing to do with yusuf kazzab, zaid openely admitted on media that he considerd yusuf kazzab as BADH BAKHT TAREEN man on the planet

  • Azy

    The pdoblem with us is v never recognise our heros.its starts from allama iqbal,jinnah,raffi,rahat fateh ali khan,saeed anwar etc.raffi had to go to india to prove himself,rahet fateh did the same.which is good as imagine them still staying in pakistan,wat would have been done. Even now people say jinnah use to drink,for god sake even if he use to drink its between him and allah.who r v to judge.allama iqbal still being criticized caz he was a poet and as per few illetrate scholors poetry is per my findings poetry is not haram if it is done to show light to ur nation.saeed anwar got kicked out after 2003 world cup despite being top scorer from pakistan.WOW
    And now a real hero is emerging and some twats r accusing him for copy cat,false prophecy,qadiani,cia agent etc.
    V people need to get a life man.otherwise v gona b ruined.listen to zaid hamid carefully.never ever he said any thing against islam,infact my love,belief grew sky high towards islam after listening to zaid hamid.importance of zakat,feeding poor,namaz,quran,love pakistan etc.still some kafirs r trying to spoil him.v deserve leaders like zardari who will sell the country to usa and then same will happen as in midle east or afghan.the least u can do is say good to the truth.he gives all his efforts in order to make us understand the importance of our religion,country,army and economy.he says no to interest,corruption and to bring islamic khalifat it a bad thing.
    At the end I would salute islam,pakistan,zaid hamid and pakistan army.
    Pakistan public gone more corrupt then our leaders.infact v as public dont want islamic laws as then our pretty ladies wil wear burka,which they wont do in milion years instead they wana b naked on the street. Our men r extremly proud,think they raja,malik,chaudary and they think they r it.
    Fact is v as a public r proper ass lickers.wen usa and uk will kick us out and wen all us pakis will b in pakistan,with extreme poverty then they wil realize wat they missed out on.
    Sod off

  • Muhammad Asad

    Love Zaid sahab, please carry on your work for Pakistan and Islam. We are all with you.

  • Vishnu Sharma

    After noticing that he has served our purpose, we would like to mention that Zaid Hamid was in fact funded by us the Research and Analysis Wing to cause discord and paranoia in Pakistan and to divert the attention of the youth from the pressing problems facing the country.

    We did not know that out efforts would meet with such success.
    Initially, we agreed to fund his TV program Brasstacks and when it took off with increasing viewership, we had no problems extending the funds for so many years. Our objective was to create schisms in Pakistani society and promote anti-democratic and fundamentalist forces so that Enlightened moderation as evinced by former President Musharraf never takes root in Pakistan and its youth are forced to accept conspiracy theories hook line and sinker and are forever aligned to the forces of violence and despotism.

    We wanted to create an everlasting wedge between moderate Pakistanis who wanted to take the nation forward and those who wanted to stifle dissent of every sort. We wanted to turn into fanatics the youth of Pakistan who would resist all moderation and democratic change.

    We wanted to drown out the voice of moderation in Pakistan so that
    the new fanatical rulers of Pakistan act in such a way so as to make it an obvious and ever growing threat to the entire region so that the super powers are forced to take notice of this change.

    We wanted to feed the youth of Pakistan with delusions of grandeur and hatred, knowing that this combination can be pretty explosive and catastrophic for the future of the nation of Pakistan.

    So far we have been amazingly successful in employing the right person to do the job for us and so short a time.

    • itfa

      Thanx a lot about the info about that person. we really need to know that how it can be so popular in a very short time while our media always shows that these type of Muslims are extremist and never encourage them in that way

  • Omar

    And i though after so many years people would’ve been educated enough about this…but this woman breaks all records of sheer ignorance and irresponsibility. I hope she’s good in the kitchen (no offense to educated women out there, but im sure you understand my point) because this is just pathetic.